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  1. Heh I am not ready to give up so easily And you pressed some of my buttons... By the way i am using bigger letters for quotations from your text because i dont have strength to do it differently. [size="5"][size="4"]The incapability of humans to search for the truth you so carefully put as different one for each, is part of how things should be[/size][/size] I wonder one thing. Who decided what things should be and what things shouldn't be? Definitely not me, definitely not god (i hope otherwise i am going to hell for sure ). Now please dont fall to the easy trap (not you Mur i have a better opinion about you dont worry ). So lets see you will say that i am a part of my environment and that my environment is a part of me. So i get a chance to decide what should be and what shouldnt be. Well if you are thinking something like this then i am sorry you will have to start thinking differently. Lets see why. I myself beeing born in a middle-class family in greece, believing in what i believe have exactly 0% on ever getting my views on the TV, advrtised in newspapers, or having thousands of ignorant people writing books about how my views are great etc etc. And let me aside for a while. If you have shoes that you bought the last year you belong in the previlliged 2% of the world's population that can afford to do that. Amazing? Yet true. So what i am saying is that people dont search for the truth simply because they cant afford it. When you got no money to eat then there is no way you can think of problems like equality and freedom and the social structure, you want to survive and its totally understandable. So who created this [size="5"] carefully structured construction we call reality.[/size] ? [size="5"]Everybody is strugleing for financial independency and dreams to run his own show and buy its freedom (or at least i think so)[/size] I am simply appaled by the idea that freedom can be bought. I will though use something here to explain this. Its a myth from plato called the myth of the cave. In a cave there are three people, born in there and shackled with chains they can remove, never seeing the light or other people. Well since they are born in there they have no idea of the world thats right just outside the cave, all they hear is voices they do not understand, they see shadows that dont know what they are. Every day for years. One day one of the three decided to take the shackles away and go and explore the outside world. There he saw other people, colours, heard music and songs. So he wanted to go back and tell the other. So he went to the entrance of the cave and shouted at them to come outside. But the other two people just heard another voice they could not understand and saw another shadow they didnt know what it was. (yes i have faith in my translation ) Freedom is a decision, the opportunity is always there. [size="5"] i have better clues than that, but i wont ever write those as nobody is ready to hear them , unless it is in a movie or a science-fiction book... its our nature, we need lies to accept the truth.[/size] Its also in our nature to eat raw meat, have sexual orgies, and sex only in the summer and to live in a society where the most productive female is the leader of the group... (maybe a bit too ironic but i think you get the point) [size="5"]in case you wonder , no i did't flipped , its just 4am and i am tired of treating delicate matters delicately , lol [/size] And in case you wonder its 6 o clock in the morning and i didnt decided to get banned... yet. (just a strawberry for my morning cake i just baked for you Sleep well i am looking forward to you getting pissed of in the morning, lolz)
  2. I am going to help with creating quests and testing them. I already have something for testing its easy but fun... want some testings to make in a bit harder
  3. awiiya try editing the registers, or deleting them... it might be a problem there
  4. Balance in sociology and the thoughts of Hegel their importance and my thoughts on them. Well Hegels thoughts about society is that we can divide it into two opposing forces. The possitive and the negative side as he calls them (not as in good and bad but as in a battery). he suggests that the possitive is the force that wants to keep everything the same and the negative is the force that wants to change everything. These two poles differently from nature are opposing to each other. And they are in a constant war on who will prevail. What seems though to be a surprise is that while fighting they both adopt things from the other. The positive starts to change to attack the negative and the negative starts to keep some things the same to claim that it has won something. Well some people taking in account balance as Mur puts it realised that they should stand in the middle trying to take the advantages of both and use them for the good of the many. These ideas are in fact what led people to be devided into 3 categories in their views and opinions (i would have said political views but this word is soooo misunderstooded today that i do not dare use it). Basically without using fancy words (i do not wish to be misunderstood as doing political propaganda) Freedom, equality and the thin line between these two. History though has shown that this balance between the two is impossible, it is possible only for nature and not for humans simply for the fact that they think. So here comes the birth of a 4th category that suggests something rather interesting in my opinion (yet never worldwide tested). The 4th category suggests that there is no balance to be found as long as positive and negative and the people in the middle exist. Simply because they are in fact a circle and that one thing will eventually lead to the other. They suggested that balance can only be found when the circle is "destroyed". What they said is that the positive and the negative and the center are all things that stop the human race from balancing. The most frequent questions asked are these: What powers that circle? And how do we stop it? I will now make an attempt to answer these two questions. This circle is powered by the jailed human minds that have stopped searching for the truth. Carefull here i am not suggesting that there is one truth merely that there is truth to be found. Different for everybody yet still truth. And the more you search for it the more you come to realise it is an ugly one. They also suggested that opposites exist because people believe they are opposites... (long conversation here to explain this view i would rather no get into it) and that freedom and equality are not opposing each other they are actually completing one another. The only way to stop this circle and free ourselves from this loop is to start thinking differently. To start accepting that there is nothing special about us, we are not unique in any way, and that in fact we are as easily replaced as anything else in the world we live in. I could have kept going forever but it would be pointless just wanted to share some views about balance in society
  5. Well i am interested in participating in the translation of the game. We were talking about it with Peace when she was around more (though she will come back i think she still has problems with her pc) so if its ok i will give her a call to ask her what she has translated and i will start right away...
