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  1. Good luck. I regret you are leaving but I understand your arguments.
  2. 3gc 5sc I also assume it's a regular nice Elu, not the one who accepts no owner and jumps between ppl looking for colors
  3. [color=#0000ff]Split from [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10924-eons-help/"]http://magicduel.inv...0924-eons-help/[/url][/color] [color=#0000ff]-Burns[/color] I hope Mighty Pirate didn't get jailed for heat jars incident. It would be pathetic to punish somebody who stirred the community into some action hiding jars (BTW I got one 18k quite a long time after tools reset, PM me if you need it) and letting resources deptetion (herbs depletion in most low lands makes the 'most accesible and public' Herbs Basket useless for most game population) go unattended. After all, you could pick up heat jar if you went there early enough, you could ask ppl to loan it (you could get it for free, not only Mighty Pirate monopoly after all) - tools of the given type were still in circulation. On the other hand resources that are gone... are just gone - hence herbs baskets are available even several hours after reset. To summarize... I do not think items hoarding should be a jailable offense. It's minor tools abuse comparing with depletion. ... unless depletion is also consider jailable offense only nobody reported it as such?
  4. Number of AP increasing with AD allows older players to venture further into the realm exploring it and preventing young players from going too far from areas where they could learn and train. On the other hand tools are shared and are supposed to be usable by as many ppl as possible (well, thos who can lay hand on them - themselves or asking for help). AP usage cost would have to be either very small (20?)... or would make them inoperative for younger players. I agree it would be nice to have harvesting skills and tools 'level' matter - but there is cooldown for that. Also, currently byproducts are generated only for 0 in inventory - that could also depend on skill/ tool.
  5. [quote name='Shemhazaj' timestamp='1320839877' post='95525'] [color=#808080][i]yeah, once I got 2,8 mil Vp after being attacked few times by just 2 people, and I bet it also is not a record...[/i][/color] [/quote] Definiely not. I was above 5M and I believe my training partner was well above 7M at that time (hence no extreme MD entry from me :-P)...
  6. xrieg

    Selling Rusty

    well, everybody has preferences. I believe current rate for fresh Rusty is about 4gc = 60sc..... Manda's asking 4gc 10sc is not extraorbitant; it's 15 credits that appear low considering it takes much more to get it from MD Store, if we want to compare
  7. 'Spell' is a 'spell'. No 'administration spells' - only those easy to get permanently - and those more difficult. If a very powerful spell was given to somebody it would be a sign of trust - and there comes responsibility. If the party in question appear to abuse it it would be taken away. If the spell is administrative special cases 3-4 casts should suffice and that does not allow to be imbued on a stone anyway. So far it was initial period for stones, so mistakes are bound to happen. They were few - and I believe now at least some ppl trade special/ powerful spells with additional provisions or very unwillingly. I do not think there is an issue here now. ... and in general: I never or almost never idle anymore. Simple and effective
  8. it seems it varies from player to player - darkraptor and Eon could not attack me, ERO and phantasm could first observation - about noon ST, no experimenting since
  9. moreover, it seems party and party return links are no longer available
  10. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1319823853' post='94782'] MD IS survival of the fittest, like it or not. That's what most games are all about (ok...not if you play bookworm...). [/quote] Pretty much everything everywhere can be described as survival of the fittest - violent gang, school, knitting circle - only rules set to adjust to varies. MD is in constant agony - with very low playing population and permanent whining that contributions are barely enough to cover server bills. One can brave long explanations that there are not enough ads, that ppl prefer easy stuff etc etc...you can even go further in self-satisfaction saying that MD is for the best the smartest and apparently there are less and less of them around. whatever. MD community is small and we should respect each other. In larger games ppl find their peers and just do not come in contact with ppl they do not have fun with often. Same as in real life. In MD we keep meeting all types of ppl and some meetings are unavoidable. It's a pity pretty a lot of us do not appreciate diversity in MD. The more variaty, the more probable new players will join MD and find their niche - and some of them may prove to be valuable MD assets and ppl _you_ may like. Instead we have already half empty MDP, and when old enemies meet they often do not miss a chance to let all present know wheir animosity is doing well, thank you. Read forum and imagine you were outsider. Would you find MD community creative, unique, having fun? Or maybe - whining, arguing, complaining lot? Some behaviour will not change. I do not presume to understand all - some ppl will make sure they and their clones will be the only players left active. Some may fight all until they will be the strongest fighter in a fighter population of one... I believe, though, that if we want MD community to grow, we should learn to tolerate each other and bite our tongues more often. I believe we all would like it to have MD with paying and non-paying players, with paying players doing that for minor extra features helping in gameplay and just to show their appreciation for the fun they have. Currently in many discussion consessions are made and justified that 'MD needs money and needs it bad'. MD need more players. If we, current players, cannot respect each other and attract new players, such concessions will always be a must - and instead of paying and non-paying players we will have a few sponsor players the game will rely on, for good and bad. Sorry for pathos.... there are few of us and it's up to us to make the game attractive - or community forum few will be able to unload their frustrations and other frustrated ppl wait their turn.
