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  1. agh, Istill wanted to bid some more...
  2. [quote name='Sasha Lilias' timestamp='1301702710' post='81681'] Child; 2gc 5sc[31sc](Santa 2) [/quote] just to be clear, you value the 2gc 5sc as 31 silver? if so, I offer 32 silver
  3. 31 silvers for number 2 santa >=]
  4. 27 silver for number 1 >=P
  5. the more, the merrier, is what I say! but if ya goin` to do so, I think it would be better to simply add `em on the same topic so this don`t get messy =D
  6. 25 silver for numba one >=]
  7. hahaha, completely forgot about that topic =P no, thanks, but I womn't sell it for so little... it is not only my favorite one, it also is heavily tokened (claw 2 and 3 included =)
  8. 23 silver for number one. that way, you take childs's bid for number 2 and get more the lightsage's bid =]
  9. it is great to see so many people showing up! things are starting to heat up, but I still wanna see many more pics! updated the first post to change the rules a bit, maybe make stuff more interesting >=] Phear The Wolf
  10. which one? there is a tie, and you can`t posibly want sasha to choose...
  11. really? hahaha, and here I was thinking I was walking new grounds =D well, I guess it is a common curiosity... anyways, I wanna remember allthat this is a in-construction idea, so I`ll be updating it periodicaly. @ Raven: the idea of the group picture is that you gather some friends and take a pic with the MD logo. it could be a big paper writen MD, a board, whatever can hold a MD signal, symbol, or just the MD letters. =]
  12. auction ended! the winer is Clock Master! CM, please contact me so we can make the trading
  13. Ever since I came to this strange realm, I have been curious to know the faces behind those even stranger characters (as if a talking wolf wasn`t weird...). because of that, the webcam thingy in the panel really amuse me, and I check on it daily to see any new faces Some players, as Windy, Amoran, Sagewoman, among others (mostly gals, for some reason ) apear frequently, so I know their faces already. but (many) others I am still very much curious about. so, why don`t people show off more often? well, as for myself, I have never been there, because I haven`t got an webcam, and never remeber to get one also... and as for others, I have talked to people who didn`t even knew about that tiny button on the right panel, and there are also others in the same situation as mine, amongst other reasons. So, making a long story a little shorter, I decided to open a contest on pictures! show your face to the community and you may even be awarded prizes! [b][i]who decides who wins the prizes?[/i][/b] for starters, me. anyone may participate on that part, to apply you just need to post a picture of yourself and say you wish to be part of the judging group!(and also message me, please, so we can make it official =) buut, you will have to forfeit the prizes, somewhat [b][i]what is the parameter to decide it?[/i][/b] well, [s]for starters, there will be two groups[/s] [b]Updated![/b] There are now three groups: [b]-first group:[/b] The most unexpected face! Show your face to the comunity, and those who can make the judges say "wow, that was unexpected!" win! it is important that the picture show your face clearly, keep that in mind!(already some runner-ups!) [b]-second group:[/b] The most fun situation! surprise us with a strange situation, a wicked costume, whatever you think scores high on the fun-o-meter!(also some runner-ups showing!) [b]-last but not least group:[/b] group picture! gather your friends and take a pic with the MD on it! A big group, that is what we are (okay, I am...) looking for! the picture with more people on it takes the prize! but remember, the MD must show somewhere, preferably with ya! (still no show... guess that [i]Sharptear[/i] will keep lying around in my army...) (Edited! There may be other changes, but that is it for now ) [b][i]what will be the prizes?[/i][/b] well, for starters I`ll throw in some coins and creatures, which include pimps, imps and even some more stuff one way or another, any sponsorship is very much apreciated =D To be really clear, this [u]is[/u] an raw idea ATM, any feedback is also very much apreciated (read: wanted =) To start it up, here is a picture of me! The background is my (empty) beer bottles and cans collection! okay, there is a pepsi in there... and coke... and smirnoff... but the concept is what matters! [attachment=2724:Pedro Lucas.jpg] Phear the Wolf
  14. humm, lemme see... impy 703080 Impy 661166 (would hardly sell it, it is my favorite imp... but make an offer, who knows =) angy 712666
  15. BUMP! less then 24 hours left! if there are no more bids by then, the Morph will go to Clock Master!
  16. I messaged Mur to... rofl, he really got us all.. and I think (hope) there will be more entries in this post =P
  17. 8, 6 and 3 sc on the angiens, respectievely. Edit: this is not a bid, it is a price check. I would only bid om the first one, but I already have more then enough angies for now =]
  18. Bump! five more days to go! if there are no bids by then, Clock Master gets it =]
  19. 2 Gold to spice it up >:]
  20. Kyte, bids have started a few days ago, check the first post for the highest bid IAB, I updated that on my first post (don`t think people read it much other then the latest bid and the values...), but I DO prefer the crits over coins. I`m valueing it all in coins to make comparison easier, not because it doesn`t matter. also, oe more thing: Shem`s bid over Raven`s. I couldn`t log in on that day, rl issues, so I asked my brother to check the bids for me. he checked and updated it because of the highest value in coins, but I myself would prefer Raven`s bid, for the GG. SW, Rustys, I have those, but GGs are still a mistery to me, therefore more apealing. there is the gc value, but there is also the "apealingness" to be considered, sometimes even more important. surprise, and you may be surprised as well
  21. I shure take the deal, will contact ya asap
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