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    Forced pose photo

    Who is it though? O.o
  3. Can i buy more than one person? > : D
  4. Exactly.... When is the auction? I feel as though ive missed it....P probably due to the fact the date keeps being moved >.<
  5. I still wanna buy Fangy XD Where is the auction taking place?
  6. I'll buy Fang XD. I might not be able to make it the day of the auction (Hectic RL) But i have a gold coin, and if thats not enough i have a silver to
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    I demand to read that book
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    [quote name='Jester' timestamp='1306520477' post='85263'] Have you considered the "RP Reality requirement: moderate" aspect yet? I haven't looked into this very much myself, but I think it simply means that your RP has to follow the guidelines set by the amount of people. For example, if you have two or three people in a scene flying around or transforming, since the RP Reality requirement is set low, they can. The issue that was happening is from when you have two or three people making up spells amongst a crowd of thirty people, and the rest of the group don't believe in the spells. If you can gather twenty or thirty people in a public area who all want to role play the same thing and have two or three people there that don't, I'd say the role player's win. On a separate topic, I never understood why magic and abilities are seen as so essential to role playing. Back when Jester was a younger player he used to hang out in Cryxus' pub, getting drunk and starting wars with chairs for moving when he tried to sit down, or attempting to sing Bohemian Rhapsody with Granos. To me that was fun role playing. [/quote] EXACTLY! my point here is that i want the fun rp to start up again. when i first started there was rp in almost EVERY room and now it takes forever to find someone to rp with!
  9. keida


    [quote name='Prince Lewas' timestamp='1306518566' post='85261'] I think, everything that matters can be found in this reply... shows the main problems what have caused that undesirable difference in RP, and in the community at all. --- We should not judge the others, telling our opinions or feelings on whether his/her role is good or not - simply we can't, it's relative. We are here only to form ideas, make suggestions and talk about... not someone's role exactly, but about all of us, the whole MD people - so, RP in general. Better not to RP just for yourself and to simply enjoy it. RP for & with the others as well. [b][i]Not just act your role, but live it [/i][/b] [/quote] Very wise remark Lewas. and one i was happy to read.
  10. keida


    [quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1306517921' post='85258'] Me? Jealous? Far from it. I have no reason to be jealous of a child. [/quote] Like i said, stop trying to start a fight in the Forum.... [quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1306517921' post='85258'] Me? Jealous? Far from it. I have no reason to be jealous of a child. I second what Indyra said, and what plenty others have told me: [b]If you want something done, don't sit here on the forum whining about it. Get out there and do it, deal with the repercussions later.[/b] You can EASILY arrange things that can be done. I mean... hell, when Renavoid was still around, in that last RP shot, HOW MANY of you people stepped up to Rp? Hm? Very few, if I remember correctly. Oh, and with this Abra thing? How many are ACTUALLY getting involved with it now? Again, as far as I can tell... very few. So the issue is not just "oh Rp is dying, wah wah wah" its: "People don't care any more." Or, "People only Rp for the limelight and to get noticed, to get all the little trinkets and jewels they can find for their 'role.' So maybe there IS a mix between the two, but you can't simply blame that Rp is dying because Rp is dying. Rp is dying because people just don't care any more. No one is wanting to do anything-- from what I have also heard, dunno how true this is, but supposedly, the Al is what gave people a reason to do this. I don't completely agree. This goes along with what I said in the third quotations. You what you need. You just have to organize it in a fashion that people are interested, and gee... I don't know, maybe even take part? [/quote] *reply to the second part* That is exactly what we are trying to say Curiose, Lack of caring to do rping the right way.
  11. keida


    This forum post was ment for opinions on ROLE PLAYING, and not to INSULT others. We want to make ROLE PLAYING better and was asking who was in support of that. and people's thoughts on making role playing better.
  12. keida


    [quote name='Windy' timestamp='1306507264' post='85247'] Keida, becareful. We are not aloud to post for other people. Read Chewy's rules on that. I've never understood why people have to take pot-shots at other people. Shows their level of maturity. [/quote] OH! my apologies, i did not know that.
  13. keida


    [quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1306467724' post='85217'] So, Keida, in your opinion good rp is making multiple alts and causing needless drama? Especially in your little area by the lake, having multiple babies in a rash that seems highly unrealistic, and falling in love with a multitude of men? Excuse me, but that is not role play. I see that as trash. But that's just me. I knew you would single me out Curiose. and conviently you left out where i said that i am trying to get better, and just so you know, i only have one baby. Dont try to start arguments on this forum post that only shows jealousy. and its not pretty.
  14. keida


    [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1306436567' post='85181'] Weird... Am I the only one who thinks MD got better, rather than worse as you all say? Except saying that, I don't want to interfere in your... discussions... I already said too much I have on the subject on too much topics, about your "definitions" of roleplay. [/quote] Md has gotten better in every way EXCEPT rp. Personally i fell in love with MD BECAUSE of the rp. and it is getting harder and harder to find good rpers The people make up Md.without the people The MD worls would not last long.
  15. keida


    [quote name='Prince Lewas' timestamp='1306434244' post='85174'] Sounds interesting... I would try this out. Anyway, it's a bit similar to the citizenship system, isn't it? [/quote] From NewPower: RE:RE:The role playing. Ok, im working on this , i dont want to be the only working. The idea is, to have a role since from the start. IF you reach mp5 you have to leave the group. And start the CARRIER .It seems more like a school system, not like citizenship. Lets take it like you are less than 18 year and you go to school. If you reach the mp5 you pass 18 years and you are an "adult" now. I think that you should choose also a school like( MB school, GG school ect) . also from NewPower I have another idea, what about if they get divided into schools , i mean the 4 mainlands schools . The get some questions(after a week, after they learn something how the things goes in MB) and when they reach mp4 they can change the mainland(if they want) . It's a bit like, *Harry Potter* Tell me if you like this idea .
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