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  1. Syrian is jumping out of her own ambushes so on her end she gets *2. On your end, you should have have hidden (and then vulnerable) for her 2nd attack so she should get *2 (or whatever hitting a vulnerable person is) when she hits you.   And I'm not sure how the math went on you from my reflecting but your health should go +12-17 from me. The math goes along the same line   Haven't looked at the bit from Syrian though
  2. From what I'm reading, she has been both setting and breaking ambushes. While breaking out of ambushes Syrian still gets 2*attack for the hit. I think she gets 2* while you are "hidden" since you are vulnerable while hidden.   She also moves a lot faster than you for setting so she's already on the scene when you set so I'm not sure how you attacked me since your ambush was kinda late and a bit broken but whatever. She's still already here by the time you make ambushes
  3. May as well add even though I'm not in a main land but was   AmberRune (ID:202358; Days:1012) Lands of the East: 429 (have 291 for Necrovion too)   Activity days: 100% (A total of 1012 out of 1017 days) No tag
  4. Giving commands to the armors takes 1 mp/action
  5. I'm down for adding them, just give me a bit to find who all was in. If they post their entries too, that would be awesome
  6. It's been a few months since Seigheart's DoF thing happened and we still don't have the entries that were sent in or a score sheet posted.   Since Seigh doesn't seem to want to put them out but I'm still curious about what was sent in, I'm opening this topic to show what I sent in at least and get a score sheet and collection of entries going. I'm starting with scores said in the chat on the topic but I don't know if those were all the scores given.   If anybody else would like to add their score and entry if they still have them, that would be much appreciated.   Scores (out of 10): Mallos Tarquinus 4 darkraptor 4 Pothos Kyphis DARK DEMON Ars Alchemy Koshu Farsight Death Ray ignnus Sunfire Tipu tankfans Windy Nava 9 Lashtal 6 I am Bored Numerius Felix Fang Archbane *Nimrodel* 6 JadenDew 10 Eagle Eye Fire Starter Eara Meraia Valldore Nal 10 Tal Seeker White stavaroiu rikstar Dan Planewalker 10 nadrolski Zyrxae (No score) AmberRune 10 Syrian 8   [log My entry] Ne speculum sui imaginem difficulter Veritatis et audi Google Translate: A mirror image of itself, and not difficult to hear the Truth   The room at the beginning of MD is something like stepping into your mind, so I could assume we start there. Getting prepared to delve into an area of my mind. There is the light going from some place that  I can’t pinpoint but that probably won’t bother me unless it keeps moving, in which case I’ll be unnerved. On edge at least.   There is a door too, it’s dark and worn. There is an intricate door knob, tarnished. Likely is silver but hasn’t been cleaned in a while. The key is already in the door so I guess it is ready to open when I am.   To the mirror: something is in here with me but I can’t seem to see it. I will look around to see if I can catch it a few times before I will get extremely paranoid. Slow down, look ahead and down, and use the periphery vision like you’ve been taught to. Direct doesn’t work so indirect may be the only way. If not, then standing against a wall and looking ahead but down to try the periphery again might help.   So far, I know I’m in some less normal recess of my mind. The thing in the mirror has most of my attention. The door doesn’t bother me much at all for I feel I could easily open it should I need to escape.  Since this is my mind, I will have to acknowledge this door is probably a defense mechanism and knowing myself, it is most likely some escape from reality. Even if the key weren’t already in the door, I would most likely be able to open it given enough time. I have taken the “easy way out” of dealing with what I don’t want to acknowledge, of course the handle would be tarnished with use.   Nava has pointed out that this moving light could be an elusive truth or knowledge. Sadly, when combined with my thought that this box is a section of my mind this seems to indicate that the notion that there is knowledge out there about something doesn’t appear to mean much to me. I must - for whatever reason - just accept that something is true or know it (the truth or the information) is available should I need it. It’s just “white noise” of what my brain is collecting while I’m processing other stuff which could explain why it is on the physical space instead of as the focus of my vision as the brain is the physical which holds the mind.   This leaves me with this mirror and the thing I cannot directly see. This thing that I cannot see seems to be distracting me from looking at the mirror. It comes to my attention when I try to look at the mirror so it must not want me to interact with/on the mirror. The mirror could show me how I am on outside. This could contain my preconceptions about who and how I am and probably influences of what others have commented on my person and character. Knowing from discussion again that the words above the mirror mean “Do not, though difficult, fear the mirror and the image of its truth” and that people do not always say or know what is true about you, it is probably safe to assume that my mind is trying to trick me into believing this overly convenient, too-good-to-be-true idea since it is easier to believe what you hear and cave under peer pressure than to go out on a limb and stick to what you know.   