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  1. Avys in vault are not a problem - the transfer is to make sure you do not wear one as when you buy avy wearing one the old one is returned to the store
  2. it may be not the easiest... but it works 1. enter your avy vault 2. send your current avy ATC to somebody you trust 3. wait for it to get claimed 4. purchase new avy 5a. if you wanted to display new avy it's enough to get and claim ATC back - making sure you choose store avatar in vault option 5b. if you wanted to display old avy you need to send new avy ATC to the same perdon first and claim old avy using the 1 credit option to display
  3. Thanks :-) And indeed pity so few ppl participated - I needed incentive to think what do I want to include in my military pages; thanks for the quest
  4. [quote name='Burns' timestamp='1315120870' post='91386'] Some people spend a lot of time with MD and create something interesting and worthwhile, not just their own stats. These should get rewarded for their continued effort, and not just the people who spend a whole lot of time with their stats and alts. And beyond doubt, rewarding age promotes this cause very well. [/quote] Consider all cases. Crits are collectible items and battle crits. Old crits are valuable currently in both categories. It generates warehousing alts - storing crits to allow them to age. For quests rewards, later play, alt abuse, whatever. Also every now and then some old player surfaces - with no recollections how to set up rits but with maxed drachs and angiens - that can get easily very difficult to beat for new players with comparable number of AD and activity. Is is current status (and do not imply I complain about it - I attempt to decribe my doubts only about the hinted new development). The described development would only make matters more pronounced. People you mentioned - active players - will also benefit.... I take it you consider recent changes - WP for days - unimportant. Final note... You write about contributions (to MD cummunity)... It seems to me MD community is shrinking - despite all effort: ads, LHO etc. See events and quests turnover (WP-grade quests - before WP inflation - 2-3 participants). MB list of legends has more names than current number of active players. I do not think another development making it more difficult for new players to compete against older players will help here
  5. Hmm are we talking game concept or who has bigger... drach? With proper selection of particular examples one can 'prove' about anything. And yes - I am filthy rich newbie all considered and _not_ complaining about my poverty. To summarize as my previous post was apparently too long: In my opinion MD is already strongly rewarding those who registered long time ago (crits aging, limiting access to powerful crits or their expansion) and no further developments in this respects are necessary.
  6. As the new feature seems to be still in idea phase maybe there is still some time to reconsider... Balance is a fine concept - but as it is I believe MD is very much inbalanced towards geriatry already. There were quite a few major developments that were basically closing the door wide open so far: drachs, angiens, top crits levels.... Also, crits aging independent from character aging. They all create situation, where activity is secondary to the characted registration time. I understand one reason is to help MD build its own identity and myths, based on players that are active the longest. You are right - resources changed the balance a bit, they may change economy more - we shall see. Still, no amount of resources gathered and currently available cauldron goods will buy a single drach old players have abundance of... I am enthusiast of making crits more unique (like: registering their number of wins, transfer history - see new ideas section).... but I do not like the idea of rewarding just the fact that somebody recruiited them very long time ago.... It's further inbalancing the game towards age vs activity. Unless the hinted development is a part of a major change rewarding activity too.
  7. I would offer 1gc for angien - need it as fighting crit, not only history.... but am too young to fulfill criteria. If you reconsider - I stand by my bid :-P
  8. hmm we had some nice chat but it's auction thread after all. let's begin: bestiary 3gc
  9. Thanks for the event - to Burns as organizer and to all team members - of both teams :-) I enjoyed the event more than I planned to :-P
  10. you kind of lost me here. if there is suspicion that item source account and trading account are alts, payment should go to item source account to avoid being accesory to trade abuse, it's obvious. however, where is abuse if the two account in question are _not_ alts?
  11. Second highest bidder was Mur with bid of 100sc. I will contact you about stones - or let me know whether you still want them or not anymore
  12. [quote name='Udgard' timestamp='1314329355' post='90756'] I think this is similar to what I reported a while ago [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10094-old-creature-targeting-still-works-even-after-upgrade/"]here[/url]. A while ago I think I saw a log where a creature did forget it's targeting (can't target xxx) which had lead me to think it had been fixed, so this might have been a problem with specific creatures? [/quote] yes, indeed. I was searching for abilities and hence I did not find the topic. the crit in question is elemental IV who could still attack strong targets even after upgrading to elemntal VI. Udgard's report seems to be related to the same issue: [b]please merge topics[/b]
  13. I mean second highest bidder in this auction may purchase if they want to - no more no less. If second highest bidder does not want to, it's their right - original auction was for single 50 stones package.
  14. I cannot watch anymore as people bid to lay hands on any stones. I wish to help you - so second highest bidder will also be able to purchase 50 stones at price he is bidding in this auction.
  15. When elemental IV was set up in a ritual, its upgrade did not render its abilities forgetting - it is still stealing life strong. Seems like targets are validated (->forgot msg, freezed crit), but abilities are not - and higher lvl crit may still use lower lvl abilities. (vague to avoid spoilers, hope it's clear enough)
  16. Let's schedule GRANDE FINALE for sunday Aug 28th (coming Sunday) 5PM ST. Availability confirmed with Udgard and our teams. Any sudden change of plans pls PM us :-) Now - let's sharpen our togues and polish our spells :-)
  17. I did let Neno know.... Jason I have not seen in the last several days Aeon.... Aeon is often in GG the last I saw him.... Seems like sociable guy and a few MP5s together may make him join the party
  18. Yes, it was my assumption; I was aware of the ban. Thank you nevertheless
  19. Half circular crest (right half-moon) crest with half scale (maybe should be upwards to enhance not simple reflection character), the shape and scale 'rippled', indistinct: - completion of all, - distorted image/ mirror, - the other side, very rough sketch: [attachment=3139:IMG.jpg]
  20. Thank you, apparently I was just too fast :-) Please close the topic
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