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  1. Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more. Couldn't help myself C
  2. PO 1 Kiley 3 1. I am younger than 18 2. I speak French 3. I work in the armed forces. C
  3. Chengmingz


    Travian server 5. C
  4. [b]Tal - 1[/b] -tag "protector of loreroot" [b]Miq - 2[/b] -a spell to teleport people to (and from) the hall before the Sunny Bedroom [b]Dragual - 3[/b] -primary tag of Scholar of History [b][b]Maebius: - 4[/b] - A new wishpoint, so I can code my own Moebius Scroll to play with ad infinitum ?---I would simply give him the ability as reward for his scripting skills and for quests.[/b] [b]everyone - 5[/b] -No man's land citizenship. [b]Esmaralda - 6[/b] [b]- Bone shovels to be modified in order for them to collect skulls too.[/b] [b]Seigheart - 7[/b] -Veteran Medal made into Gold. [b][b]DARK DEMON: - 8[/b] -return of the Children of the Eclipse[/b] [b][b]Pipstickz - 9[/b] -ability to give a spell doc page[/b] [b]Princess Katt - 10[/b] -MB citizenship bac
  5. I'll try and do it! (Exam week so I might be little tight on time) C
  6. Sigma (Net Force in Physics while contributing to the word all in Finite and is involved in Chemical equations where it represents sum. C
  7. Bring back the Knights of MB. Bring back the Kings and Queens
  8. Mouse, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig.
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