The thing distracting me could be keeping me away from the mirror to keep me from succumbing to this possibly false idea of self and more focused on the surrounding light/truth/knowledge that I already have relatively close to my fingertips. Chasing this thing would make keeping away from the mirror easier than trying to go against the curiosity that would bring me closer to the mirror. It could even be some manifestation of my subconscious recognizing that something is not right with the mirror and trying to save me from falling into the false self image. The consciousness would be what you are aware of by definition while the subconscious takes notice of stuff on/at the edge of what you are immediately aware of.   In summary: the box surrounding is some part of your mind. The surrounding, moving light is the shifting area where information is pouring in from physical things. The door provides a relatively well used, physical option for avoiding mental issues.  The mirror is a way you could find out information –particularly on yourself- with feedback from both within yourself and from outside influences such as friends, associates, etc. And the shifting distraction is your subconscious.[/log]   [log Nimrodel's entry]Since I cannot find any source for the light, I think the light is coming from within myself. I see it as the light of truth, understanding and hope. The DarK room suggests the little corner of your mind where we hide our fears. At the moment, we are inside the room and the door is the only way to go out. The key is in the key hole showing that we are not locked in, but have a way to get out and leave our fears behind or keep them locked in as we choose. Now coming to the mirror, I think its a Black mirror as it shows only me and something else, but nothingelse in the room. Since I turn around and find nothing behind me or next to me, I presume that the 'somethingelse' is a a distorted view of my subconscious fears.The inscription says that the image may be decieving, So maybe its What I think the others percieve me as. The untrue me. But the light coming from my body reminds me that the person in the mirror is not me. I can see myself for what I truely am and what I see in the mirror may not be true.[/log]   [log Syrian's entry] I open my eyes and find myself in this room, the first thing I notice, its small, and its well lit but not bright, I scan the room looking for any sign of a light source but find none, the room has no shadows and the light doesnt seem to be coming from anywhere. The room is a lot like the room I met Marind. Suggesting that its not real,and its all in the mind and we are inside a cube as we were then. A room that may appear real but is only physical because our minds perceive it to be. The light reflects this, as a place in my mind there would be no discernible light source, and the room is just lit. My eyes fall on a door, its worn which suggests its hard plenty of use, the key is in the lock, wherever I am, im not a prisoner here and im free to leave whenever I feel like it. The door is a heavily tarnished disfigured head, this further strengthens my idea of this room only being physical to my perceptions and not my outside reality. As my attention shifts to the mirror on the wall I'm distracted by a figure at the edge of my vision, its possible it wants to divert my attention away from the mirror. The reason for this would be to keep me away from looking at myself, seeing myself on the outside. the outside perceptions that others have of me, the perceptions and expectations that are very easy to believe and be trapped by, tricked into thinking they are your own thoughts and ideas. It is easier to follow what people want and expect from you than it is to make up your own mind, it creates a distorted version of yourself, one that if you were to see from the outside you would be disgusted with (the face on the door could be a reminder of this). As I lean forward I notice a latin phrase which translates to “Do not, though difficult, fear the mirror and the image of its truth” it is easy to fear and accept other peoples perceptions as your own, but you must not be afraid to find your own truth about yourself, free of outside influences, but to do that you must be aware of them, to face up to the expectations and the perceptions of others and realise what it means to be truthful to yourself, despite the fear of negative reactions that may follow were you to change who you are perceived to be. The figure out of your direct vision could be emotion, the distraction that keeps us from seeing the truth, the dark emotions of doubt and fear, the emotions that stop us from seeing clearly. [/log]   (edit 1: messed up on Nim's entry) (edit 2: Added Vall and Jaden's scores and Syrian's entry) (edit 3: added all participants names to the score list)
