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  1. Many thanks! Yays for the bunch of wishes granted!
  2. [b]10pts Sunfire[/b] -a weather sunny spell [b]9pts Rumi[/b] -four casts of Weather - Mild Rain. [b]8pts tankfans [/b]-Fix the bridge at the Oak Fort, I can provide lumbers and branches if needed. This helps a lot when going to and fro from Oak Fort and GoE. Since this is a selfish wish, I hope the it will require at least 200 AP to move through that bridge. [b]7pts nadrolski[/b] -temporary spell named "barfight 5" be permanent and regenerable, and i request to reduce its casts from 50 to 5. should be granted, i ask its after-cast effects be more "realistic" and enjoyable, like involved barfighters lose small amount of VE/VP and/or AP and the winner gets small bonus VE/VP and/or AP. [b]6pts Sephira Caellum [/b]- my staff be able to give the dead player ability to move around all MD land (with his previous action points or with lower or with no requeriment of AP, I won't decide about this) the spell could be permanently or temporary, up for the council. [b]5pts Shemhazaj [/b]-I wanted to get 1k Fenths exchanged (made into) an independent reality coagulator. [b]4pts samon[/b] -an item/ability to make cauldron recipes, if possible with a testing cauldron and an alchemist tag. [b]3pts Mya Celestia[/b] -Summon spell [b]2pts Chewett[/b] -summon people to Angiens Shrine 4 casts [b]1pt Udgard [/b]-upgrade to my item creation ability, to allow me to create usable items, and in extension items that can create other items
  3. Edit: Second update moved to the first post
  4. [cquote]Due to the amount of requests, we've decided to change the voting system from what was initially stated. Instead of grading ALL wishes, please grade only the top 10 that you want to see granted. The scale is from 1 to 10, with 1 being the wish you want to see implemented the most. The top 3 wishes with the lowest score will win. You have 7 days to vote. You cannot vote for your own wishes! Please find the list below: [b]DARK DEMON:[/b] -item, "Staff of Restoration", which will restore all resources in the current scene I am on when used. This should have a cooldown of 1 day. -item, "The ShadowBlade", a sword which teleports the target to the Trial of Agony and movelocks him/her there for 30 mins when used (like Lock in chaos). This should have a cooldown of 30 days. -return of the Children of the Eclipse [b]Tal[/b] -tag "protector of loreroot" -ability to curse or weaken or harm people for a very long time who harm the forest -spells and abilities to heal, and restore the land and people. -tools to harvest all resources of loreroot -ability to change the weather. -ability to change the viscosity in loreroot to high amounts, or to temperarly close the gates of loreroot, -walk freely in all scenes of loreroot. -an item to give or remove the sylvan watch tag to people [b]Dragon Rider[/b] -"Dragon Rage Spell" (atleast 8 cast ).....when cast on a player...all the tokens melts off and its effects die for a limited period of time. -tag "The Dragon Rider" as I am the only real dragon rider in MD [b]Miq[/b] -a spell to teleport people to (and from) the hall before the Sunny Bedroom -spell should reclaim TSB keys if the person tp'd holds them or just add one key with the ability to recall others. -make the key holder receive stat damage from me (whether i win or lose [b]Rhaegar Targaryen[/b] -altered version of dance spell [b]Lazarus[/b] -item's name "Heart in a Jar" to be replaced with "Heart of Lazarus," its functionality will be to resurrect the deceased -killing item called "Unholy Water." -my own flag, just like Shadowseeker's, and it will be called "The Infernal Order," the complete opposite and I will be the only one who can invite players in it-the return of my Bull creature that I've received from Christmas 2009 -or- the Necrovion creature on Zleiphneir's Bestiary page (the one he won from Kafuuka's quest about torturing devices). [b]Pipstickz[/b] -ability to give a spell doc page [b]Kellox[/b] -a spell to grant one the ability to teleport to any normally accessible place (e.g. NOT places that are require keys/special access etc.) -an