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  1. [quote name='Novato' timestamp='1292684161' post='75671'] This question could look like very stupid. However, a lot of things is write about Role Player and I still don't understand what I think it's essential to just THINK about take side of rebel or not. What are Rask's politics for Necrovion? How it's different from Jester politics? I don't want to be rude, but just say that it will change is not enought. I can only see the most superficial effects of the current politics and, personally, I don't see what's wrong. I am NOT taking sides here, but I think that the most important aspects are hiden and maybe it's one of the reasons that only few people are interested by role play. [/quote] Find me at the Howling Gates and you can ask me as many questions as you want.
  2. [quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1292595899' post='75624'] Thank you for that story, Rask. It deserves more than a pickle, but that is all I have to give. I will leave the slot at the top open for a story on current events. [/quote] Thank you. Your kind words is reward enough in this case. It was my pleasure to tell that story.
  3. [quote name='(Zl-eye-f)-nea' timestamp='1292539818' post='75602'] If it were me leading the rebellion, I would not be doing things behind curtains and in the shadows.[/quote] I just want to voice mt agreement. I find all the behind the scenes activity hightly frustrating and discouraging. It is not just with the rebellion either. It is little wonder that the world seems dead, if no one is willing or prepared to do what they do for the world to see.
  4. My Mother told me the following when I was still small... "I met the Rajj, your Father, during a time when he would spend day and night in front of the Howling Gates, either meditating, or telling stories to those who wished to learn. I was drawn to him by his stories, I would spend countless hours lingering near him, hoping to hear more of what he have to say. Then came the prophecy..." My Mother had memorised the words of the prophecy, and repeated them to me, but I can no longer recall what they were. In anycase, it was how her life became bound to my Father's. "One I will enslave, he had said... who else could he have meant, except me, who is already a slave? There were some drama before the Rajj chose his wives, but they seem insignificant now. I do not know exactly how long I served him, sitting by him day and night in front of the Howling Gates. I watched him tell stories, and I even repeated some of them myself. All seemed well, but I could tell he was becoming troubled. A burden was slowly being placed on him one which he did not comunicate to me. Then one day I followed and watched him as he went into Necrovion, claimed it all as his own, and crowning himself 'Rajj'. Thus came the Desert." Now that I think about it, such a fantasy was so easily created, and passed on... Even to this day I could not forget the Desert. But, back to my Mother's story... "The Desert flurished, the Rajj came to adopt the ritual of washing himself with sand. It was also a great pleasure when he would allow me to perform the ritual for him. It was also not long before he started talking of Heirs, and was also Crowned by the Shades as the First King. In fact, it was the first Crown in all of the lands. Three children he adopted... Marvolo, Peace, and Malichi." I suppose at this point, my Dear Sister, Peace, and Brother Marvolo could each tell their stories... My Mother never told me what happened to Malichi. However, she did tell me how I came to be... "I do not know why the Rajj desired further children, were the adopted ones not enought to fullfill the prophecy? Nonetheless, he wanted children from the womb of his wives, and so I obeyed. And in time, you came into the world, my Dear Rask, named after a famous man from my old world." Unfortunately, I never knew my Father. It seemed that he had disappeared into his Desert before I was born. My Mother have always spoke fondly of the Desert, and my Father, but, she could not hide the sorrow in her voice... "Life went on in front of the Howling Gates. I continue to sit at the Gate to the Desert, and it is now I who tells the Rajj's stories. As I watched my belly swell and felt your strength growing inside me, I wondered... He told me to live, and so I do... But what do I live for, when the man who owns me no longer calls my name? I think, he had wanted one of us to take his place, to bear the crown... His three wives, three adopted children, and two babes yet to be born... Yet, he left us too soon, I don't think any of us were ready..." Often would my Mother talk of the hopes she had for me. She said that while she was a woman and a slave, born to serve and obey, I would be a man and raised to be a ruler. She told me that she wanted me to be as a wild beast, unrestrained, independant, and proud of my own strength... Sometimes I wonder if she regrets raising me the way she did... For I left her, when I saw the way she would stare at the sky, waiting to die, I left her, to find my Father's Desert. I will not speak much of the time I spent in the Desert, challenging the merciless sands. It is enough that I survived, and stood again at the Howling Gates. It was to my dismay that I saw the land my Mother so loved fall into desolation, with a neglectful King holding the crown, and the people milling about as an abandoned herd. And so I declared my presence, and began my quest. I still labour toward the same goal now, as I sit in front of the Howling Gates, as my Father did, and as my Mother did. Much have happened since my arrival, but I believe those are not my story to tell...
