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  1. Hmm correct me if I am wrong... but it seems prolonged lack of action and reaction (at least some progress report) will render change of political structure/ roles anyway... Justified or not, some charges deserve swift actions - or at least communications about progress. In some aspects we all got used to MD's 'all in their own course and time' - but some charges should not work like some infamous beaurocracies. Phantom Orchid had every right to expect some action... or at least feedback.
  2. [quote name='Yrthilian' timestamp='1318269973' post='93786'] Golemus is a land that is not greedy. we also like to preserve land resources. [/quote] One thing is depletion of natural resources that do not replenish over time - quite another is leaving resources that do replenish unettended - IRL they correspond to arable land better than oil.... I would consider regular harvesting more showing respect to the land than abandoning it completely and leaving unused. There is also a question what will more likely result in 2/2 increasy - regular trimming or leaving unattended... Is this law for GG resources - or for GG citizens and tools (to respect resources and lands that prvide them)? While in GG there is only 1 location 1/1, elsewhere there is quite a few
  3. For clarification: I do not want to move quicker, I do like viscosity. Bonus I advocate is meant to be very slowly building. If you consider 50 too low it 100. I think somebody who went whrough a location with viscosity +40 100 times learned his way a bit (this is what I mean by affinity - knowing how to move through, nothing deeper) By similar token I could question sense of the new land loyalty bonus (again: I do not, I like it even if I think it's too high) - I was frequent visitor to GG and NV and there was extremally few ppl there. I do not quite understand why ppl visiting a place often must struggle to move while ppl who joined the land but never visit it move free Thanks for pointing out the gate issue - gates would have to be exceptions, no number of visit bonus (passing by the gate does not render knowloedge what is behind, by the same reasoning)
  4. Thnaks for adding the poll. I believe it would be consistent with the last change - you can move easily through the land you know well. You learn the land by being citizen of or coming there often Abuse danger... Attack scripts would be much more rewarding than moving scripts.... especially since I would recommend low rewards (I believe current loyalty reward is too jhigh in terms of AP/ AD) - with 50 visits/ AP you need 2k visits to move free. and if you visited the location 2k times I believe it shows more affinity than below 2 months as land citizen (... and most often the location is -80 viscosity anyway)
  5. (originally posted: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10692-land-loyalty-matters-for-ap/page__view__findpost__p__93084"]http://magicduel.inv...dpost__p__93084[/url]) How about reducing AP cost for moving based on number of visits in location. Not too much - say 1AP for every 25-50 visits. Visiting a location also shows affinity to the location... Maybe even more than citizenship with citizens not visiting their homeland. LE: forgot about poll :-(( could comebody add simple poll: Idea: 1. good worth implementing 2 .good - but there are many better with comparable implementation cost 3. poor
  6. I have long had stone detector - and Passant had melter quite a lot of that time, During that time I never had any problems dealing with Passant (not Soothing Sand, but dealt less with him) - he never demanded any fee for glass melted. They tried to keep resource flow a community service (unlike some, myself included) - operating largely on goodwill and not wrinting down every sand received and glass disbursed. I found him true to his word (first post in this thread, check his inventory how 'rich' he became).
  7. shuffle - of post ad that you are looking for the specific one - somebody else may find it in their shuffle and buy it for you
  8. Hmmm don't loyalty count only for the last two lands? Anyway, in terms of mobiility of mainlands only GG and NV are attractive. I like the new development. As announcement says - time will show whether 1AP/ AD is OK - my initial feeling is that it should be a factor of 3-4 lower; 40A in GG alliance is not really that much for free mobility when most ppl struggle (and with new entry cost - most cannot enter). Of course it may happen that now GG citizens will be coming and going making GG low viscosity [i]How about reducing AP cost for moving based on number of visits in location. Not too much - say 1AP for every 25-50 visits. Visiting a location also shows affinity... Maybe even more than citizenship with citizens not visiting their homeland.[/i] LE: new idea - opened a new thread
  9. MD is human run, with posiotions of authority held by active players and game creator who is also heavily in-game involved (permanent beta version). It is and will be based on trust that the authority is not abused - but this trust can be only based on facts. MD is less a community than strongly hierarchized society in many respects.The discussion about dst and Phantom Orchid is about the hierarchy: whether is is to organize and develop the realm... or just a court with no real rules - and with dos and don'ts on case-by-case basis defined mostly by your position in pecking order. This is an image issue - and it's difficult to convince new players to become heavily engaged in MD (but also - to keep older players from getting frustrated) when perception is that the game is not fair (whatever fair means) and second description fits MD better. Nobody questions every decision everybody with authority does - but with few questions asked with many ppl asking, every answer 'I do not have to answer you and I will not' does not serve the image well. BTW I do not think dst's and Phantom Orchid's cases discussed here are comparable, dst's case is minor - even if I agree it should have been addressed
  10. xrieg

    Boast Credits Bar

    [quote name='Shemhazaj' timestamp='1316970981' post='92561'] [i]Lovely... I'm kinda tired of hearing how bad and awful people that support MD are...[/i] [/quote] Hmmm you sure it has anything to do with your supporter status? I am also supporter (much smaller but still) and I never heard I was bad and awful... *winks* All arguments above are valid - with 50 ppl active on average for every $100 spend $250 would be given away. However, single $5 code awarded to one random active player every time the couter reaches $500 could work - more like systematic symbolic tombola than giving away gadzillons of credits
  11. one gold was actually worth 15sc in all trades I had
  12. Hmmm so there are two counters - people fighting and number of fights won/ lost while fighting for the cause? What phrases can be used for what effect for effect activation in fight cause box (I guess remove skilldamage. kill, scratch behind ears, damage stats etc show difefrent intention even if for the same person)?