  6. I swear to be anti-Fyrd in this team Anyway what about a more festive name for our team? Let us be called Chocolate Bunny Team... Metal is too hard
  7. People that told other is obviously the problem. but i cant change what they said or what they will say i can change the TC though. (this is my last post not going to reply to questions already said what i wanted to say in the beggining...)
  8. Well just to clarify what i said before the previous post is what i consider to be useless since the voter didnt have a good point of voting no. Actually he had no point at all... It is my personal belief that if you dont have a reason to argue then dont argue at all, otherwise you just seem to be stupid.
  9. TC is broken in many ways. This topic though is not about how broken this is, its about something a lot more important. Many young players or even some old ones find TC competitions as a way to get entrance into places that would normally be off limits for them. Despite the fact that when you carry a torch you cant do anything inside the land, you can always just wait inside it untill the competion ends and then you are free to do whatever you like. Also the draining ap system to not allow you to move fast is also broken. You can use 1 free credit and just move on like you have the required ap again. So people can take a torch and run like hell. Another thing is that the most common thing you see in the chat logs during a TC is: Please dont attack me i just want to enter Necrovion (or loreroot or golemous). These territories are off limits for good reasons. I had to go threw the Labyrinth drawing my own map, i have beaten the first loreroot guard after a lot of thinking and trying, and finally i have entered necrovion once for answering Jesters question (which was kind of hard since i had to do a lot of research and thinking.). I consider all of these achievments and i am proud of them and the effort i put on them. Its just totally dissapointing to see people who did none of these and did not try at all entering all these lands. Most of the people will never learn anything in order to enter a land, they will simply get a torch. What i am proposing is to STOP torch competitions now untill they are balanced and better limited. (i have some ideas on that but all in good time) And if you do no wish to stop the torch competition my alternative is to limit it only to people who each land choses. (for example golemus will pick 10 people to fight, necrovion another 10 etc etc) Or alternatively make the TC only available to mp5s. But this preposterous bug HAS TO STOP. Yours TTL P.S. (please edit my post if i had written to many spoilers, but in my point of view they are bugs not spoilers in any way) P.S. 2 please support your voting by saying your point of view otherwise DONT vote at all, after all voting is a responsibility... EDITED to propose another solution: Its what Grido and poppitz have suggested and i aggree with this solution as well though didnt think of it myself (it would have been nice on the poll as well) Automatic transportation outside the lands people entered using torches. This would fix many things and also allow people to get a look of the architecture of each land which is not a bad thing.
  10. GO team Bunny... what else can i say? Oh yea go tequila as well... (I am in with team bunny).
  11. [u][i][b]To Keida with love[/b][/i][/u] [font="Arial Black"][color="#FF0000"]I will always be a bullet in your gun to hurt those that hurt your sun My dear demon girl let me in your heart your love makes me cry your love makes me laugh You are my goddess you are my fear my sweetheart my love is real I will bring you all the flowers of the world just to see your eyelashes bat at me once more Girl I think you need to understand heaven is you even when you are hell Please remember that every breathe that is in your lungs is a tiny little gift to me[/color] (the last 3 sentences are copied from a song but as one of the best Greek writers once said: "Amateurs steal ideas, professionals copy them"[/font]
  12. Resurrectioners... Though i am a bit late :S sorry been busy lately... Should i talk to Azull to brief me?
  13. Can this quest be simply for one Mind Power or does it have to be accessible by everybody?
  14. Really amazing quest one of the reasons i got addicted to this game so early. Thank you Princ for this interesting trip to the realm
  15. I was reffering to shadowseeker when i said bossing around not to your reply and your help. I said thank you for that already. I just dont like the attitude of shadowseeker saying "I am more experienced than you, i know the rules. Its your fault. You should have thought about the consequenses". I respect you dst as you tried to tell me that it is unlikely to change. Bossing around was not reffering to you... Read it more carefully. (i dont want to ruin your good mood nor your willingness to help me). P.S. I just thought that if you cannot give me an official reply then shadowseeker cant give me an official reply either.
