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  1. enough if he used the memory stone detector (GG citizen) LE: reads the post below and facepalms muttering 'should have learned reading'
  2. it's interesting you mentioned the word 'hypocrisy' in title [quote]Hypocrisy is the state of pretending to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have[/quote] (Wiki) It's pretty relevant for the situation, when Neno was jailed for casting spell on Eon with his alt (to benefit his main) while everybody knows (and most mp5s spending some time in open with crits - experienced themselves) Eon keeps walking his alts to trace his main's victims months (I guess the main's benefit is not in doubt) - and was never punished for that... he collected evidence using his alt and his main was rewarded for that (same here: compare with Neno's criminal activity) as for cowardice I have no idea why it would be relevant in the rant above, after all they have no unshakeable position in MD and their complains are duly noted and when they stuck toes beyond the line they will get punished, won't they? they bear full consequences of their actions. I think it's sad they have only mood panel left to complain and be ignored there
  3. [b]6 Colored Paper 1sc[/b] [b]26 Timeless dust 3sc[/b]
  4. [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10748-ap-bonus-for-number-of-visit-in-location/"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10748-ap-bonus-for-number-of-visit-in-location/[/url] ... poll showed that number of visits affecting AP was considered bad idea by most. curret loyalty based system for me makes not much sense
  5. I confirm. While number of entries I received so far exceeds my expectations and I will likely set deadline last days of January, I do not plan to terminate it rapidly - I will announce deadline at least 7 days in advance
  6. I hope answers will be interesting to read to all. I already received 10+ answers :-) I am sure TK sponsorship helped - but first 2 entries I got almost immediately after posting the thread. Do not hesitate to add your opinions - please fo not see it only as a way to anwer xrieg's curiosity - all entries will be published and with enough entries it may be useful for community and game creators/ moderators.
  7. Regent should not assume all monarchs prerogatives - not without a reason prolonged interreign has always been a problem in history. To the best of my understanding King has the power not the council (even if monarch may elect to follow council's recommendations). We all know many things in MD work slow. In most cases complaining newbies are hushed and told to wait for their problem's turn to be resolved. Why GG lack of authority to jail longer than 'a few days' from the announcement be any different? It seems to me that contrary to many transgressions/ possoble ones this one is clear - it was directly announced that kings should refrain from using these tools and no intermediate tools handling bodies were assigned
  8. Why? I was a regular GG visitor before viscosity was introduced, after it was introduced, after land loyalty begun influencing AP cost. When access was 'democratic' I have not seen more GG citizens inside that foreigners; nowadays GG is a bit more often visited by its citizens (especially tuesdays). I keep asking the question: if most land citizens (old and young) do not make any extra effort when it would be neccesary to visit thei homeland why should it be open to them and them only?
  9. @lwp: write both. the goal is to collect feedback what attracts ppl, keeps them, repells them. if you left out of boredom or found something more appealing at the time - write the reason. Keep it brief - but informative Further clarification: 1. please remember to grade the importance to you of aspects you describe (the 1-5 scale), sometimes it may be derived from context... but sometimes plain number may replace the context :-) 2. in-game age I need only if you prefer your opinion to remain anonymous, for readers to give some 'background'; not required otherwise
  10. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1325040168' post='98859'] @luke: santa gave things away TWO DAYS . each year in same spot. If you missed that is not because you were far away but because you probably ignored or forget about it. [/quote] I must have missed it - last year I was 1 day old and this year I only heard that some event was to take place but saw no info about it and no Santa. Christmas is not exactly easy to plan in details but had I known about the party I would probably arrange to come for some time (I was MD active at least 2-4h 24th+25th... only apparently elsewhere).
