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  1. So well, for those who dont know me (and unfortunately will probably not get the chance to meet me) i am an old retired player. I have decided to give up enterily all computer games. Why am i posting though? In the last couple of years i have given up my University and i am trying to make it as a director and a film editor. In that strungle i created a video that passed in the second phase of a contest for a scholarship.   The second phase is about likes, comments and shares on Facebook. Here is the thing. I dont even have facebook. I know that my video deserves to win in comparisson to the other two, which you can view as well and decide for yourself, but i know that in the social network thingy i dont really stand a chance because i dont care about being social over the internet anymore and i dont enjoy the lack of communication FB has.   Still, ironically, i would like to ask you to help me in trying to win this bloody thing. Here is the link of the video: (this is mine)   And here are the other two: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=769512269774595&video_source=pages_finch_thumbnail_video   https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=769531779772644&video_source=pages_finch_main_video   Thanks in advance, Sorry from the moderators, i know i probably shouldnt be doing this.
  2. The way i see MD you are given a choice. A choice you all recognize up to a point but not completly. Exept imagining a character and trying to influence the surroundings you are also able to imagine a completely different society than the one we live in. It saddens me that you choose to imagine dragons and stuff but not to imagine a new way for society to function. So gogogo. Host awards based on popularity rather than true value of a person, choose elections to lead your society, choose popularity to create classes (You know, class wars exist even in MD). Its sad to see your imagination can only go as far as a character. Or I guess you are all happy with the society you live in so you choose to copy that in MD. I know its totally offtopic but i dont care that much.
  3. This is a joke right? Please tell me that you all recognize these awards as jokes.
  4. Ok. Was just a question. I aint the complaining type anyway.
  5. Now here is a thought. [color=#4B0082][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]- [i][b]who killed Eon ?[/b][/i][/font][/color] [color=#4B0082][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]- [i][b]why ?[/b][/i][/font][/color] [color=#4B0082][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]- [i][b]who revived her?[/b][/i][/font][/color] So if somebody talks with Eon he gets a free WP?
  6. Damn. And i thought my heat gaining skill were admirable
  7. since the day after i got the ally (29/9) in just two weeks i gave Shem 2,125,000 heat. I bet in two weeks its an extreme.
  8. I seriously doubt they limit it to 400 chars so the people reviewing it do it faster. Its not about how fast people will review them its about how acurate and "correct" their decisions will be.
  9. When submitting research you are actually only limited to 400 chars. Aint that a bit low? I did try today just for the fun of it (knowing nobody will actually view my research) to submit it and no matter how much i tried I seemed to be at -600 chars. getting my research to 0 chars will actually make it rather vague and incomplete.
  10. from Murs mask ideas: What about a mask and the shadow of the mask with opposite emotions (totally sure its stolen from somewhere ). For example the "real" mask would have a smile or something and its shadow would have a sad face. Its simple to get and connects to NV in my opinion. I dont really like all these weird deep-thought symbols. I prefer something "easy to interpret". I dont like the happy/sad emotions. I would prefer something like aggresive/calm
  12. Why I left MD. Not that anybody actually cares its just a need to talk that made me write this. And it might actually be just scattered thoughts nothing more nothing less. 1) MD is a community based game. Authority and respect come from people believing that the certain individual is important. What can easily be seen from the start is that most people who are supposed to be "important", "respected" etc etc are usually idiots. As far as I learned without ever talking directly to Mur even he thinks the same about most. So here is step one in advancing with the game: You have to be polite to idiots, spend time talking to them and if they think you are ok then some doors may open for you. I am sorry but I never really got along with talking to people the way they want rather the way I want. 2) MD as a game in interesting but you play it through YIM rather than magicduel.com and anybody who thinks otherwise is totally blind. It was amazing what I could achieve simple by talking to some people on yim and what I kind of achieved. (Granos it was a pleassure talking with you). 3) The main target of MD is understanding it. I cant really say I have a deeper understanding but from what I managed to see it is really a world based on something. An amazing creation by an amazing mind (probably). But why should I spend so much time trying to understand what an individual created? I prefer creating rather than understanding a creation. No offense but the way I look at it MD's goal is fascinating and stupid at the same time. 4)And last: For all of you who know watch closely how many lifes MD has actually destroyed. And I mean it literally. How many friends stabbed each other etc etc And in the end it works the same way many things work. It makes people think they are important in their little words. [insert name] is great in MD. People know him/her, love him/her but what about RL life? And just a random addition. If people in RL are assholes MD makes them 4 times worst. And now come on you IMPORTANT people. Start blubbering about how wrong I am. Yours trully TTL P.S. Thanks to dst, Jester, Azull, Kiley, Peace, Ravenstrider and Granos who actually made MD fun.
