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    Also occasionally reading a fantasy book or two, or watching anime. =^.^=
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  1. Mystery tournament III

    Sign me up!
  2. Happy Birthday MIq

    Happy Miqday!
  3. Greetings from new player!

    Welcome aboard!
  4. Happy Birthday Nimrodel!
  5. Happy b-day MaGoHi

    Happy Birthday MaGoHi! Have a great day
  6. I. am. BACK!

    Welcome back Euraana!
  7. A Renaissance of the Eclipse

    Priestess Aia del Mana, as Queen of Loreroot, I support your initiative to revive the Children of the Eclipse. Let me know if you require any aid. As for anyone wishing to join the Children of the Eclipse, please contact me so we may discuss citizenship.
  8. Happy upcoming Murmas everybody! Wholehearted thanks to Mallos, Shemhazaj and Sharazhad for bringing their stories to the fireplace and all who came to listen. Here are the stories told during the storytelling evening held tonight. Sharazhad Mallos Lintara Shemhazaj
  9. Redacted

    Enormous as they may be, are those not the requirements for the Island Traders' boat repairs? As I recall, the New Bees just need to roleplay their way out. Unless something changed again.
  10. When I joined in 2010 (I was 15), I kept silent, didn't look at live LHO button and tried to figure things out myself. However, one of my first people contacts was with Nithy Juzz and My Brute. They helped me crack the shell a little. I was trying to figure out the Broken Pattern Gazebo when those two started chattering, eventually got me to chat as well and it was such fun randomness that I came back for more the next day and so forth. It was just so very different from the usual MMORPG banter yet a little bit more familiar than the ongoing roleplay of veterans in MD at that time. Combat-wise, the first person to help was MasterB. Although Dark Demon and Sunfire helped me learn more of it some years later, MasterB helped get a grip on the basic basics. And Indyra, Zleiphneir and Draconas were the ones who helped me get into roleplay.
  11. The Town crier - What would you use it for?

    The Town Crier is okay as is, however, it could also be used for is announcing new additions to the in-game Quests section (once that one is finished) or the start of events like MD Christmas season, MD anniversary, or Heads/Torch contest, should those ever return.
  12. Combat Mystery Tournament

    After two rounds of intense battles... Jubaris wins!