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  1. All's well here, Chewy. Hope you had a good rest!
  2. Happy Birthday Aia! May you have a great year
  3. Happy birthday, Miq! May you have a good year.
  4. For a sketch, this has already the quality to be placed in a scene. Very well drawn, Aia.
  5. Habby birthday Dhyone! I hope you'll have a good year
  6. Lintara

    King of Golemus

    Congratulations Miq! May you serve Golemus Golemicarum well.
  7. Happy passing of the year Aeo! Have a great cakeday
  8. (This started off as an idle in-game roleplay chitchat but it turned out quite fun, so we thought of posting it up for others to continue ) On a quiet night of winter at the Gazebo of Equilibrium, three ladies - Nepgear, Josephine and myself - were resting from the regular sparring and admiring the soon-to-be-decorated tree and the work that the Elves were doing. Upon further thought, Josephine wondered if the elven workers needed something to eat - surely they were working long. She thus offered them some of her sandwich, which sparked an idea. One idea led to another and what was to be a little snack grew into something more. With agreement, I have recorded the little event, cleaned out the combat messages and now post it here. What else might the working elves need?
  9. Trouble is, unless given meta knowledge by those who were there, nobody else can join in the AL because the AL still hasn't caught up to the actual reality of the game. The Red Service is months since over yet the AL is still stuck covering the middle of it: It has indeed been dragging on for too long. It would be understandable if the organizers were still waiting for MRF to return, since he was one of us "summoners" and he did have a task of finding some mp3's to spar with in Necrovion in front of the Little Old Man. MRF worked separately and his efforts at the time were overshadowed by all the hype about the Eclipse. However, even if MRF returned now, it would be a separate arc, especially with the Little Old Man changed to what it is now. As such, how many months should it take for the AL to at least finish the Red Service arc when there's already a log of it posted up on the forums? How many remember the green text message right after the ceremony pointing at the dark clouds gathering above Necrovion? Did anything even happen there then or was it just a false foreshadow? As for the altars being blocked... It's a terrible choice either way. If they are meant to be restored by the players, then the clues given for that are too scarce for RP right now. If it is a story element, then it has outstayed its welcome in an arc that should already be finished. If it is just meant to cause an uproar later to get some fire going when the action dies down... well, congrats, it kind of did that but at what cost.
  10. Read it yesterday, just needed a moment to reply. Linny is slow. I like it a lot that the door is officially open to more people now and how much hope it brings for everybody. It'll be hard getting used to the apparent boundaries of what can be done by players not being so tight anymore. It also poses a challenge - breaking my own habit of writing down and setting ideas aside or just telling them to the nearest person at that moment so I wouldn't think about those ideas anymore just because at that moment they don't seem doable. Still, it's a great relief that there'll be somewhere to point passionate people at. There are many I wish were still around for this, but people right now are eager for action too. It's also good to know Azull and Sushi found their place. Way to go, you two!
  11. Happy birthday dst! Have a fun day, a great year and plenty of good books!
  12. Taming in MD seems to be the player's ability to collect special resources from creatures when the creatures are under some condition or mood induced by certain items from the player's inventory. For example, items from Elecu Bration can only collected when it is feeling happy and "Rich", and resources from grasans can only be gained when they react to wiiya gas. Since the resources are gained not by the creatures giving them to the player themselves but by the player collecting them, I imagine that the icon would look like the act of collecting. Below is a picture I drew of the player's hand carefully collecting either colored paper or skin.
  13. Happy birthday Aethon! May it be fabulous.
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    Lazy Adolescent Warthogs
  15. *Lintara*: Rest now, Dark Archer, *Lintara*: Your battle is done. *Lintara*: Return that hatred *Lintara*: From whence it come. : *Lintara* sacrificed Dark Archer III
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