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    Crafting with beads, choir, dancing, computer games, dragons, history or nature documentaries...
    Also occasionally reading a fantasy book or two, or watching anime. =^.^=
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  1. Have a great year Kiley!
  2. Lintara

    How do you see taming?

    Taming in MD seems to be the player's ability to collect special resources from creatures when the creatures are under some condition or mood induced by certain items from the player's inventory. For example, items from Elecu Bration can only collected when it is feeling happy and "Rich", and resources from grasans can only be gained when they react to wiiya gas. Since the resources are gained not by the creatures giving them to the player themselves but by the player collecting them, I imagine that the icon would look like the act of collecting. Below is a picture I drew of the player's hand carefully collecting either colored paper or skin.
  3. Lintara

    Happy birthday Mallos :3

    Have a great year Mallos!
  4. Lintara

    Happy Birthday Aelis

    Have a merry birthday Aelis!
  5. Happy birthday Aethon! May it be fabulous.
  6. Lintara


    Lazy Adolescent Warthogs
  7. Lintara

    Tithes for the Gray

    *Lintara*: Rest now, Dark Archer, *Lintara*: Your battle is done. *Lintara*: Return that hatred *Lintara*: From whence it come. : *Lintara* sacrificed Dark Archer III
  8. Happy birthday Shemmy! Happy birthday Orvid!
  9. Lintara

    MD anniversary plushie shop

    Anniversary creature 2018. Price: 20 plushies 3 wiiya. Price: 3 plushies
  10. Lintara

    Happy Birthday Granos!

    Happy birthday!
  11. Lintara

    Sushi Bar & Gallery

    Great work Sushi! The edit buttons are temporary now. You can just post the pictures as a new post - then we will get to see the new additions on activity list as well.
  12. Happy Birthday Val! May your health be better and do come outside every now and then - we miss you.
  13. Happy birthday Azull, have a good one!
  14. Lintara

    Journey to the east

    As the artist of the group, my task was to sing a short song about departures. Sailaway to East song.mp3
  15. Lintara

    Scene Decoration Quest!

    Thank you for the quest, Nimrodel, and thanks all for the votes.