  11. santa unlimited edition [attachment=3264:santa.gif]
  12. Maze, GG, Tribunal - all offer high entrance AP cost... Also, with current fighting population land-limited location would not work - there is usually at most just a few fighting chars total in the realm. Moreover, in fighting allies loyalty does matter and their members would not take their badge on and off for some training - and with badge they would not be able to fight their ally comrades.
  13. [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1319630344' post='94684'] His "rules" aren't based on laws, but on soul monopoly of force, basically, he threatens anyone who dares to defy his will, as he did countless times before. People seem to like that here. [/quote] GG king was given authority and control over a set of powerful tools. His ruling is that they are to be obtained contacting ppl with the key - and that they must be used respecting no-depletion law. The same law that most (?) lands ave - and that is currently notoriously ignored
  14. [quote name='Maebius' timestamp='1319631691' post='94686'] Eon balances these horribly impressive stats, somewhat. In the larger picture, I think it would make MD more balanced and long-lasting. Linear progression of power (as training seems to do) only makes the strong stronger, and the young impossibly behind them. [/quote] Actually it's opposite. Strong know how to protect their stats going into high viscosity areas and just grinding all that does not manage to escape. Weak ones get even weaker as they are most often unallied (more often attacks possible) and do not know yet how to defeat some defs stronger players have no problems with. The effect in terms of stats - Eon's 500k+ attack grows rapidly, strong ones playing in Eon-free timezones grow stronger slower than before... and weak ones grow much slower. Definitely not a balancing MD feature Of course it all depends who Eon does target.
  15. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1319627106' post='94680'] This topic is USELESS. Instead of coming with a solution you only point to the "problem". I used quote marks because it's YOUR problem. DEAL with it! [/quote] I believe 'whiners' say basically: [quote]I used to enjoy MD - in interaction with ppl and fighting aspect. Eon's skilldamage and his activity force me to choose - or get frustrated. As a result the quality of my MD experience is much lower. As a I believe a lot of ppl fee that way why don't we find a way to deliver BHC winners bonus they earned without ruining MD experience to a lot of ppl... or at least to make it more bearable. I do not consider playing MD my life goal so am not planning to wage guerilla warfare against Eon - do not care about it that much [/quote] ... and the question remains: whether a game providing much less fun is still worth playing.... or paying money
  16. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1319618989' post='94675'] Also, how can you apply a rule to every land when Mur specifically said that no resource rules should be applied to citizens of any lands? [/quote] [quote][color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 1984 - [2011-08-16 07:12:27 - Stage 10][/color] Land leaders are requested not to interfere with the shared tools by placing any land laws to govern their use. [b]The tools are meant to be grabbed by anyone regardless of land[/b] and further changes to the way they will be available are still pending. It is too soon to have any land specific regulations regarding shared tools. [color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 2047 - [2011-10-05 04:15:03 - Stage 11][/color] [b]Golemus Lab - Item dispatcher location[/b] Golemus Laboratory chest holds a wide range of shared items. Liquid language flasks that make you speak other languages, the reality coagulators that allow you to materialize fenths, sand melters for creating raw glass and memory stone detectors are all there. [b]Access to the location is governed by the GG King, through a key he can permanently give to anyone he alone decides. [/b] [/quote] I believe that rule does not aply to GG lab tools