  5. [quote name='Jester' timestamp='1292449118' post='75520'] "Using alts to increase the number of rebels of a land will be punished" I read that, but it didn't say anywhere that its not possible. For example, you're not supposed to use alts for adepts and worshipers, and it will be punished, but its fairly easy anyways and I haven't heard of anyone being caught. Be realistic, if its possible, people will do it, whether or not it will be punished. As to the issue of a person having two active roles, I don't think that's very limiting. How many people do you know with two completely separate characters in all of MD? Not enough to make it a deciding factor. "Having 100 alts rebelling will achieve next to nothing towards overthrowing a king. There is no need for an alt limitation on rebels." If there was only the 100 alts this would be true. What if, however, there was a difference of only 10 people between the members of a land and the Rebels? Alts could make a huge difference. Also, think of people from other lands being recruited by members of the Rebels in another land. Someone in Necrovion could ask someone from GG to make a simple alt, have them act interested in Necrovion, log on for 30 days, and then rebel. This whole situation is far too easily abused for my liking. [/quote] Considering that the rebels do not have an automated system for dethroning a King, then anyone who used alts to inflate the number of rebels to a significant extent will come under the scrutiny of either Mur or the Council. In which case, they will most likely be found out and punished, with no damage being done to the position of the King. If you are indeed worried about the potential impact to newcomers, what I said should be enough to reassure you. On the other hand, if your concern is merely for keeping your crown, I would suggest that you try to live up to the expectations of your position. You would not have to worry about rebels if you were actually an active and dutiful King. I would also point out that in your initial post, you are essentially threatening to punish innocent newcomers for your own unjustified paranoia.
  6. From Mur's announcement, dated November 11, 2010: "Using alts to increase the number of rebels of a land will be punished" If you have time to complain on the forums, Jester, please at least fix the Necrovion Land Laws page.
  7. Rask

    What Tree Are You?

    There seem to be a high number of Ask Snakes... I am Reed/wolf
  8. [quote name='Rasiel' timestamp='1291531607' post='74456'] According to me, i hope you do not think me ignorant just because i am young. If there is a tie Jester will judge the two papers. [/quote] It is your quest, so it is your right to judge. Thank you for the answers.
  9. [quote name='Rasiel' timestamp='1291531265' post='74454'] It will be judged on correctness. [/quote] Then the question becomes: correctness according to whom?
  10. Perhaps the criteria for winning can be elaborated? Will it be judged on correctness? or will it be judged on thoughtfulness?
  11. [quote name='GlorDamar' timestamp='1287274088' post='70478'] Ha... you mistake my meaning young one. I meant no blessings upon you, only an observation. I mean to oppose your ascent as I did your father's. You'll have to get creative if you mean to take up his mantle... I know his old tricks and I have no need to keep your secrets as I kept his. [/quote] I was told, the true measure of a man is in the calibre of his enemies. I look forward to meeting you in the field.
  12. [quote name='Ravenstrider' timestamp='1287247451' post='70413'] Yes, so many changes happen within a week... The only perfection is the one that exists in imperfection. Foolish are the ones that in their arrogance think that their vision of the world is in fact ideal or perfect. [/quote] The only perfection is the one that exists in imperfection... words to ponder on perhaps. Or, more simply, sophistry. I have no doubt in the perfection of my ideal. It suits me wonderfully.
  13. [quote name='Ravenstrider' timestamp='1287222853' post='70363'] I am afraid that at this point in time and your own development, you can only carve yourself a tombstone... The world devours the weak. And you can not name yourself strong and expect others to believe you. I know I am repeating what others have said, but it doesn't change the fact that it's true. Well, I gave this discussion too much of my time already, so I'll just wish you the best of luck. [/quote] I remember you, Sentinel. The ideal world indeed devours the weak. Unfortunately, I do not believe we are in such a world. I plan to change that. I believe you will find that I am already different from when we last met. I look forward to speaking with you again.
  14. [quote name='GlorDamar' timestamp='1287211398' post='70356'] So, the great power of the desert went and produced an heir. I find that somewhat unlikely... by the time he had assembled his harem he was as much liquid dust as he was a man. Such a thing being capable of reproduction is an abomination. However, if you are what you claim to be, young Rask, then I have little doubt that you will carve out your own throne much as your villainous father did, or lose yourself trying. The sentinels have put on a mask of civility, but civility is not the true nature of the desert. Your father understood this even if the current claimants to his legacy have forgotten the truth. Necrovion is only open to them because of Khalazdad's will to power and his willingness to sacrifice everything for it. If you are cut from the same cloth, you'll find your throne. Just do not be too bitter if it is not what you expected. [/quote] Thank you for the blessings. If all goes well, I shall arrive at the Howling Gates by morning. Then the carving begins.
  15. [quote name='Jester' timestamp='1287096785' post='70334'] This is why you will not be King. [/quote] I believe the contrary.
