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    Wow awesome O___O! Whenever I try to do a painting on multiple canvases it always ends in tears TT_TT I especially like how it starts of in a fairly generic theme but descends into a fairly morbid quality when the roots finally come into view (like rivulets of blood ...but that's just my take on it). I agree about not being able to put a price on your own art. I tried to do an exhibitions a few years ago but ended up totally disheartened ([i]NEVER AGAIN!!![/i]). It's [i]really[/i] hard out there for an artist with no recognition or backing.
  2. [quote]Don't get me wrong, the haze is great...but...it isn't practical, and it's one thing to like to stream dream as I like to call it but it's quite another when you literally cannot open your eyes or walk. It's like being very very drunk in the middle of a snow storm in the dark with someone with a torch shining it directly into your face, that's how my mornings are...putting orange juice into cereal, seeing walls bend, washing your hands in after shave...yup...[/quote] If that's your problem then your probably suffering from low blood pressure and/or very low blood glucose levels. I would recommend consuming some very sweet (glucose rich) liquid as soon as you wake up. I usually have a tall glass of hot chocolate milk and I feel fine after that. It's a routine I've been made to follow since I was 10 because I was diagnosed with an unusually high metabolism which causes me to become hypoglycaemic very quickly (and I have low blood pressure as well which kind of makes up for my metabolism but makes me very tired in the morning). During sleep the body goes through a long period of time without any food intake (depending on when you ate dinner anyway) and glucose is the energy substrate for the brain, which is highly active during REM sleep. Since the brain depends on the blood supply for all of it's glucose, having a low blood sugar level can seriously effect the ability to function properly. It only makes sense to have something sweet and rich in carbs to get the body going again. Hypoglycaemic is very similar to having a hangover or being drunk (actually hypoglycaemia is a side effect of high alcohol intake in diabetic patients) so it could be possible that that is what you are suffering form in the mornings.
  3. Personally I enjoy the haziness when I wake up. Being up and ready to go after a good night sleep is rare for me since I tend to enjoy my dreams quit a lot! Even the "nightmares" that I have a rather amusing as they often have intense (though sometimes confusing) plot-lines. As long as I don't dream about something too personal (like my real family) I'm good! My situation is similar to Mur in that my main problem is falling asleep though my case is not a serious as Mur's. Because of my busy day schedule during term-time I have gotten into the habit of staying up late to finish my work. As I have progressed in the education system my workload has increased and so my bedtime is constantly scheduled further into the wee hours of the morning (though my time for waking stays fixed at 6:45am, funnily enough >.<). I have gotten to the point where I only get 2-3 hours of sleep per night during term time. But getting back to the point at hand, I think you should embrace the morning haze! I often find that my mind is most creative during that time plus I still remember my dreams well enough to jot them down (before I come to full conciousness and forget them).
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