  13. 2 things again. 1) Its never good to use yourself as an example. We all get it you are awesome now lets talk about reality.I am bored of hearing the same people talking about how young they are and what they have achieved. You are on your way to get to the AL or whatever, we get it, and honestly we dont care. 2) Dont mix topics if you are not really, really, really sure they actually aid to the conversation. For example your comparison is pretty much like saying:You said potatoes arent good for your garden and thats the same as saying: I dont like people sitting in my chairs so I take them away when I invite friends over for dinner. (Pip I got nothing against potatoes) [quote]Surely TTL would respect "The nature of the Land" as a reason for changing something. Have you not said many times that I shouldn't imply I would want to "play" in Necrovion (on Gort) because it is disrespectful of the Land and it's nature? Even though I mean it ironically? Would not Marind's Bell be held to the same status, in a sense, where through the actions of it's citizens and others, the Shrine was once Opened. [/quote] The nature of MB is affected by the shrine being open or closed??? Wow. [quote]following with the request of it's Queen and citizens, using supporting evidence from the Adventure Log, Principles, and general "belief" in the mechanics of MD as we understand them, such a decision is frowned upon as selfish?[/quote] So the people who decide something and the reason they give automatically grands them respect and we all shall close our mouths and obey? I dont judge facts based on who did something. I judge facts based on actions taken. People with a good reasoning and good intentions have commited crimes. People with bad reasoning and bad intentions have saved others. I can only be sure of the actions. So I judge from them.
  14. I am sorry but if you dont understand that making the shrine a closed place because MB is not mysterious and people dont have respect for angiens isnt an idiotic reason then apparently you really dont have any grasp of reality concerning MD's community. Congratulation you managed to make Duxie more interested in Angiens. There were 30 people in the meeting. 20 of them are researchers. These are the only people that care. That wont change if you close the shrine. You will just manage to make them more rare and put a price on them. People dont respect drachorns they just want to have them. Same thing will happen for angiens. Congratulations in taking a decision that will cause MB to have a rare creature. Apparently your action admit that MB isnt mysterious, it's an action to create an impression. To give MB its own drachs. So cut the b******t and say it str8. [b]"We want to feel more special."[/b]
  15. Well I could reply by creating a whole new 2 pages document but I only have 2 things to say: 1)MB being characterised as a not attractive nor mysterious land and Angiens not being studied is because Angiens Shrine was open to all? Then I guess all people in MD are studying drachorns. But hey, they are not. You have one of the most active research alliance what do you actually want more? All of MD studying Angiens? Hardly anybody studies anything. And if you believe that closing the shrine will achieve that or make MB more "mysterious" then I am sorry but your logic isn't that great. 2)And now think of this: Necrovion moving and closing down Way of Cleansing and Bersekers Charge. Yeah Tormented souls have been really free for all lately so have UPs. I say close them down. What will happen to the fighting system? You are creating a huge gap between old and new people. And whats next? Closing down the aramory? And hey we got a solution. We will make old people who had a lot of angiens even richer by saying: You want an angien? Go buy it. Hell I am gonna try and close down Way of Cleansing after recruiting 150 UPs... Your reasoning is flawed. You should have known better, acted better. Yours TTL
  16. I would like to see examples as well but I think you are exaggerating a bit. They dont have god powers, they do abide to the same rules you and I have to abide to. And they do get punished big time when they break the rules. The same way me and you will get punished.
  17. Well its only 1 silver... Nobody will really care about the percentage but whatever.
  18. I agree with Grido and he actually makes a good point. You keeping the money or donating them was not in the plan. You should give them to the winners. If you keep them or donate them or whatever I will have to question your integrity. [quote]PS: I will not be taking any of the money for myself, I am just organizing it for fun! [/quote] Then you have no right to decide were the 6 silver will go. If the winners agree it should be 1 extra silver each.
  19. I am sorry but i have to ask. Where is the research on the ground of the realm? Where is the research on what plants already exist, in what territories and what they need to grow? Also getting creative and suggesting a plant: Yeah it is a fantasy realm but it does have a [b]reality[/b] and you need to take that in mind. Can i create a meat eating plant which will kill anything that moves around it? If i wanted to create a farm i would just have to say: I want a farm, lets have cows, sheeps etc etc? Plants already exist, creating new plants or implimenting plans from "our realm" I think goes against the concept of MD. Otherwise lets also have a community parking and start discussing on the cars it should have parked. For the matter of plants my opinion is this: Try and create a garden (though i am against the creation of the garden anyway) using the plants that already exist. Dig them up and move them or plant seeds. Creating plants is weird... How did they came to existance? YOu just imagined them? Damn it... I should start convincing people that MD really needs a strip club and then start imagining strippers. The chances of succeeding would be greater.
  20. 1 silver for all 3 elementals.
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