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  1. I'd say I'll miss you guys more than you know, but that would be nonsense because you know perfectly well. MagicDuel is one of the deepest experiences of my life, especially given it exists on such a shallow plane. This is a place of real connection and it probably always will be. You're all a bunch of weirdos and I love you for it. There's lots I could say, but I'll spare you the sap. I will keep an eye on our garden from a distance so don't burn it down. Keep it real friends!
  2. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11048-community-garden-artwork-quest-1/ Congratulations to neno veliki, winner of this quest and winner of a wishpoint. While none of the contributors competed the entire series, neno veliki's windmill design led to his successful design and implementation of the community garden tool shed. As the top contributing artist during my tenure as garden keeper, I am awarding neno veliki a wish point for all his artwork contributions.
  3. Neno Veliki is the winner of the community garden artwork quest, which I awarded after he added the toolshed drawing. He refused a WP then, wanting to add more drawings before receiving. However, I am passing this role to Menhir and completing as much of my outstanding obligations as possible. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11048-community-garden-artwork-quest-1/
  4. Congratulations to Menhir, the new Garden Keeper!   With new blood, may he breathe new life into the MagicDuel Community Garden!
  5. Rumi


    Is that Albuquerque?
  6. Listen to (not just hear) your partner. Make a point to say things in a way that doesn't intentionally upset your partner. (ie: don't be spiteful when you're hurt) Apologize and explain to your partner what you were feeling when you said things to intentionally upset them. Express your love and appreciation every day. Show physical love (not just sex) every day, like holding hands, hugging, any kind of comforting touch Be clear about your own needs and desires and don't sacrifice what's important to you to make a relationship work. You don't want to regret your loss and blame your partner. Some people are incompatible in a given time, place, set of circumstances. There's a start. I'll give someone else a turn to chime in.
  7. Rumi