  16. [quote name='Yrthilian' timestamp='1287066185' post='70323'] I have heard your claims for the throne, I have to admit i am courious as to how you will try to claim power Now i am only a king of Golemus and therefor do not know the full details of the structer of power of Necrovian but from what i do know and i could be worng in this matter is this. Peace gave the Kingship power to Jester in doing this she removed the Dynasty from power. I do not know if jester hold the same beliefs of the Dynasty or even care for it that is his place to debate. But i believe he does not (i could be wrong) In doing as peace did she removed the Dynasty from any right to the throne. In this i think you cannot claim the right of Kingship, As i said i could be wrong in this as i do not claim to know the inner working of Necrovian royalty. But if the above is corect then you have much to try and work on. First If you believe the Dyanisty should be the royal blood line for kingship then you need to take over the Dynasty and gain their support for reinstating them. The you need to gain the support of the people to help you remove the current kingship. I will no claim you have no right, for any citizen has the right to make the claim to a kingship, But it is more do you and can you get the support to do this. It would be intresting to see this play out and i hope you are ready for a long campain. From my persional point i have to say. For one to say give me the power and i will prove myself as a king. that to me already shows weekeness. You should not need the tools of the king to prove your worth. The tools are just a meens to apply punishment or grant citizenship. The reall power is in how the people see you and how the react to you or how they support you. Thoes were lessons i learnt a long time ago, but find them to hold true for all. [/quote] You have made quite a rational assessment of the situation, King Yrthilian. For that, I believe you deserve a transparent response. I can speak, but I cannot force people to listen. I can command, but I cannot force people to obey. I can stake my claim, but I cannot force people to cede. What I can do, is declare my intention and stand my ground. Those who will stand aside and watch will do so, those who will confront me will do so, and perhaps there will be those who will follow me. I was curious if King Jester will respect my lineage. I now know. I was curious about King Jester's chosen Queen. I now know. I was curious about the vocal masses. I now know. And now, I have heard you, King Yrthilian. As for your opinion of me, I do as I please, how people perceive me is their concern, not mine. A King who change his ways to please the people is a person who allows the moaning and whining body to hinder, handicap, and even endanger the mind and will. This lesson I have learned from the relentless Sand. While I disdain deceit and trickery, I will say this: I am not above misdirection.
  17. [quote name='Aysun' timestamp='1287011481' post='70294'] YOU will act as befits THEM? The Shades do not need [i]you[/i] to do anything for them. Already you assume too much, but by all means, do continue- the hole you insist on digging for yourself will only grow deeper and wider. [/quote] As you say
  18. [quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1287010602' post='70292'] If you want the bloody crown you will have to fight for it. [/quote] I agree. The rest of your words are quite irrelevant to me. Do remember to sharpen your teeth and nails though. To Rasiel: As you say
  19. [quote name='Rasiel' timestamp='1287009458' post='70289'] As i see it, many in Necrovion do not want you as King. So how long do you wish to drag on your defeat? Perhaps i speak to quickly here or perhaps i don't but this is how i see it. [/quote] Till my last breath, of course. Perhaps beyond. Only I can defeat myself.
  20. [quote name='lightsage' timestamp='1287006840' post='70287'] Perhaps I was unclear, your motives puzzled me. It is clear to me now through, that you lack what your father had and will always have, authority. Now, it also seems to me you have not understood your father's teachings, I seem to remember him saying "A king is only king as long as his people allow him to be". This is a quote I might be wrong about, as I it was a long time ago, I am left with the expression through. What I am certain he has said and perhaps these are words you ought to heed: .Khalazdad.: One day I was celebrating a victory with my men after a long campaign south of the Khaladzad desert, from which my first name is drawn. The heat and he sun and wine combined to rob me of my native quickness - .Khalazdad.: and in truth I was never much of a warrior. Darker arts hold my attention. .Khalazdad.: An enemy, Lim-Tul from the Shull tribe of the Northern Wastes, infiltrated the camp. When I went to the trenches to releive myself, .Khalazdad.: he sprang up from the muck and quickly had me at his mercy at the point of his spear. .Khalazdad.: "You killed my family," he said, "and I would have you know who it was who has defeated you. See my scars? These you gave me years ago when I was but..." .Khalazdad.: He stopped talking quite abruptly. It took a moment for me to notice the cloth yard standing from his chest, so suddenly had it sprouted there. One of my sentries had saved me with his eagle eye. .Khalazdad.: Before the light went out of Tul's eyes, as it did slowly, I told him: "When its time to talk, talk. When its time to kill, kill. Don't talk." .Khalazdad.: Being a master of Death, I kept death from him for three days, during which time I acquainted him well with the sound of his own voice. Some mistakes are made but once. .Khalazdad.: You will have the chance to repeat your error or not many times over. [/quote] I am not my Father, nor am I his preacher. I remember hearing that story from my Mother. I agree completely.
  21. [quote name='lightsage' timestamp='1287005019' post='70285'] Some things puzzle me... As far as I can see it is obvious that the vast majority of the people of necrovion at the moment do not wish Rask as their king. Now what is stopping the shades whom you claim to act in the interest off from taking the trinkets these players (pamplemousse currently) have away and into your possession? Perhaps the shades do not wish for a prominent presence. Perhaps a prominent presence of theirs would be in the best interest of the people of Necrovion? Unless the people agree with your ways on this trough claiming the crown because of this would be pointless as they do not see things your way. [/quote] It does seem that the vocal portions of the people are opposed to my claim, but I don't see how that is puzzling. Perhaps you expected otherwise? I believe you are under the misconception that I am behaving according to a will other than my own. The Shades have not acted. I don't know why and I don't care. I will act as I believe befits them. They may allow themselves to be elevated, or they may try to stop me. I give the people the same choices I offer to the Shades.
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