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  1. So all you want is no god mod??? Then dont RP with people that god mod stuff. I still fail to see a problem, a suggestion and the root of the problem. Except the classes suggestion which actually limits the RP rather than enhancing it. I might want to be a junky. Lets create an addicts class, a scarf makers class, a barwomans class etc etc etc
  2. Ehm I dont see you suggesting anything or actually finding the root of the problem, if there is a problem. All i can see is that your pub has no Role Players... Your problem. [quote]Perhaps there should be classes available again so we get role-playing done correctly. [/quote] *coughs* Your idea of roleplaying is classes?????? and you even suggest there is a correct way to roleplay. Strike 1 Also [quote]To bring role playing back together the RIGHT way. [/quote] please enlighten me. What is the wrong and the right way to RP? For example your RP (Keida) to me looks rediculous because it disregards the reality of MD. Is your RP wrong? No offense just making a point. Yours TTL
  3. 3rd Soulweaver 2gc 6 silver BP 9 silver
  4. This is by far the best "things you have to do to join" and alliance I have ever seen. Just one quick thought: If somebody doesnt have a scanner or cant really draw he/she cant join?
  5. 5 silver for the BP. 2 silver for 2nd pimped.
  6. When Kiley doesnt smooch me Bob does... He also changes his voice and whispers kinky stuff. Therefore I protect Bob. (I am two years late but whatever xD)
  7. 5 silver on SS. Edit: And another 5 silver on Eon. I have to bet on him as well...
  8. Angien age 713 Angien age 713 1 sc both of them
  9. TTLexceeded


    Hmmm. I have heard of only one. You can check it out: www.magicduel.com
  10. Hmmm i would say: Necrovion - Black and Blue MB - White GG - Purple LR - Brown
  11. Its a question of helping or not for me and not of loyalty. If Peace is back then i wont participate. And if i participate as I said I want to be able not to get paid from certain individuals. Some times help comes with a cost some times not.Its a simple fact. Nothing more, nothing less.
  12. For 1 day i am in. But i want to be able to choose if i want to be paid or not... Current adept of Peace if she doesnt come back its no problem switching for a day.
  13. I apply to be a virgin for Ravenstrider's payment...
  14. Hmmmm. The six months could of course be 1 week, 3 days, 2 months. No real limit to the days. The "long time bets" is more of an advertising trick Maybe we can have a person that collects the bets the time a bet starts. A neutral person that we all trust wont leave MD without giving his place to somebody else first. After all its an association.
  15. Family friendly side: I must say this didnt cross my mind. Well limiting the amount you can bet can be a disaster, on the other hand since there is only a pot and its basically an agreement between 2 people i think it will be fine. Gambling is not always something bad. And i doubt there is 1 player in MD that isnt familiar with the concept. Thinking that this can turn him into a gambler isnt a bit extreme? @Deatznce0 1) The bet above is an example of a "sure thing". Chewett didnt start it, i did. So its my decision to basically lose 2 silver. 2) Any time during the bet counts. 3) As for payment well its a bet. It kind of is like a trade deal. I doubt people will not pay and stuff, its supposed to have funny bets not make a profit out of this.
  16. I recently noticed that there is really no gambling in MD. So this post will try to create the first gambling association named: Long time bets. The procedure is simple: One person will have to make an assumption about MD with a time line also proposing a bet. (example: I bet 2 silver that Chewett will succeed on passing Mur on active days in the next 6 months), then some other person will have to call that bet. The starting day of a bet, is the day a person calls that bet. Some rules: 1) Only gambling on MD stuff (but it can be anything about MD) 2) The bet can be from coins to silly acts or anything you might think of as long as the participant agrees. (No credits or real money and stuff) 3) Betting on a "sure thing" is allowed. So try to be sharp and choose your bets wisely. To make it more fun all the bets should be placed in this topic so we all know what the bet is and who is participating. I will start with my example: I bet two silver that Chewett will succeed on passing Mur on active days in the next 6 months. Lets start gambling.
  17. The post was not made to make the rest of the community know how much we "care" for people. I believe that if you care you do things. You do not pray, or wish, or mourn and then comfortably sit in your chair and watch the news. It was made to encourage people to think. Who is benefiting? Who is right? Who is wrong? Why do wars happen? What can i do to stop wars? To encourage people to get information and open up their minds and start veiwing the world as one. Like it or not Libya is part of the world. Our way of thinking and acting affects what happens there. I would expect at least that from a community of a game where your ideas are mixxed with the ideas of the people around you and the result affect everyone. I said its not about taking a stance or trying to find who is wrong and who is right because i dont want it to evolve into a pointless political conversation. I would want it to be nothing more and nothing less than just a small push to make us think for ourselves. Take a minute of uncomfortable silence, and stare at the mirror. Then you will know who is wrong. We are wrong, all together. Some are to blame less, some are to blame more. [quote]The war which is coming Is not the first one. There were Other wars before it. When the last one came to an end There were conquerors and conquered. Among the conquered the common people Starved. Among the conquerors The common people starved too. [/quote] Bertolt Brecht
  18. Libya is at war for many days now. A war against NATO and a civil war. This topic though is not to take sides or to talk about who is right and who is wrong. This is to take some time to think what is happening in that country and spare a moment of uncomfortable silence. For all the Libyan people who suffer and will suffer for decates to come. (The word "against" NATO is to indicate the official Libyan side, not to take sides. Sorry if it got interpreted this way, it was not my intention)
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