  7. Well, let's put this out:   1) We are playing a game on a game. Do things work like they realistically would? No. But that's ok because we are playing like we actually have the ability to sap life when slicing at people with swords. And that some people think or move faster than others. Or, look out, that we have awesome aim, can cast magic, and get stronger off the demise of others. So why not have somebody with an authoritative tone of voice be able to inspire you?   2) Because we seem to want to make this connect to rl somehow, are there not people who sometimes tell you "That was nicely done, keep up the good work"? Does that little comment not give you good feels and make you feel like you're actually doing good? Don't you sometimes work a bit harder to impress the person who complimented you once in hopes that they might compliment you again? Even if they are not exactly your friend or might not even be a person you like in spite of ourselves? Heck I'm happy when people tell me that I gave a nice 2 sentence example in class, when somebody tells me I have a good concept for a project I'm jazzed.   We're social creatures and a little bit of encouragement from anywhere can go a long way
  8. Speaking of more mods, is there any way to get an updated list of who has what mods? We've had a good number of people killed already so the list of people with mods on page 2 is out of date and it's nice to see everything in one go
  9. I wasn't sure if these places in the MDA had been reported yet but the "resources in the area" words overlap arrows   At Awiiya's Way http://storenow.net/my/?f=1b0bc338a22783a4e325dd409083b055   And at Sanctuary's View http://storenow.net/my/?f=4fe329275cc7734e3c5701a309c3aba2      
  10. This is turn 9, we haven't submitted actions yet
  11. He does, it's posted on the first page. Even does a good job of keeping it updated from turn to turn
  12.   Not sure where I fit on the age range, but having an alt that I played like a newbie was fun!   I don't remember if I asked a lot of the usual questions when I started but I have a good time being able to just walk around not being recognized and ask about stuff . Alt fell into different groups of friends for a while (when I was playing her regularly) because I liked the way some people described how/why we did things like how to read, where to find (if we can find) more balanced mp4, or why we try to collect a bunch of papers. Oh and play the occasional "guess who" game with another alt if we happen to stumble across each other, somehow recognize that we're both alts, but don't quickly figure out whose alt.   Little things like that where nothing really went on but times were entertaining anyway
  13. Here are the results https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AqxIAw9wt-iXdEpZR0s1SkVGWFd0QjRKUksxM2dFYVE&output=html   And here is a chat log from today to check: http://storenow.net/my/?f=92b00e62f5ad7dcf4fb5c3d63304eeb3
  14. I do intend on participating but am traveling most of this upcoming weekend. I think I could do Saturday at almost any time, sleep isn't as big a deal then
  15. Name: AmberRune Item: Piece of cake
  16. Are these days and times for this upcoming weekend or just a weekend in general?
  17. Yes! Lots of drinking with the dwarf While eating mouse pie that granny makes! After we get her drunk~! Fun quest, thank you!
  18. Warning: the chatlog is huge http://storenow.net/my/?f=450c42741a9068623cac7fbe560c1047
  19. Half Baked Knowledge[list=1] [*]Get a fruit of knowledge (an apple in this story) [*]Cut the stem and seeds out of the fruit [*]Acquire some rainbow candies [*]Crush the candies into a fine powder (otherwise replace this candy business with sugar) [*]Pull the seeds out of a handful of unidentified plants [*]Lightly crush and toast the seeds (Oatmeal is easier to find and use) [*]Mix the seeds and candy powder [*]Pack the mixture into the fruit [*]Put a bit of fat (aka butter) on top (maybe a little alcohol too if you like) [*]Bake the fruit in an oven until slightly squishy [*]Let it cool down [*]Enjoy (maybe with ice cream) [/list] Done right it looks like this: [url="http://wednesdaychef.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/baked_3.jpg"]http://wednesdaychef.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/baked_3.jpg[/url] Mine usually looks more like this: [url="http://www.tammysrecipes.com/files/bakedappleoatmeal425.jpg"]http://www.tammysrecipes.com/files/bakedappleoatmeal425.jpg[/url]
  20. I'm pretty sure I can be around then
  21. I am Grape and yes, thank you Nim for the quest
  22. Yes To play with the gathering tool, gather resources to use, to have enough resources for some quests, and stuff like that
  23. Name: AmberRune Age: 894 Sex: Female Association: Pretty sure not part of one Affiliation: East Greatest Strength: Running around Greatest Weakness: indecisive
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