    android mobile

    Flash apk is easily side loaded onto recent android devices, and works with most browsers including stock android browser (does NOT work on Google Chrome). Some browsers require superuser privileges to user flash. The problem is that touch screen flash is a poor mismatch, especially for MD. It's very difficult for instance to scroll through documents like announcements or messages. Android is mouse/trackpad compatible with either a Bluetooth or USB accessory (using USB OTG). However, with even a single accessory, you might as well be on a laptop. I have never tried android with a mouse/trackpad and I don't know how well it handles flash. From what I understand, there is an app that allows you to use a second phone (ie: your old obsolete one) as a Bluetooth trackpad.
  8. Mur's support in this way means more to me than he may know. The community garden as it is now is tied to me and my role. However, I spend little time in game interacting with people and most of my role as designer has existed in the forum, rather than in game. I'd still like to find a garden manager to fill this void. Much of my interaction with the MD Council has been a discussion of how to implement gardening into the MD network of resources. Mur's dedicating his energy in this direction is a big step for MD in my opinion, and the community garden as it is now can be a playground for this new work if you want it. Truly any place can be. Please continue to provide your feedback. Perhaps someone in the leadership of each land would consider offering feedback regarding how your land has related to the community garden and maybe how you might like your land to relate to the community garden. How can the garden support the end toward which you work as a leader? Thanks everyone.
  9. I don't know much (or anything) about coding/programming, but if there is even any little thing I can learn and do to support transition to html5, I'd be happy to support this action. In the year and a half since I've lived in my current home, my presence on MD has diminished significantly for many reasons, including the fact that I don't have wireline internet. Most of my internet use is via android, which doesn't provide a great MD flash experience. MD seems well suited to mobile and an update to html5 could (maybe?) even support an app interface which I would gladly pay for, given the opportunity. I'd be happy to take on some small task if it will help. Perhaps a whole community of us doing small steps could be just as useful as 2-3 people working 6 months? Food for thought :)
  10. Thanks for.offering up your ideas, thoughts, and criticism. It is obvious to me that my own lack of participation has been a real hindrance to this project gaining momentum. Unfortunately, I still can't promise participation, which is why I'm looking for other leaders. What kind of incentives would you want to become a garden leader? It seems we really need two leaders in particular, a manager and a quest creator. I have a few wishpoints to give out. If I ran a quest creation contest, with the best quest creation getting a WP and another WP to be given as quest reward, would you particpate? Unfortunately, my scripting partner no longer participates in MD and I have not been able to script the toolshed as I had planned. Would you be interested in writing script to help bring the community garden to life? What would such a script look like to you? Mur seems to support the development of the garden into the resource network in MD, and has also suggested that gardening can happen anywhere, not just the meeting of the roads scene. Do you think there is merit to a location-based community garden or would a looselg affiliated guild of gardeners make more sense. The community garden treasury is not excessively rich, but surely has enough resource to provide some participation incentives. How would you distribute these resources? I'd like to pass them to someone who will put them to use. They don't need to sit in my inventory. Please continue to give your feedback. If really like to hear from more members of the Community.
  11. Despite the typically mean way she expresses it, dst makes a valid point. As I mentioned, I didn't mean for this topic to be a rant... it just sorta came out that way. I suppose I needed to express my feelings and this is what rose to the surface. I'm not trying to force my project onto the community, but I do need to know if the community values this project. If a community garden is not something useful to anyone but me, then it's not really worth my trying to keep it going when I'm not available to use it. Over the two years, I have received an incredible amount of positive feedback from the Community, the Council, and Mur. When you include all the contributors to the design process, the quest participants, the community garden leadership, the contributing artists, plotholders, toolshed builders, garden roleplayers, council, coders, and Mur, there really are a lot of people who have gotten involved. Positive feedback has encouraged me to continue for a long time now, but it seems not to have been positive enough to form a leadership team that can function without my presence. Do you want a community garden? If so, is this the community garden that you want? What is most lacking? Information? Opportunities for guided participation? Quests? Integration with other activities in MagicDuel? It seems everyone is always looking for ways to develop a personal economy, harvesting resources, or trading creatures, or selling spell stones, or whatever. The purpose of the Community Garden is for players to generate resources through roleplay and hopefully through a more integrated system as MDscript continues to develop. I'll keep throwing these thoughts and questions out there, because I really need the feedback. So much of the development of MD in the past years (resources, cauldrons, etc) offers potential for the community garden. It can really be a great tool for the community if you're willing to learn to use it. At the moment, we're still stuck with the cumbersome community garden logs system. The script for the toolshed was supposed to fix that and it hasn't been worked out yet. If the community garden were a guild with more participatory decentralized leadership, would you join? I've always avoided a guild because I wanted members of all alliances to be able to join the garden leadership. Perhaps there hasn't been enough incentive to join without a dedicated guild? I suppose that'll do for now. I'll bring up more specific questions as I think of them. And please, do be so kind as to share your opinion. I know you're reading this ;)
  12. Greetings MagicDuel Community!   So now we're in the middle of May and what's going on in the community garden?  I don't know!  I haven't been there!  Nobody has used the Community Garden Logs!   Okay, here's the deal.  You've probably all noticed that I barely get online anymore.  I have gotten a new (old) MacBook so at least I CAN get online, but there's more to it than that.  When I started playing MD, I had a one year old and a two year old kid.  Now they're four and five, and I have another six month old baby.  When I am at home, I spend a lot more time playing with my family than playing at the computer.  In addition to that, I work long hours on an organic farm and I run a garden design business which actually has clients now (Yay!)  Long story short, I'm busy and I can't commit to making much time for MagicDuel.   So that's the end of the garden, right?  NO! WRONG!  This is just the beginning!  I have said it before and I will say it again (perhaps more clearly or with more detail now).  WE NEED MORE LEADERSHIP!  WE HAVE UNFULFILLED ROLES! (yes, just waiting for YOU to fill)   Let's look at three archetypes, creator, sustainer, destroyer.  I have for two years worked as creator for this project.  We have gone from an idea in the midst of a thousand passing ideas to something real and concrete (or pixelated, maybe is the right word).  RIght now, the community garden needs more than anything a sustainer.  A garden manager.  Someone who is going to play in the garden every day, and interact with people, and talk about all the fun events that are going on, and host quests, and give out wishpoints, and all the other fun stuff that goes on in a place in MD.  I will be there to support you 100%.  When you have questions or need any kind of guidance, you will get it from me.  I'm not leaving, but I need to step back and let someone else step out front.  New blood, new energy.   Community Garden is on track to become a guild or receive other types of official recognition (I have suggested a flag instead of a guild as that allows people in other guilds to be garden leaders).  How this process plays out will depend on who steps up and how YOU want your community garden leadership role to function.   Okay, I said it and I hope to see some new excitement in Community Garden Leadership thread.     What about the update?  Well, maybe someone who has been there can provide an update.  Last I recall, we build an awesome shed filled with cool tools and we planted some trees.... and it rained.  And darkraptor is on track to win the Grow Your Own contest with no other active participants.     Right, how about the feedback?  What do you all think of the community garden?  What would encourage you to use it more?  Are you aware that when you grow plants in the community garden, you get that harvest in your inventory?  What could work better?  What holds you back from using it?  I can ask a host of questions, but really, I'd much rather just hear from you.  You know what you want to say.  Please say it.   I'd REALLY like to hear from a lot of people.  The council and Mur are listening and everybody (especially me) needs to know how much time and energy to put into this project.  Judging from the announcements, it seems like we are on the verge of being able to hard-code much more of the garden process.  If you all want gardening to be featured in MD, you need to make clear what you want out of it and let your actions speak as loud as your words.   Somehow this came out a little more like a rant than I intended.  It's been a little frustrating to me that 200 people have participated in the development of the community garden, but at the end of the day it's still just me rolling the ball.   Please give your feedback, whether you have participated or not.   Thanks so much everyone.
  13. If someone is willing to give Tom Pouce 2 gold as a reward for the scarecrow contest, I will repay 2 gold and an additional 2 silver when I am able. Thanks everyone.
  14. My computer went haywire today and will likely be out of commission forever. Until I purchase a new laptop, I'll be mostly unavailable. I can easily access the forum on my phone, but I will not really be available in game...not that I have been particularly present in game recently anyway...but I'll be gone until I find a replacement. Keep up with your community garden plots and grow your own contest. Darkraptor, looking good. Take care all!
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