  13. [quote name='Blood Prince' timestamp='1316532661' post='92321'] Today my opponents were TTL, amber rune, duxie, lone, amoran, maebuis, no one, shem (that's all I can find in the time I was online and outside of sanctuaries). The list above looks pathetic isn't it. I have to wait till the timers go so. I can fight again this was never the case in the days gone by. [/quote] meaning: 2 unallied mp5s, 3 allied mp5s + allied mp4/6s there were at least 3 more unellied mp5s training pretty hard - only not MDP. I suspect skilldamage and resources was part of the effort to populate the map a bit - and I guess it would have worked if MD had a few times more players (as it is - MDP got depopulated but other areas do not see that much traffic) and as for not limiting the discussion to skilldamage.... in order to bring more ppl to train one way is to bring more ppl to MD or make players more willing to stay out of sanctuaries. skilldamage keeps them idle and away - also decreasing number of potential new players (pretty often a newbie asks a question at MDP and nobody replies) It was said Eon won it and may use it as he see fit.... it is not exactly true - as it cannot be switched off every time Eon wants to train he inflicts skilldamage. and Eon won it by activity and fight so the effect should have been pretty obvious. I do believe the skilldamage does not help MD - not everybody wants to play duck in duck hunt.
  14. I would prefer to hear _why_ was it awarded first. Whatever the reason basically when Eon is active MD becomes ampty within 30 min for MP5 - no even increased activity in sanctuaries. I do occasionally Tribunal trips for that time - but to the best of my knowledge I am one of the very few who do anything like that. Most ppl just log out. Well, those allied and balanced could try to go MP6 - the same training and no risk. As for countermeasures - all ppl who care about training have no enough spell to disable skilldamage effectively for 3h biweekly :-) There is and will always be more ppl who would supply tea and stones than block skilldamage :-P As for the idea.... well it would not bring back live to MP5 - at most deep Tribunal would become more idle-populated :-P Well... Let's wait for fighting cause implementation - I hope I will be able to fight for the cause to turn Eon's skilldamage off. I need losses and always relied on Eon to provide them. It's annoying to get them myself :-)
  15. [quote name='phantasm' timestamp='1316353463' post='92192'] alot of good points brulant. Main problem is as they said GREED. (...) I do not like to see the Tribunal resources attacked ruthlessly either. [/quote] Greed is not a problem - nobody really had time to stack enough resources so that they will climb high in price. Lack of foresight is as one could harvested much more if resources were left at optimal level. Especially in Tribunal I do not get depletors - after all there is fo few ppl harvesting there that depleting them there is weird to say the least. Most ppl do not care about resources either way. A few ppl harvest multiple resources for fun and hopefully profit. And finally - another few just deplete - by role or just 'if I don't take it now somebody else will do for sure'; vicious circle. And these depletors are either naive - or difficult to identify (I know of 2 and heard about existence of one more). The only effective option the way I see it is to grab all tools at once at regen hoping no depletor will be fast enough (huh no real hope here I guess) and give them to 'trusted' ppl with provision not to deplete below optimum. I briefly considered doing that but I do not like it, effective ot nor. BTW Tribunal herbs are also currently depleted (well 3/35 is practically so)....
  16. [quote name='Juni0r' timestamp='1316320993' post='92163'] 16gg 24 tainted (thats just me) [/quote] hmm was it a bid or your price evualuation?
  17. Shem although he became much less cuddly since he went MP6 (and with me not wearing the badge most of the time....)
  18. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1316267881' post='92123'] really? iv just got 5 for doing nothing from the age achievements. WP's are getting easier and more common. [/quote] Yes - the age WPs devalued them and they are supposed to get easier to get in general in the future... Still, I think it will be a long way until most ppl will use them to upgrade their heretics... and other than age there does not to be some sudden increase of WPs awarded yet. I will reiterate - same heretic upgrade anyone could have maxed without much hassle not long ago (and no WP involved).
  19. Eon with no heat? :-0 BTW it should be probably merged with [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/3086-extreme-magicduel/"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/3086-extreme-magicduel/[/url]
  20. GG 14gc Rein 10gc crits offer PMed
  21. [quote name='Master' timestamp='1316027840' post='91983'] But I think you can't use the creatures once you drop back down to MP5, right ? [/quote] [color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 1755 - [2011-03-04 22:37:24 - Stage 10][/color] Creatures upgraded over the maximum level allowed by the current MindPower level of the player will become automatically frozen in combat. [b]Creatures requireing MP6 to upgrade will remain usable at MP5[/b], this is an exception for now until the MP6 requirements are clarified. This means MP3 and MP4 will not be able to use in combat the upgraded creatures they might currently have. The creatures will appear in the fight but will not be of any good.
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