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  1. @ Asterdai - for what? no problem =)
  2. The waves were crashing, pounding against the cliffs-- angry as if demanding the walls to fall into its body, hungry and consuming. Above, staring at those waves, was a figure peering superiorly down upon those waves, perhaps thinking to itself...Or perhaps not. He was not much of a thinker, he knew, but maybe that was what allowed him to achieve what he had achieved. Memories of his past deeds flashed his mind, almost immediately drowning under the mighty ocean of his long years of training. No place or time for pride. He raised his head and watched as the enemy fleet, hundreds of battleships with dark sails, calmly approached the bay, as a Leviathan that knows his prey has no escape. Moving his head to his left he saw his scanty forces scurrying around at the shore, preparing for the challenge to come, and admired the dim hope they had. He reached for his blade, and immediately calmed himself and analyzed the situation more coolly. He was not a thinker, but he was an amazing strategist. It was hard to count over a hundred, but he knew his hundred archers could shoot six hundred arrows in a minute, and that more then half of them would fly true. He turned his head again, this time to his right, and saw the very reason they were about to risk their lives for. Six meters ahead, a golden woman stared at him. She smiled, and even a thousand oceans could not stop him from admiring her beauty. Her long curly hair, almost touching the ground, shone brighter then the sun, her slender body covered with a elegant white dress moving elegantly as she walked towards him. He immediately got to his knees. “I apologize, goddess, for our army is not blessed with numbers. But I ensure you we will make up for it with our spirits”. She smiled warmly, and the old warrior felt his soul getting lighter. ”It is I who must apologize, my dear king. I have brought this misfortune on your people, and there is nothing I can do to assist you”. As her eyes glistened with tears, he rose and stared fiercely into her honey colored eyes, his own burning with a fury he never felt before. ”I am Solais, King of the Sun Kingdom of Heratica, and I will crush all those who cause the daughter of the sun sorrow!” At that moment a knight strode in followed by an enormous dark horse with flaming hooves and mane, a simple leather saddle set on his back. “My lord, the time has come”. The old king kneeled again and kissed the goddess hand gently. ”I ask for yours and you father`s blessing, goddess, for we may need it”. The goddess smiled softly and laid her hand on his forehead.” And you shall have it, my dear king”. He rose again, now a different fire burning behind his eyes. He climbed effortlessly on his horse, turned and trotted toward the shore, leaving a flaming track behind him. The scene on the cliff`s edge was already buried by the many strategies storming in his mind, an easy achievement when not on her presence. He rode towards the future battlefield, unsheathing his blade for the last time. His heart was at ease, for he knew what needed to be done. And Solais, The sixth king of the third dynasty of the Kingdom of Heratica vowed for his soul that he would ensure it to be done. ~~Krul
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