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  2. [cquote] The results are, ranked highest to lowest, based on the reputation when we counted it: Chewett – Citizenship – (21) Liberty - Combat Redesign - (17) Seigheart – Start the AL again, but fully player influenced – (13) Soothing Sands – make more long-term quests – (9) Samon - Research, connections and spell docs – (8) Fenrar - find some more information about heat cap and its effects early, training caps frustrating – (6) Stavaroiu – More cauldron tools – (6) Fyrd Argentus – Fix grammar and spelling in the game – (6) Samon – Make land loyalty reflect actual loyalty to a land – (5) Soothing Sands - make creature age worth something – (5) Apophys – Option to mute all sounds in MD – (5) Fyrd Argentus – In-Game ruling forces should be able to create and dissolve alliances at will, and reward or punish their subjects by changing land loyalty. Alliance leadership should be based on land loyalty. – (5) Seigheart – More Spells – (4) MR Alyon – Make Skilldamage based on the opposition’s gain. – (4) De Mimsy Porpington – Implement Illusions – (4) Awiiya – More MP levels and ability to move up and down between them – (4) Burns - Restore balance being desirable - (4) Seigheart – Inventory list upgrade – (3) Tom Pouce – Fix combat so we don’t need to find a player to do things – (3) Seigheart – More achievements. All accessible with hard work and determination – (3) Fyrd Argentus - Alternate views of your creatures would be good – (3) The Warrior – make tool related stats mean something – (3) Fyrd Argentus - The % power selected for an attack rit should actually pop up as the default, not 50%. – (3) BFH – Change MD Filters in preference to player retention. Complete revisal of initial tutorial. – (3) Rannel – Make the Kake edible – (2) Lightsage – Tabs for the creature page so loading isn’t so slow – (1) DarkRaptor – add quantity field to transfer options – (1) Burns - MP6 needs attention - (1) Fyrd Argentus - New players ought to get some inventory items early on. Maybe a resource or silver coin or such – (0) Fyrd Argentus – Hints need to be updated, esp about rpcs. – (0) Fyrd Argentus - viscosity & heat and action points should be rationalized – (0) Fyred Argentus - You should be able to sort the order of items in the inventory transfer menu - or at least pick your default – (0) Tom Pouce – Make more tools available, remove loyalty requirements for tools – (-1) Fenrar – do not allow instant log out – (-1) Tom Pouce – Remove viscosity or make it easier to counter – (-2) Samon – Make HC a real contest again – (-2) Isabella Finch – Divide resources in inventory – (-2) Tom Pouce – Make no mans land loyalty work – (-3) SkyArmy - Mirror spell can epic MP4 to MP5 - (-4) (no idea what that means) Fenrar – prevent new players to find info about Marind – (-5) Tom Pouce - Give MP3s the option to fight without or with gaining heat - (-11) From this we can see citizenship won, and shall be the first thing as look to work on[/cquote]
  3. [cquote] Part of how the council is built is with anonymity as part of its structure, because of this sadly we cannot attend this meeting in person nor in cloaks despite some of us really wanting to. This is something Mur was very specific about and we will honour his wish with regards to this. As some of you have raised on the topic, we all discuss the things asked of us, any questions posed at such a meeting would lead to the perspective of individual members, rather than us as a whole. Every decision we make is made between us, so any individual view would not represent the council as a whole, and multiple representatives would just mean multiple individual views. In addition, our identities may be easily determined by our speaking, like suggested, in game. If we were to be publicly known then those of us in game would not be able to effectively assess what is happening in the realm, as players would modify their behaviour when we are around - much like players do when Mur is. There is also a benefit to being anonymous when dealing with players that are known to those of us in game, as we can be a lot more impartial due to a lack of repercussion on familial relationships, should we decide unfavourably towards them. We are not coders. We try to manage requests and requirements and keep the game functioning. We also have none the less tried consistently to create and evolve things. The difficulty being that many things that are creative require a substantial amount of coding time and the coders available do not have a lot of time for the sheer amount of things that would be ideally done. In addition, we are frequently receiving personal requests from people for things which we have tried again and again to accommodate. We add these to our lists of things to do and discuss them, in doing so often other things are delayed but we are always impressed and enthused by the community ideas and imagination for the things they ask for and so we try to do these things so that you each might know that even though we are slow to do them we still respect your wishes and try our very best to accommodate them. Sadly we see that our accepting them seems to suggest they will be done quickly, and this is just not possible as there are other things we do for MD that have higher priorities. While you may think two weeks is slow, in actuality with the discussions as well as the coding