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    Crafting with beads, choir, dancing, computer games, dragons, history or nature documentaries...
    Also occasionally reading a fantasy book or two, or watching anime. =^.^=
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  1. After two rounds of intense battles... Jubaris wins!
  2. A little belated, but none the less, happy birthday Azull! May you always find a good book to read.
  3. I'll give it a shot too. 4; 15; 27; 30; 12; 28; 26; 9.
  4. I'll definitely be around from 20:00 to 23:00 ST (Server Time), although may also log in from 18ST.
  5. Happy Birthday!
  6. 22ST tomorrow is no trouble for me either.
  7. As the title says - happy birthday Sunny! I hope you'll have a good day and a great year. Also lots of cheesecake. Praise the Sun!
  8. Lintara ID:202332
  9. Happy birthday Miq!
  10. Happy Birthday MaGo! May you always have some bacon at your side
  11. Here are the members of my team: Lintara 1. Briskness (by definition - Marked by speed, liveliness, and vigor; energetic) 2. Flight 3. Healing others (give vital) 4. Diplomacy 5. Empathy Sunfire 1. Pyromancy 2. Diplomacy 3. Patience 4. Loyalty 5. Combat expertise Valoryn 1. Dancing. 2. Fighting with a sword and buckler. 3. The ability to shield allies (based on the GuardianArmy spell) 4. Horse handling. 5. Doing anything he can normally do while being blindfolded.
  12. Monday night would be better for me as well.
  13. It's probably a little late for part 1, but here is a web I've just finished. And the spider from the back And the front Sorry, no live spiders for part 2, it's too cold for them now where I live, so most have either gone to sleep or froze by now.
  14. Due to changes that had happened (Necrovion being closed off and there being a need for a sixth stop in TTC for planning events), as well as the few mix ups that happened over the past few weeks on Tuesdays, here I post the updated rotation order with the scenes. Loreroot - Ash Arch MagicDuel Archives - Split Pass Halt Marind Bell - Willow's Shop Lands of the East - Plains of Liberty Golemus Golemicarum - Fenth Beach Established Housings - Path of Loneliness
  15. Happy Birthday Gonzalo! :)