independent bucket/herb collector/saw etc. -a spell to render half of the person's creatures' tokens ineffective for a limited period of time -a spell to make everybody in the scene drunk [b]Eagle Eye[/b] -Silvan Watch Spell or Silvan Spell ( If you deplete the resources you can't harvest in 5 days and if you collect and harvest bellow the amount of resources you can't harvest in 3 days and the cool effects is to lock move 5 minutes in every scene after depleting and harvesting bellow the amount) [b]Leixer:[/b] -Bull creature (Land guardian) and the knight riding a horse -an item named "Eleixer of Life" = will revive a dead person -an item named "Eleixer of Death" = will kill a person -an item named "Oven" = will allow me to make bread every 10 minutes, bread will be meant for healing or losing vital energy.1% base on the "MAXIMUM VE (DENOMINATOR)" of the maker=me (if i have 100/100 ve, and i'll make a bread, i will have 99/100 ve if i will use the oven,then the bread will heal the consumer. Just wanted to point out that it will not decrease the maker's ve permanently) if bread won't be consumed within 3 days, instead of healing, it will take away the ve from the consumer of the bread. [b]Dragual[/b] -primary tag of Scholar of History -access to level three clues. -a book with the title of "Ancient Tome" Fire Starter -My chawan to be able to heat up cold tea [b]Esmaralda[/b] -spell to bring back the night and let the Moon rise. It doesn't have to be a spell. It can be an item that "summons" the lady moon (like a moon shard so it can be passed to someone else) and thus brings night into the realm for a period of time Lashtal - A Skull shovel, able to collect skull resource (obvious description: "this tool can be used to collect skulls or dig for them underground"). - Bone shovels to be modified in order for them to collect skulls too. [b]everyone[/b] -No man's land citizenship. -An item with 1 use that can give No man's land citizenship. [b]Sephira Caellum[/b] - my staff be able to give the dead player ability to move around all MD land (with his previous action points or with lower or with no requeriment of AP, I won't decide about this) the spell could be permanently or temporary, up for the council. -Could the ghost/dead player be called zombie, when with this spell? Or maybe, Sephy zombie? [b]Maebius:[/b] -A Fancy Hat - similar to the one in my pictures and profile. When used, I can listen to it like a seashell and hear Acoustic Remains of the scene. Regular cooldown and recharge as per normal "Spells" can apply. -A mirrored Mirror Ritual spell. (8 casts of course, to Stone it for cash!) Instead of making the opponent copy my ritual, it copies my target's defense when attacking. Likewise, an incoming attack copies the defense, instead of the attack. - A new wishpoint, so I can code my own Moebius Scroll to play with ad infinitum ?---I would simply give him the ability as reward for his scripting skills and for quests. [b]Tipu:[/b] -name change : Lord Tipu -spell : Unleash Fugitives - Release or unban Jail members whose Jail time has been completed. -item : Prison Key - yeah as the name suggest access to the Jail In and out. [b]Rumi[/b] -an independent rainwater harvest tool -four casts of Weather - Mild Rain. [b]Seigheart[/b] -Ancient Key - Key to open the Gates of Mur. -Sand Castle - Produces Sand if used with water resource -Broken Heart Figurine - Makes the target cry -Craftsman's Loom - Produces clothing items -Craftsman's Loom (I have two of them) - produces cloth as a resource -Crystal Santa - produces snowflakes at the scene I am currently in -Cursed Diadem - Reduces all my VE to 0 to cast a spell that reduces a target's VP to 0 -Cursed Gauntlet - Reduces all my VP to 0 to cast a spell that reduces a target's VE to 0 -Elemental Amulet - Creates Essence of Elements... A new resource. -Fishing Net - Catches fish at water scenes! Can be eatable. Effect up to council -Flamberge - Flamberge is a sword with a flameedge. I'd like it to cast Fireball -Ghoul Mask - Cast true invisibility (as a ghoul can do) for a short period of time. -Guardian's Ring - Give the target immense briskness stat points for a short