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  1. It would seem from both heat votings that the "life" of an alliance has more value then the life of a player or two. But heat voting is just a plea to higher powers, one they can ignore like they did with Spartan. So if you don't have friends with revive items or your not popular enough, you got only one "life". I guess this raises the market value of life considerably. Same goes for the items that can change your "life state". So remember to be nice to other people, especially those with an assassins blade...
  2. Rannel

    Music Thread

  3. I like the idea very much. Even after all the RP rituals said and done you still need someone with the revive item/spell to affect the mechanics of the system. It would be far easier to mount some revive RP action knowing someone with the item is willing to help. And Apophys idea with resources adds an extra flavor while at the same time helping to avoid automatic reviving without any effort. Myself i'm only starting the adventure with resource gathering but i do have 1 Timeless Dust and i would like to donate it for this effort. I can work on heat gathering and if it will be necessary i'm willing to donate a wishpoint. Hope this initiative will work and please contact me when my help will be needed.
  4. Rannel

    A funeral

    When i heard about Spartiatis been murdered, i was surprised and angry. But over the time, through reading and talking i learned that this is a part of MD life, part of the Experience. People died in the past and was revived through the community's effort. When the coin collection and heat voting came, it really showed the best side of MD, community working together, not for their own benefit but to help someone. But after all this the dead stay dead, and now another joined him. Without people willing to use their revive items, killing is just a good way to chase someone from the game... [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]As for Grido's offer i was willing to help in coins [/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]collection [/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]but, after i gave it more thought i'm against revival for money. It can create a market for kill/revive. And when there won't be anyone to revive, you can always create more demand by killing someone...[/font][/color]
  5. But there are ways to make yourself a noncombatant if you wish to RP only. Yours is the decision.
  6. Rannel

    A funeral

    Message about the funeral reached me deep in the Land of the East and i wasn't able to attend it, but i will pay my respects at his tomb as soon as i'll manage to reach Loreroot. Don't worry Isabella, i believe this warriors spirit is strong enough to endure the death of flesh.
  7. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]I support this. [/font][/color]
  8. If it indeed is a problem in connecting your ISP to MD server you might try a proxy. But cache/cookies clean won't hurt.
  9. Plenty of good ideas already so i will only say: Make the ca.. Kake edible. I'm hungry
  10. Been busy but I've given a bit of thinking about my idea and other ones in this topic. The biggest flaw i see in Liberty and Apophys idea is that it adds another level of complexity to the combat system. Now the stats inform you how much your crits will gain but with the introduction of those changes it gets much less clear. Remember that newbies are supposed to learn this system without us explaining it to them (at least that's how i understand this no spoilers rule). Other then that i find it a very good idea It takes care of both stats and tokens and is much more possible to implement then mine. But that won't stop me from proposing it so the simple system could look like that: Everyday stat modificator = stat * fall variable(see below) * (-1) In the beginning i wanted to condition this stat fall based on player activity but i realized there's no need for that. A small stat fall each day of active playing can be stopped by gaining stats normally. Now depending on the fall variable it means a player with 8k stat would need to gain 0,8 (at 0,0001 fall variable) or 8 (at 0,001). A low stat player won't have to worry about it really but a big one would have to work hard to keep their stats. I must say i can't honestly choose an optimal variable - i don't have enough knowledge to say what is an average stat value in MD now. As for the negative stats this equation aims to zero so negative stats will get a positive modificator. I might not understand the true reason for negative stats but i find the idea of stats slowly balancing to zero a good thing (but it's optional). Minuses: - Gargantuan stats are impossible to keep with this system. - At some point this will make veterans and newbies similar in stats - the differences will be based on activity mostly (some might see it as a plus others as a minus). - This does not takes into consideration the tokens or other stats modifications. it will in fact make them more powerful i guess. Pluses: - The stat fall isn't instantaneous, it will take some time to balance the game so players will have time to adjust. - This is something you add on top of the current system. No need to change other things so its easier to implement. This is a simple system. I'm still thinking how to add an accumulation of experience witch doesn't fall with a physical (or rather mental) fitness witch does and still keep the balancing properties. Also not sure all stats should be treated equally. Edit: made some space to make it easier to read plus stat amount corrected
  11. Still thinking it through to make some sensible math model. First thing i noticed is that it would have to be based not on fights won/loss but rather fights xp gained or vit damage dealt. Your right about inactive thing Liberty. I think it might be working on active days only or with some much more slower form working on inactive players (like one time a week or more).
  12. Reading what Libery4life wrote i had an idea that could repair the system without changing it. (Warning!! some may hate it passionately ) Idea is based on RL. Anyone keeping themselves fit know that you have to work on it. And to do any sport on a serious level you need to work even harder. Finally professional sport demands constant work on your form. If a pro stops his workouts, he looses his top form and needs time to get back to it. What i'm proposing is a kind of viscosity on your stats. You don't fight on a regular basis, you loose your stats (temporary as a negative "lazy" bonus or permanently even). To keep up with the analogy with sports, high stats should demand much more work so the stat loss should be some percent of the current. With proper math (witch i will have to work on) it might create a max stats level because you can only fight so much in one day. This would need a well made proportional system to promote some average stats that relatively easy to keep. Since its something i came up just now i need to think on possible problems with it i see: - Grinders might pester ppl just to keep their stats high - Sharing your game time between fight and quest/RP would become a harder decision since you would really loos something by not fighting. Like i said its just a stub of an idea without any real math yet but i would like to hear you toughs on it Edit: Yes it is a constant stat damage basically and it will hurt in the beginning but the stat should stabilize at some point into a much more balanced environment.
  13. here is the screenshot when we finished making our cakes (with server time ) http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/852/kake2.jpg
  14. I've got 1 silver now i can give only but will work on more. I will also add heat for Spartiatis revival as soon as i work out how to pass my heat to the plant
  15. [quote name='lightsage' timestamp='1286717798' post='70040'] It's been like that forever, you lose in attack and you lose everything. This might be a good time to 'fix' it through. [/quote] Except that i didn't lose
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