  17. [quote name='awiiya' timestamp='1319515665' post='94588'] I think we should be focusing on identifying the exploiting community members and think of a fitting punishment. That process would be much expedited with the institution of a Harvest Log, similar to the Trade Logs. [/quote] There is a lot of herbs location in MD easy to reach. If they were harvested responsible they would be enough to provide decent harvest for about everybody interested. Still, as Awiiya pointed out, when somebody comes just a few hours before regen, they are unlikely to harvest any herbs (currently even after a few hours there are baskets left, they would be in higher demand if there was a chance to harvest) I talked to a few depletors and they invariably say 'if I do not somebody else will' - and they point out location they never deplete that are always below 2/xx. That lands do not care/ have no means to track/ punish depletors of their resources also does not help. I like the idea of logs - or maybe even better harvest message in chat (I believe the idea was raised before) just like item transfer message. Still, I do not see fitting penalty that would work as I do not think enough ppl would follow any community proposed ruling. Some will be discouraged by the disclosure risk I guess - so I support the idea and will try to track depletors. Another solution to provide better acces to herbs to everybody would be to make the tool cooldown significantly longer. My personal pledge: I never (well, I depleted 2 NML herbs in anger once... no more - prefer to be whiner eather than hypocrite) harvest resources below optimum (maximum next day regrow).
  18. [color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 1830 - [2011-04-29 01:08:39 - Stage 10][/color] Any player that wishes to be part of an alliance needs to now be at least MP4 level to join. LE: Chewett: thanks for clarification. mea culpa *neg reps his own post*
  19. huh I got SW, too - may include it in my bid.. it's worth 3gc or a bit above
  20. 12gc (equivalent to santa + 10gc, I may deliver the santa if strongly desired)
  21. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1318894921' post='94253'] As far as I know, statdamage takes away what Eon earns from the fight. [/quote] I am pretty sure it does not. Your stats losses are the same independent of your def or heat
  22. [quote name='Yrthilian' timestamp='1318840532' post='94228'] The issue i have with grinders is they force players to not be in location that removes them from the realms and new players just dont get to see the older players as much any more. that is what i see causing MD to be so quiet as grinders dont stay away from RP events then hound them and destroy what is happening [/quote] I do not agree with your explanation (plural for grinders, Eon's skilldamage is another issue) First: there are rituals that make any real (-> profile) damage unlikely... And the few that will happen anyway are trivial to countermeasure as there are very few ppl with strong defs online Second: most older player are allied... with all consequences (->spoiler alert) Third: some ppl who want to interact but do not want to fight kill their crits. not many ppl use spells just to harras them Fourth: in the last few events I was present either ppl who did not wish to be attacked were not - or did not voiced their opposition. To summarize: While new MP5s may have problems to 'find their way', older MD players should hae no problems here. If they wanted to interact and be available to newer players, they would. Community centers are community defined - they could just as well be sanctuary locations - but most of the time they are even more abandoned than training areas; a few ppl idle with occasional conversation. I do not think your blame on poor grinders is well placed. [quote name='Yrthilian' timestamp='1318840532' post='94228'] but that is just my opinion on that. Regards EONs ability. Why should it be removed he was rewarded it and that should not be taken away but with great abilities comes great responsibilities. Shame he choose to hound players instead. [/quote] I can only guess why it was awarded in the first place. I suspect to decentralize the community - packed with ppl at MDP and empty elsewhere. It partially worked out some ppl gather and train/ move elsewhere. I believe that in backfired - as the elsewhere is often IRL/ other games and as is was pointed out - with almost no older players left (only Shem and Burns) at MDP MD may appear empty and discouraged new potential players. I guess the ability could have worked fine if there was more active players in MD (same as needle...). As it is many ppl djust their MD activity to Eon's one... but it's not an option for everybody
  23. my attempts: [attachment=3241:grasan1.jpg] [attachment=3242:grasan2.jpg] [attachment=3243:grasan3.jpg] with last one I used a mirror to help me a bit...
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