period of time. ( I no longer have any creatures due to giving them up when I left TK -Rogue Cloak - Id like this modified so I can mimic someone for 20m, as it should work, not turn into Seigheart. -Shield of the Guardian - Give the target immense defense stat points for a short period of time -Six Triangular Stones - Dice basically, but with six 3 sided dice. -Tag changed to "Master of Fear" in regards to starting the Day of Fear with the description: -to cast the same spell as Mammon's Book. If they succeed, they get a reward from TK. -ability to create items, and secretly place them in people's inventory. Spiders, snakes, etc. These items would have to expire in 24 hours otherwise a huge stockpile of them would happen. -Veteran Medal made into Gold. [b]Burns[/b] -ability to create 'Drach Melodic Charm' [b]Mallos[/b] -Negative stat damage. (Adds a small amount of stats to enemy profile when I win against them.) -An Eon-ish amount of stats reduced from my profile. [b]Ledah[/b] -spell to light Bob on fire [b]Eara Meraia[/b] -a "Mirror" item. -Tag "Mirror Councilor" [b]Liberty[/b] seduction lvl 9 spell doc, if ya feel generous i will take lvl 10 instead [b]Shadowseeker[/b] -crimson cross amulet to be given the ability to summon people who bear the flag -a shield [b]Mya Celestia[/b] -Summon spell [b]DarkRaptor[/b] -Shift Resonance :Uppon cast the Spellcaster will shift his resonance to match his own version on target location. [b]redneck[/b] -tag The mosquito -flyswatter to torture the ones that have tortured me with it -resurrect item [b]phantasm[/b] -tag "MasterChief" -a spell to jump people back and forth from the GoE to the Tribunal Pub. -permanent MP6 -Permanent gate access to Dominion. [b]POE[/b] -dst repellent -chase spell [b]Silence Dogood[/b] -reformat the Silence code like that when we use an ordinary spell (in orange texts that is) so never again will the spell fall into the wrong hands. ?expl: the rules about silence spell will not change unless someone comes with a very good reason -tag "Lord of Silence" [b]nadrolski[/b] -Alkahest (personal item) be coded with the ability of a Reality Coagulator -temporary spell named "barfight 5" be permanent and regenerable, and i request to reduce its casts from 50 to 5. should be granted, i ask its after-cast effects be more "realistic" and enjoyable, like involved barfighters lose small amount of VE/VP and/or AP and the winner gets small bonus VE/VP and/or AP. [b]Laphers[/b] -item Ceremonial Log become usable to temporarily make the location where it is activated a Sanctuary for 24 hours (if possible, could it also create a town meeting link?). 30 day cooldown. -boots that make traveling between scenes (including gates) cost only 1 AP. If that's not allowed then boots that ignore viscosity. -to be on the Research and Connections committee [b]Fang Archbane[/b] - Gameboy forged in Golemus Golemicarum. [b]Chengmingz[/b] -Peas [b]Udgard[/b] -upgrade to my item creation ability, to allow me to create usable items, and in extension items that can create other items [b]Darigan[/b] -return of my piece of brain and the Root of the Matter Inn Guest Book from BlackThorn's Inventory -named King of Loreroot ChildOfTheSoul -tag "wanderer" -4-8 casts of the Teleport to Papercabin spell [b]Fyrd Argentus[/b] -A tablet of paper that lets me spawn very specific items - documents - which have written on them whatever I put. -The other 3 out of 4 of my magical musical instruments. -a "trace" item you hand to somebody, then later they "use" it and they teleport to your current location [b]Shemhazaj[/b] -"Staff of the wanderer" that'd allow to temporary ignore viscosity -I wanted to get 1k Fenths exchanged (made into) an independent reality coagulator. -scripting my Dreamcatcher with ability to dispel spells and curses put on someone (with exception of death spell and Mur?s curse spell) [b]stavaroiu[/b] -independent fenths collector [b]Hedge Munos[/b] -guitar item. It would be able to change/add location music for a short amount of time by my inserting a link. -tag "Minstrel" either, or perhaps "Fool" [b]Necare[/b] -item - cloak of the dark sun - allows me to show my true form -spell - soulbinding - grabs the soul of someone and binds it to myself for my own purpose (whatever this is) -tag - Soulbinder [b]Nimrodel[/b] -'petrify' spell to be coded into my daimon head comprising of attacklock+movelock+silence target for 30min or attacklock+movelock for 30min and silence for 15min. [b]Valldore Nal[/b] -Box of Dice". On use it will produce items called "Pouch of dice [b]tankfans[/b] -Item : Loner's Charm - ignore's viscocity if the user is the only player online at the scene. -Spell: Homesick - teleports the target/s back to their capital -Ophiuchus. My current name sounds more like a common name than a proper name. -Fix the bridge at the Oak Fort, I can provide lumbers and branches if needed. This helps a lot when going to and fro from Oak Fort and GoE. Since this is a selfish wish, I hope the it will require at least 200 AP to move through that bridge. -Return of Knator Commander to Loreroot. [b]Princess Katt[/b] -MB citizenship bac -tag "Lost Princess" [b]MR Alyon[/b] -Teleport to Lighthouse -a summon spell [b]Lone Wolf[/b] -pokeball that can be thrown at someone with a 30% chance of capturing them as a pet -a jail free card with a one time usage that'll free the holder from jail despite length of time left or severity of punishment [b]samon[/b] -an item/ability to make cauldron recipes, if possible with a testing cauldron and an alchemist tag. [b]purplebunny[/b] - everlasting purple carrot [b]JadenDew[/b] - A Vial of Hope - Each drop of the colourful liquid serves as a restorative, recharging permanent spells and abilities.The Vial has twelve uses and once completely used, it becomes:Empty Glass Vial A small glass vial that used to contain hope. [b]Tom Pouce[/b] - 10 to 15 more slots - ability to code cliky - personnal pass paper for necrovion - personnal MD pass paper - personnal, everlasting hot tea cup - personnal copy of his tomato soup cook book and an everlasting supply ot tomato - the cost of 1 MD credit the ability to use an avatar (regardless of where i am at now in buying in MD shop) [b]Menhir[/b] -tag - ?Water to Wine? -spell turns the item water into item wine. Wine gives VE or VP (how much depends on user should be a percentage like the land loyalty). The spell has 6 charges (rechargeable) - a horse called ?Grim Steed? -a slight AP advantage when moving would be nice but not necessary -Shade Swordman to be completed [b]Grido[/b] - request that I be granted the other 1000 land loyalty (there abouts) I lack from previous to this feature, and for them to be distributed evenly across all the lands. [b]Max Mortlock[/b] - pickpocketing item [b]ZenTao[/b] - item in the form of a Katana, Zen is searching for her ancestral sword named "Blood Principles". - ability to add stories, news, quest arts and music to the MD archives library possibly under my own book or I would not mind helping update others such as providing an illustrated book cover for each book helping dust and in general creating a updated archives [b]Soothing Sands[/b] - Passant's independent sand melter - elu therapist tag [b]AmberRune[/b] - acousticremains [b]No one[/b] - cardboard box - will create small boxes with either 1 creature or 100k ve or 100k vp or 100 AP ( maybe not AP, but anyway) - will take that amount at creation time from the one that uses the box - traveler's shoes item - cast a "traveler's shoes" spell that- will allow travel granting 35-40 loyalty for any land. (it could grant twice for gates but not really necessary the point) - will last for 24 hours- at the end will teleport to GoE - wand of elites - cast spell to advance to MP6 - due to daily checks of number of followers, the target should get back to MP5 next day - independent stone detector [b]dst[/b] -independent mineral water tool [b]Sunfire[/b] -a weather sunny spell - an obsidian athame - a teleport to DQ spell - a leash (in my own possesion) [b]Peace[/b] -Scimitar of Destruction' currently owned by Aysun (inactive account) to be returned to me and have its name changed to 'Tainted' and with the description of 'By putting all seven shards together, Peace reforged Khalazdad's sword with Shadowseeker's guidance at Berserker's Way. It emits a vile aura