restrictions we have, a month is a fast change period. The MD Birthday Cake for example may have seemed like a small and simple idea, but in reality it took a much larger amount of time to get working properly than we initially perceived, delaying other projects in an attempt to get this finished. We enforce the rules of the game and, where needed, we will evolve them. The new rules then take precedent over the old ones based on the evolution of the game. MagicDuel would be empty without players as has been said, but without a ruling force there would be chaos, and more over it would die faster than the lack of players. We have seen a number of people both in email and generally commenting regarding Mur and his word vs ours. Please understand that Mur is still the creator and owner of MagicDuel, and that will be the case no matter what. He added us to his system himself, and with that he gave us authority over MagicDuel in order to ensure that it continues - that means, in terms of authority, we are equal to him. When he is not here to keep things ticking, we are. This is not an easy task and we know many of our decisions will be, and are, unpopular, but they are none the less necessary. We know it can be aggravating to see some of these decisions come to pass that you as players do not agree with. Please understand that we do have members who watch what is going on and voice player views, these are incorporated in the decision making process. Often it is true that some of our decisions are delayed due to the 'hung jury' issue. This is because many of us are willing to stop and listen to one person's disagreement and hear them out to see if we might want to change the decision that was come to by the rest of us. This frequently happens when a council member sees something a small group of players have said and throws it into the conversation. Most requests, and our own ideas, require a lot of consideration and discussion before they might be transposed into the realm which hopefully helps you to understand why things seemingly take a long time. We also have to consider the implications of things we do, not just in terms of it's popularity and how current players see something as good or bad, but also along the lines of the game as a whole in it's future timeline with the planned growth developments being taken into account. Many of the things people may want to see fixed as soon as possible are put on a back burner while something else takes priority, but when we are able we take something you say and try to fix it, such as the PM titles on RE RE RE issue that was brought up on the forum. We attempt to try and get some of these quicker fixes into the game as they are brought up on the forum so that the issue is dealt with fast, however this also slows down other coding projects. In the Development Focus thread we are getting your information regarding what you want done, so that we can prioritise this better. We feel that having an updates thread where the current information on what we are working on is a great idea. We would like, if he will accept, to have Awiiya as a direct go between, between ourselves and yourselves the players. If he accepts, he would be kept up to date with what we are working on, and will be able to talk to the players regarding any issues they have or recommended improvements. Awiiya would also be informed of what we are currently dealing with so that he can respond to individual players questions regarding their queries since it seems you want to be able to ask this information from a player. He would be in charge of keeping a public thread updated so that people know what stages of development features and items that we are working on are at. Having multiple queries from multiple people come to us in a single email makes it easier and quicker for us to respond to. This would make the work of the council much more open and public, since he would have the power to ask us for more information so that it is distributed, instead of telling a multiple people the same information. This person will also be in charge of telling us the public's mood, arranging for polls and other collection of information, so that they can tell us directly, "The people want this feature to be worked on first". This will be easier for us and yourselves, since we can work on something that "you" want done. If you have some issue with what is currently being worked on, and wish to enquire why "your" feature isnt being worked on, you can find Awiiya and talk to him directly. We are sorry that many of you are frustrated. We are trying very hard for you even if you cannot see it, or do not accept it. We spend many hours trying to deal with MagicDuel's requirements in a fair and balanced way. This, unfortunately, does take time, and we know ourselves that this is frustrating. MD Council[/cquote]
  4. I at least wanted to try for the urn. [url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=4561"]Urn for Spartiatis[/url] I'll add the coffins later if I make them. Or add color
  5. I think it was pretty nifty. I'm noticing that some people have some pretty high percentages in certain creatures but I don't see their names on the list. Makes me wonder what they picked that we completely missed when thinking of them. =] Thank you Guillak for the quest/game and thanks for allowing the people who went off to the race to still send in responses!