  16. 1. I was not informed nor did i read about this rule (maybe its my fault but since i begun i have done so much reading and its difficult to find these stuff out). 2. I always believed that the rules exist to protect nor to destroy people in the game. 3. As i , by my own fault, made a mistake requesting this from my friend i am also asking to be granded a secon chance (even if i have to create a new character) 4. If the oficial reply is i cannot be granded this favour then i will accept it. 5. Way back when there was no wish shop people could wish many many things and they would happen (i know that from people i met at md), why cant i now make a wish and take this restriction back? (the wishes involved replaying the story, renaming etc etc). 6. If other people have the same problem i have i think its only fair to be given them a secon chance as well. 7. "Bossing" around without having the athaurity of giving an official reply just for the fact that you know more because you have been here more is really not something you should be proud of. I am sorry shadowseeker that i do not think every consequence on every act i perform like you probably do. I am guilty destroy my fun in the game.... P.S. I dont even know how to ask mur of an official reply or the council i thought posting it no the forum will give me an official reply
  17. It was not my intention to threaten to leave. Nor to break the rules. I just said i can override it to make the point that it can be changed. Leaving is just what i will do if it is not fixxed. Its not a threat its just a decision. All i am asking is to consider bending the rules for this incident. If your reply dst is the official reply then thank you for your time. Sorry if my last post was confusing. I say it again i have no intention of bending the rules my self. Thats why i asked it here. All i want is to know if there is any chance of you bending the rules. (Leaving is not a threat its merely my decision if my request is not granded ) Apologys for any misunderstandings. TTL
  18. A manual override is definetely possible... And besides that if i wanted to cheat i could use proxes and other things to alt abuse the game. The thing is that while i play with this irl friend combat is an important thing as well. I want to experiment a lot and he is the only person i want to experiment with since we talk about combat in md (irl life) all the time. I doubt it has monitored my computer code. Its probably just an IP thing. All i am asking is for an override.... I doubt 100 will follow. I also had a pretty good reason for not beeing able to log in ( i was beat up by cops in a demonstration and had to stay in the hospital.) I doubt nothing can be done. Sometimes i think rules should be bended (or even broken). Thats all. P.S. I am pretty sure that if i wanted i could reverse it (illegaly)
  19. Hmmm. Why? Whats the big deal that this cannot change? Why would i have to quit the game for just one stupid thing? I dont really want to start over i just want to be able to fight with my friend. I dont really think this is fair...
  20. Well here is the thing that happened. I was away for a week and i had really slow internet there. Also i had an "accident" and couldnt log in for about 4 days. I asked my friend Daes to log in and use the free credits because i did not want to lose all my progress in the game. Now i am his alt. Meaning i cannot attack him. One important reason i play the game is because he plays with me. I would not like to stop the game or start a new character because of this incident. I didnt really know i was violating a rule until now with what i did. I want to sincerely apologise and ask with all my heart to change this. I dont really know if its the correct sideforum to post this. Please reply asap. Again i am sorry With Regards TTL
  21. Well and you know you are going to get a lot more addicted soon when you are 13 days active, reading this topic at 3:30 in the morning and thinking: "Hmm this topic is amazing"
  22. I am a new player in this realm. 1 weak has passed since my beggining. Loreroot guards are still not down, i still get confused with puzzles and secrets and so on. Willing to learn i have searched the forum and learned amazing things, found really nice people (mp5s) with amazing quests and that also provide help in a not-spoiler way. I appreciate that. I would hate to see spoilers all the time and i even hate more people who wish this game to become more easy. Not beeing able to win the loreroot guards yet has made me speak with a lot of other people at my stage and situation, many nice talks and interesting discussions. Since i am playing with my best friend and we are discussing things i would like here to tell you his attribute about the loreroot guars yesterday when we were discussing about them: "If you beat them, please dont tell me how". Thats the attitude i believe people who just begun the game should have, and thats the attitude i am having. Its pretty nice to figure things for your self and to learn in your own way. Help should never mean telling me the way, help should mean giving me a hint when i have tried a lot just in the really wrong direction. With Regards TTL P.S. I think that so far i have learned a lot more about the game mainly because i was searching the wrong way... Its good to get confused.
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