and whenever used against someone, the wielder gets hurt as well.' - A nightshade plant. - An independent memory stone detector with the ability to gather memory stones only within Necrovion. - My item 'Bottle of perfume' to be edited and act as a reviving item if possible with the description 'A fragrance so charming that can guide the spirits back to their bodies. -Fireball [b]Chewett[/b] -summon people to Angiens Shrine 4 casts [b]Change[/b] -spell with 8 casts called Butterfly of Chaos that will turn the caster into a Butterfly of Chaos [b]Ackshan Bemunah[/b] -four casts of a spell called "expand universe". Would produce temporary entropic effects in MD, such as (to give a few ideas) old bugs reappearing, scripted items or locations scrambling, and some characters being omitted in PM's. Either realm-wide or location-specific "expand location" or even a player-specific "expand presence" [b]Kyphis[/b] -"Ledger of Census" A small pad listing the citizens of the land, most of the pages have already been filled in. Only a handful of pages remain to be filled. (An item capable of granting citizenship to the MDA to upto 10 people, no recharge, no expiry -'"Legend Speakers Pendant" A brass and silver model of the Legend Speaker Emblem on a silver oval, hung from an iron necklace.[/cquote] [cquote]There has been a change in how the votes will be counted. 1st position votes (the ones you want to happen the most) will now be scored with 10 points and will work down from there. This does not affect the voting method. Thank you, MD Council[/cquote] [cquote]You are not allowed to edit your posts once voted. All the posts that will be edited from the moment this update has been made, will nullify the vote of that player.[/cquote]
  5. While I would love to go crazy and ask for a skeleton key to places that I currently can’t get to (just for the sakes of visiting scenes I can't get to and liking places), that is probably just a bit too much to ask here. So I’ll go with something more reasonable: I would like acousticremains. I try to collect logs during events, discussions, and/or interesting conversations with people anyway and having the spell would make collecting the chat logs a bit easier. Chat logs with the spells tend to have fewer holes than mine from where I stop logging for some reason or was too slow to grab part of the chat
  6. Peace! You stole my number I'll be 9 this time
  7. Banned for walking around with exposed armpits
  8. I pick 5 Seems like a good number this week =]
  9. Pieces from different conversations: [b]lashtal: [/b]Give me 2 mins, I need to wear my sister's dress and ask darkraptor... ^______^ [b]*Burns*: [/b]Nah... You say they are animals for sacrifice. And if somebody tells you they are children, you say you bought them as sheep, and it's got to be a wonder that happened in between.
  10. Finch, hippo, dove, otter, eel, octopus, rat, gerbil, starfish, cricket, monkey, turtle, gecko
  11. [quote] We apologize for the lack of updates on coding progress and the lack of recent coding related announcements. Many things have come in the way to halt progress so we are still in the same position we were at a couple weeks ago. Over the past week Halloween was focused on and sadly again we got a list of items that needed to be coded right before the deadline which took considerable time. Arrangements are being made to ensure that we are not given large amounts of work to perform in a very short space of time. Citizenship is still around one weekends worth of work away, hopefully half of it will be done next weekend along with other items that need to be looked at. Uploading the calendar items just needs to be done, and ideally it will be done tonight if not this weekend. We were considering asking one of the coders to speak again publicly like before if people liked that, to answer any questions however didn't see any feedback if people liked the event last time. feedback on any items is welcome. bugs @ magicduel . com [/quote]
  12. Fun quest -I'm glad granny could to bake =] 9 all the way!
  13. o.O um... I can claim knowing how to cooking a bit but not these Halloweeen cookies... strange cookies...