  6. Spreading the word [quote] The Treasure Keepers are celebrating MD's 7th Birthday by holding a 7 party! Anything you hand over to the TKs, resources, items, etc, in multiples of 7, will net you a point. In cases of Resources, for the next 24 hours, you will get 1 point for every group of 7 you donate. So, if you donate 25, you will get 3 points because 7x3=21. The remaining doesn't count. However, if you donate 77, you get 11 points, and 2 more for having two 7s in the donation! Also, if you complete the following puzzles, you will also gain 5 points. (To complete the puzzle, and have it count, pm me, IG, the screenshot of the screen after you have completed.) Seigheart PS - I'm sure someone will ask, so ALL resources gathered through this event will be given to the Garden Initiative. Good luck, have fun, and Happy 7th Birthday! [/quote]
  7. I'd also like to give it a shot
  8. They could be moving. Foreign exchanges tend to take at least a month (they take about 3 months for my school, a bit longer for some of the other ones that friends go to) and people seem to get to know wherever they stay during that time. Maybe even "visiting" since 1-10 days (like a trip or vacation) doesn't help as much as staying for a month or so but lots of vacations somewhere can help you get to know a place. Or they're trying xrieg's idea in a way that they can -since visits aren't taken into account but days in the lands are. Or I'm completely wrong since I haven't gone off and asked people who have jumped around what they're up to and if they are trusted by the citizens who've been there longer. It was a way that I could understand why to people move around and connect to why people would do it in the game.
  9. I think the current way works. Some people move a lot while others stay in the places where they grew up. When you move to a new place, you don't automatically lose your sense of direction of the places you were before. Works in life, should work here. Also, I don't think places remember people. People remember places. Maybe calling it something other then "loyalty" (like "recognition" since it works with both showing that you're part of the land and that you should know your way around there better than someone who isn't from there) would make more sense with how I see it, but that's how it looks to me.
  10. I've been to Mur's gate almost 100 times and can give directions on how to get there and I've gone through most of the maze around 50 odd times and made (and just recently re-made) myself a map to help keep on my path, but I go through places over and over again to build "muscle memory" for how to move through them. While getting to move through those areas, I've also made a lot of mistakes and these areas would also be easier to walk through. While it would be nice, especially since I'm one of those people that walk around a lot, I don't think having visits reduce the amount of ap to walk through places is the way to go.
  11. Here's a couple ideas that I've been playing with [attachment=3208:horns 1.jpg][attachment=3209:horns 2.jpg] and this is how the masks should look on the second triangle if it doesn't show up cleanly [attachment=3210:3 masks.jpg]
  12. I've currently got 351 days and would like to apply.
  13. Enjoy London! Have fun and hope to hear from you in a while
  14. The requirements just makes you figure out how you're going to get there. Then you'll have to decide if the round trip of your path is going to be worth it or if you're going to wait until you can get there and back in a comparatively short amount of time. It's still your choice to go to GG. The ap and time costs are just the things you're going to have to consider when making that decision
  15. I'll go with the group. I'd also be happy to visit at least once a day after the viscosity is lower. Just give me a day or so heads up
  16. The Oldest Game:Instructions A book with instructions on how to play The Oldest Game. Written with several examples for the novice player through to the advanced. Noarmor stone enchanted, consumable A certain complex thought was imprinted into the crystaline structure of this mineral stone. Because a big percentage of its structure now depends on the imprinted energy pattern, when that thought gets extracted, the Crystal will shatter into dust. Memory stone resource A thought-permeable stone, very common on any road. In the right hands this stone can be imprinted with a complex thought so that someone else could use that thought when needed.
  17. Category A 14: Think about magic realm, amazing art, brain damage with tons of never ending fun? Get out of the box! Get in to the @MagicDuel 12: MagicDuel is a game without classes, races or main goals. It is fueled by your imagination. Follow the game of legends on Twitter.@MagicDuel 10: @MagicDuel Tired of stupid RPG? Want something different? Want to be able to interfere in the realm and make it different? Try #MagicDuel Category B 14: @magicduel A goat who protected a tree. A Jester who became king, Now all we need is jesus dressed in leather posing as a model #magicduel 12: @MagicDuel = Successfully using humans as Guinea pigs since 2005! #magicduel 10: sorry today I couldn't feed my cows, not even just to plant a patch of potatoes, I'm stuck in golemus right now.. #MagicDuel @MagicDuel Category C 14: #Super8Secret : I just moved up MP4 in #MagicDuel. Steven Spielberg shall reveal it in the movie. @MagicDuel 12: @MagicDuel 81 is a number that #getonmynerves in #Magicduel 10: @MagicDuel A World for all... Even transsexual clowns! #magicduel #clowns #joker
  18. Hedge! You can't have Bessie! Aelis and I have been looking for good places to hide her on the Plains of Deceit and Tranquil Plains
  19. The people in the "New Section of Tribunal [First]" should have already gotten those Aramors. . If we each individually have to say that we got them, then I recieved an Aramor for the first one but not the second.
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