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  1. http://storenow.net/my/?f=5774e7520367f9b975f49cc3fc222acb   Used: Eagle Eye Nimrodel Sagewoman Handy Pockets JadenDew
  2. AmberRune

    Teams? Teams!

    Power colors!   Red team!
  3. Alcohol! Count me in! I can also help with the booze   ID: 202358 Should be able to be awake sometime between 0-10 and 18-23 st
  4. If we'll be starting with more agi I can see where leadership would be removed. Was a bit crazy in the previous games since if you were solid with a collection of people (not in the backstabbing way that usually developed), you could count on having increased everything. It was occasionally really cool at the point when figuring out if the boss would take damage from hitting me but the boss in the second game was evil and way down the line.   Mapwise, a couple lands or using the MDA map (I need to look at the Tribunal map again to see how that would work) would be ok. We sometimes had issues in games where groups hung out quite far away and might take forever a long time to catch up or retreat further.   I'm willing to help with trial runs if you decide to have them and other mod tweaking
  5. We used to feed and take in all kinds of stray cats around the neighborhood. Mom and my sisters used to lure them over and eventually the cats allowed my family to feed and pet them. Most of the cats didn't like me. On the other hand, dogs that were wandering the street usually came when I called to them. And have kindly held out their leashes in attempts to be taken home while their owner was distracted in a store. Great pets.   We did have a cat who lived in our garage for years. She was a bit antisocial and preferred seeing people occasionally for combing or treats.
  6. AmberRune


    I'm not sure how close to understandable this is or if it follows what the thermodynamics textbook tried explaining but the closest thing I can think of to describe heat would be exergy (or work potential or usable work or action potential).   Some activities -say, walking through viscosity- take a fair chunk of personal energy and reduce our ability to do more of the similar for a while. Walking through viscosity also reduces heat and our potential to do stuff like spells or fighting capability. Walking in low viscosity or places that you are "better able" to go through increases heat to be used for the other stuff. Sitting alone in a place for a while not doing anything eventually will lead to your heat (and potential) being zero as you aren't doing anything and the environment isn't doing anything to you that might encourage you to do stuff.
  7. AmberRune

    Pandora's box

    possible 3 (depending on when)   Otherwise I would guess at about 5-8 total, depending on when it is held
  8. Element It is the one principle I feel like I get, was the first one I picked. Theoretical has never been my favorite, I like the one that comes across as most practical and more like other stuff I've spent time learning about.   Lands of the East   Earth I like fire, fire is fun, but I'm not energetic enough for fire.
  9. http://storenow.net/my/?f=904599302f6e071070ba977e39eaadbb   http://storenow.net/my/?f=52c7c5d4366ca35673a483fde8240dd0    
  10. Just for planning out time, when is the deadline to submit?
  11. AmberRune 202358 1271 1:00-8:00 ST
  12. May as well toss in a train of thought   When we are doing stuff in the present, we are working with experience gained or observed from the past since they generally show tendencies that occur when certain combinations of circumstances are mixed. It's very much so "Been there, done that, look we even have the tshirt" and halfway decently recorded (even with some physical pieces to touch!) for people to find and look at.   The future is more nebulous and we follow information collected in the past and project trends of importance to imagine what kind of world we will be in and where we will fit. Or probably some combination of our family, friends, their families, teachers, experts, etc would have mapped trends of world importance and/or the extent of our abilities from past progression and then encourage us to try to fill the sections where we could be productive/able to improve in idea of what the future world will be. We may do our own past mapping and come up with where we want to be in the future and work towards it too but more likely it's at least partially influenced by other people we respect/listen to.   The thought of what our futures could hold could then loop back into the past as respected people/people we have to live with/whoever tries to mold and direct our child selves into a suitable role in the presumed future which can become ingrained as goals, habits, ways of thinking, beliefs, etc and lead us to our present. Or in an opposite directions if we listen to our respected people and decide they don’t know anything (or see things weird) and do our own mapping of the past and create trend lines that --should--  run into a different point as “The Future” and develop ourselves/goals/habits/etc to do something other than what the other people envisioned.   We may grow up believing Maui (or other landmasses, this was just one I grew up hearing) will sink because of x, y, and z reasons so we will need to consider living in underwater cities for a-h reasons and should probably work now to try to find a way to grow the foods we like underwater, make reliable contraptions to enclose living spaces in salt water, or find volcanic plumes that might erupt often enough to create new islands. This could even go in the opposite direction if we think our friends/family are idiots for thinking the oceans will swallow the land and that instead we will look to the sky because we heard scientists sent rovers to Mars which made us believe Mars will be the next place we will live and possibly deal with invading aliens that will try to take our homes, which would --obviously-- point out that we will need ways to get to other planets, build survivable habitats on said planets, and make things to protect our stuff from invaders so we will work now to get into a position to influence terra-forming or create more advanced weaponry.   To follow the seed analogy: the soil we (the seeds) are planted in has a history and as we are grown, we are nurtured and then groomed to try and fill a spot a long way up on the fence, hopefully covering up the holes or chewed up sections and -very luckily- if we can match or improve on the pattern found in a gardening magazine or at least match another section of the fence.
  13. AmberRune AD: 1122 Volition: 47.33 Yes, I have spend a little time grinding it, mostly because there was nothing else really going on at the time and I didn't feel like doing homework or working on other stuff
  14. Valldore and I teamed up for this   Task 1 http://storenow.net/my/?f=3be054457c3139283d871f0d432dff3c
  15. Resolve   verb 1. settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter). 2. decide firmly on a course of action. noun 1. firm determination to do something.   It satisfies the stubborn drive to storm through viscosity, to find something even if you have to make it yourself, and can be broken or eroded when you get bored or tired while doing something.
  16. Not sure if this counts as one of the wishes mentioned but it was from the birthday. Chew says "soon" a little further down in the log so I guess it'll be a while.   AmberRune 202358 Access to the Fields of Fear   From page 31 on the birthday log or the summary in the post after [log ] [28/04/13 19:23] Master of Ceremonies:So, Challange 1 was won as we already know by Amber Rune [28/04/13 19:23] Chewett:Servant Tipu could serve you. [28/04/13 19:23] Pothos: *looks at the Red wine and nods to Lightsage* Well. No serving lads at least. [28/04/13 19:23] Master of Ceremonies:What you don't know is what she won [28/04/13 19:23] Tipu:Ribbit! Ribbit! [28/04/13 19:23] :Sephirah Caelum is curious [28/04/13 19:23] :Chewett grumbles about knowing about more work he has to do [28/04/13 19:23] *BFH Lightning*:she won something! [28/04/13 19:23] :AmberRune is curious too [28/04/13 19:23] Master of Ceremonies:She won an Aramor aaand [28/04/13 19:23] Valldore Nal:An aramor for sure [28/04/13 19:23] Pothos: Ahh.h. wnie [28/04/13 19:24] Master of Ceremonies:Access to Fields of Fear [/log]
  17. AmberRune 202358 1035
  18. 12 raw glass on hand, just need to find whoever is holding stuff
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