  14. The other post I made was from Bugs, not the council. I apologize for the confusion my mistake might have caused
  15. [quote]We have recieved no ones bug report and the effect has been properly documented. There is no abuse and the only issue is that the chat message is appearing in the wrong location, we find no evidence to see that he is abusing the system however we still need to check the code to rectify the problem. Please refrain from posting any more accusations of abuse, if anyone has any further issues with this bug please report it to ourselves. Please close the topic if more accusations are made. bugs @ magicduel . com[/quote]
  16. [cquote] i am planning to post a log once i have had time to summarize the meeting, i am currently very busy but will try and slot this into my diary for this weekend [/cquote]
  17. [cquote] Recently a couple of you have reached a specific level of skill whereby you are able to collect more than one resource per use with your tools. Some tools will allow you to gather more than one resource per use, provided you have the nesscary level of skill. I don't have the list of these items offhand, nor the specific value of skill, so please don't ask. Some were concerned that, after reaching the required skill, they could deplete a resource accidentally. I am considering changing the system so that higher skill levels are still useful in giving multiple resources without the possibility of gathering more than one resource per use. The initial idea, and it is only an idea at this stage, is that all resource gathering items will require a level of skill to harvest a resource with 100% success rate every time. This required level will differ from the tool and the resource, balancing out tools which can be used with a very short cooldown and ones that have a much longer cooldown. This skill level can be called the "base level" for now, for reference. If you use a tool which you don't have the required base level skill, then you will have a percentage chance of gathering that resource. If you succeed or fail you will gain a skill increase, as your attempt has given you some knowledge, and you will also remove one resource from the landscape. An example practically would be when you gather herbs, you might mess it up because you dig too shallow and cut the roots, losing the herb. This is merely an example. There will also be an advanced level where you gather 2 of the resource at a time without removing 2 from the scene. This means you can potentially gather more of a resource from the scene than it possibly holds. If you have more than the base skill, and less than the advanced level there will be a percentage chance of gathering multiple of the resource. This rewards those who have been gathering a resource a lot, and have been skilled, and gives some form of progression where it becomes easier to use certain "better" tools over time, but that you can still use them and learn from them. Comments on the idea would be good. Its only an idea that im considering and it won't nesscarily be implemented at all. find me at bugs at MagicDuel dot com [/cquote]
  18. Better late than never I guess =P And you did have the first set! Anywho, thankies for the answers
  19. [b][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=5]TEAM 1[/size][/font][/b] We had 3 events Up in the Air: Team 2 won Final heat totals were: Team 2 ---2610267 Team 3 ---743903 Independent 388156 Top Independent: Shemhazaj [color=#ff0000]BONUS +5[/color] Combat by the Numbers: none [color=#ff0000]BONUS +0[/color] To the Stage: Both teams completed Independents who finished: ignnus, Fire Starter, Shemhazaj, Sunfire [color=#ff0000]BONUS +5[/color] [color=#ff0000]EDIT (BFH): CLARIFICATION[/color] [color=#ff0000]Team 2: 5+0+5[/color] [color=#ff0000]Team 3: 0+0+5[/color] [color=#ff0000]Teams DIV by 3[/color] [color=#ff0000]Bonus TOTAL: +10[/color]
  20. People who have finished: ignnus Fire Starter lashtal (Team 3) Nimrodel (Team 3) Shemhazaj Sunfire darkraptor (Team 2)
  21. With running and fighting taken care of, why not have a performance the last day? If people are already gathering, they may as well have a show. Someone already left a list under a rock at the GoE so start at “The beginning” and have fun! (There are 5 checkpoints in this one)
  22. Tethered to the fountain at Marind's Roundabout are 3 miniature hot air balloons with a sock monkey waving out of each basket. Teams! The goal is to get your balloon higher than the other team’s balloon by adding heat. Team 2’s balloon is tied down at the crack on the left side of the fountain and Team 3’s balloon is tied to the brick on the right side. You can do whatever you like to either put heat in your balloon or to prevent the other team to do so. Getting help from independents, spells, combat or any other mean is legal except tempering with the clickies. At the end of the contest, we will that stop the heat transfers and measure the heights. Independents! You can make your difference too! You have a balloon like the other teams tied down at the big brick in front of the fountain (by the arrow). In addition to helping the teams if you want, you can also raise your own balloon. The password for all is:Full of hot air (Team 1's first event)
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