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  1. Hello all. I wanted to test escence extractor that requires sand and water. As it is announced in Ann. 3699 all sand should be fine sand but it is not working as you can see on the pictures below. Can this be corrected? Ty in advance
  2. Hello all. Since i moved to this house 3 years ago i started to grow all sorts of plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers (roses mostly) ... It started like a hoby but over the years i implemented system for watering etc. Since i have so many pictures i made a colage pictures and i hope you will enjoy it. As you will see i had a problem with the MD pest but managed to grow very very rare loreroot forest strawberry among other common stuff. 😉
  3. Can i make a colage of pictures because i have it so many or i flood the forum topic?
  4. anytime now would be nice since all deadlines you gave yourself you broked ty in advance on your time
  5. Item 6: 12th anniversary creature. 33 plushies - @hemicar87 no tokens please
  6. Item 4: Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. 33 plushies
  7. this evening or tommorow is good for me. i am signing in for adventure. Whats the reward?
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