  11. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1321270813' post='95793'] The real abuse however was when nadrolski used 10+ buckets to get water. Then it is not only hoarding, but also abuse of shared tools. And if it really comes down to keep them distributed to people- it's still hoarding, because non MB people may wish to take them (although they cannot use them). [/quote] [quote][color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 2071 - [2011-11-10 04:52:36 - Stage 11][/color] [b]Trading shared items interface restrictions[/b] Shared items can no longer be transfered if the target player already holds two or more other shared items. In some situations you might require having multiple shared items , such as the cauldrons for example. Remember the cauldrons are designed for collaborative play and not single-player activity. There is still a way to hold multiple items, so you can enjoy collecting more types of resources for example. All you need to do is go and grab them yourself! Its only the transfer that is restricted by the interface not also the grabbing of items directly from the item dispatcher. [color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 2070 - [2011-11-10 04:26:46 - Stage 11][/color] Some time ago I issued a warning not to abuse shared tools till proper restrictions and rules will be creaqted for them, because I don't have time to work both on the restrictions, do police work with you and also work on their features. I counted on your common sense to determine what might be abuse and what not with these items, this is not about breaking a specific written rule, so there can't be a trial about it. This is about some failing to understand what "shared tools" might mean and not respecting my public request to avoid anything that MIGHT be considered abuse till I have time to work on the 'security' or 'rules' part of this major feature. Guilds that got affected by the release of shared tools that they were previously controlling were publicly announced that this is a temporary situation, as more resource guild related features are pending. There is no excuse for any of you to limit availability or hoard shared tool, considering the named warnings. People that got jailed for this will be announced publicly soon. Starting now, i lift this 'common sense' -no abuse- request, you are free to go wild. Rules but mostly interface restrictions will be created on the way based on whatever ways you will find to turn shared tools from their intended purpose. [/quote] Should it be considered legal now to take more than one tool of a given type (i.e. 2 herbs backets, 2 reality coagulators) and use it to speed up harvesting? I would consider it abuse... but I have been in the wrong before. Please clarify the ruling
  12. [u][b]Objective:[/b][/u] Prepare [b]brief[/b] summary of your [b]personal [/b]opinion for each topic: 1. what brought you to MD and kept you for the first a few days/weeks, 2. what aspects of MD make you keep playing, 3. what in MD discourages you from playing more than you currently do (lack of something may also be a reason here), Each question should be adressed and answered, preferrably in bullets for clarity. I am asking about gaming experience - all aspects may be positive or negative (number of ppl, ppl themselves, game mechanics, game handling, parties/ events etc etc) Each bullet/item should be graded between 1 and 5 (1: almost neutral, 5: very important) [u][b]How to enter:[/b][/u] The only accepted entries are by forum PM to me with witle 'MD experience'. Please write whether: 1. you do not mind sharing your opinion with public, your name will be published with entry (default) 2. you prefer to remain anonymous, only your approx AD will be published (state it, in case I would want to award WP it could not remain anonymous, to be discussed) I am interested in feedback from players with at least several weeks of MD experience. [u][b]Prizes and judging:[/b][/u] Prizes depends on number of original entries. Depending on number and quality I may award up to: 2 imps 2 sharpies 1 santa 1 WP ([b]only[/b] if number of entries high and some interesting perspectives) I will judge entries - I will try to evaluate the feedback usefulness rather than it's allignment with my personal opinion. If somebody would want to sponsor, they would be entitled to award participants with their prizes. In case I will find entries interesting enough to merit a WP I will verify it with some veteran player before announcing it. [u][b]Deadlines:[/b][/u] I expect it to run no less than 1 month, deadlines will depend on number of original entries. All original entries will be published here together with their authors (well, or their age) [u][b]Example:[/b][/u] Entry I would consider not original, not deserving recognition (schematic, true about any online game): [quote] 1. what brought you to MD and kept you for the first a few days/weeks, - great original graphics 5 2. what aspects of MD make you keep playing, - great people 5 3. what in MD discourages you from playing more than you currently do (lack of something may also be a reason here), - not enough people 2 [/quote]
  13. WTB crits: 1. ele 3-4sc/ token 8 tokens min 2. heretic/aramor/ BP/ imp/Pimp 2-3sc/token 10 tokens min 3. SW 3gc +2sc/token 8 tokens min 4. Santa 2gc + 2sc/token age 365 min, 8 tokens min
  14. xrieg

    WTS angien

    [size=3][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]angien [/font][/size] [size=3][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]age 390 [blooddrop1][firedrop] [/font][/size] [size=3][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]37M heat [/font][/size] [b][size=3][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]reserve 1gc[/font][/size][/b] [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]1-2 days auction so pls hurry if interested. I accept coins and tokened crits (6 tokens min, not all crits)[/size][/font]
  15. [quote name='Phantom Orchid' timestamp='1321515340' post='96009'] xrieg, I have been playing MD for almost 3 years now, and I have to say that I do not agree with one thing that you say in your post. That might be your experience, but it is not mine - and I do not appreciate you making blanket statements about MD like that because by doing that you are speaking for others who may or may not share that same experience. [/quote] All I write is about my opinions and discussions I had. In no place I claim to represent players community. [quote name='Phantom Orchid' timestamp='1321515340' post='96009'] And a million gold coins of free advice ... do [b]not[/b] push a demi-god into a corner by telling him to 'make up his mind.' He will bite. Hard. [/quote] The only reason I did write my post is that I invested some time into MD (300+ AD 100%; 200AD+ of a few hours daily activity) and am not satisfied that I enjoy it less and less. Bite.... well, I am hardly active anymore - I provide concerned player feedback. It may be read, may be ignored, may be punished - with only increasing probability or me permanently abandoning the realm. [quote name='Rendril' timestamp='1321519159' post='96013'] Has anyone actually [b]tried[/b] using the needles? [/quote] Yes, Lone Wolf did once I believe in realistic conditions. Conclusions - current player community would not allow for its effective usage.
  16. Make up your mind. Either you want MD to be a community with major tam work - or the realm for most dedicated ppl living the realm. Everybody knows how needle works - and yet it was only employed about... once? Not by some seasoned MD player, who realize that stats in MD is only an icing that does not matter and who claims it would be an easy thing to organize. And the person in question stated several times that it does not really work. Currently more and more MD is: 1. the realm creator and sole ruler - building the realm as he likes, rewarding and punishing ppl as he likes 2. minor game creators - quest and events organizing, 3. RP players who often do not care about game development much as long as chat remains unblocked 4. new ppl ..... the only minor flaw is no real group of ppl interacting with the realm - fighting, using tools, solving quests. and that makes activities of first two above undirected - little new features usage, timy quests and events _activities_ (anything beyond come and chat) participation. Some ppl will be entertained by the very act of quest/features development, event organization - some will not, would get discouraged with no people participating. Creativity..... if the realm is built to stimulate it why vast majority of older players I talk to complains about it? I keep hearing that the realm is getting better and better, but average player quality keeps shrinking, less activity, worse and less quests etc? It could be interesting to prepare such a poll - maybe I am just dead wrong.
  17. It should have been obvious by now that there are very few ppl active enough to do any real teamwork. You may measure it any way you like (I suggest check mp5 sectors, for most mp3s and mp4s everything is novelty): 1. number of ppl using tools (not picking them up but actually using), 2. number of ppl training, 3. number of quests and quests participants. Testing tools by many.... How would they be tested if all locations available to younger players are depleted? Carrying a tool is hardly a testing. The only thing you may FORCE is to force ppl off the game - or at least from their roles in-game. Fear? Hell, it's a game, not a horror movie - we can only talk entertainment or lack of it. MD is a game different from other games... In 'mass-production' games player feedback is listened to and included in next releases to provide them a better game and attract new ppl. Here the game claims it's player run and yet numerous complains are called fear etc. Eon is not a problem - he is only a symptom of one. Personally last few weeks/months development made me reduce my activity greatly - from many hours a day and participation in all quests I could through training only to logging in for AD and some herbs and reading forum
  18. [b]25 Timeless dust 3sc[/b] [b]35 Toxic plants 2sc[/b]
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