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  1. http://storenow.net/my/?f=747d922016c69b8a07e9c09b9154772a   I vote no on returning sasha
  2. http://storenow.net/my/?f=68750b23b1829c0d28d649ce7a9baed2
  3. http://storenow.net/my/?f=4b782ffe5acc27c2adc47be01896defc
  4. http://storenow.net/my/?f=8884f0efec656d3e49a8903cea105933
  5. http://storenow.net/my/?f=e9191ece3d3a16752842e552b09fef22
  6. I am also stuck without being able to move. I cleaned cache and cookies, removed adblocker since I thought I may have accidentally clicked to block the image, and rebooted
  7. Just as a quick thing before I crash, I looked up the corners of the mainland map in my coord sheet. Didn't look up MDA because it's 1am here and that can be dealt with later if need be but this was what I found:   Edge/corner/far parts of main land map 1_-5x-4_1 GG 1_-5x4_1 LR 1_4x4_1 MB 1_4x-4_1 N   Rows: 9 Columns: 10
  8. On the subject of leashes/moving the dead: http://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/2512
  9. They're pretty nifty indeed, many many many thanks for the books!
  10. I had trouble sleeping last night so I walked around a bit   http://storenow.net/my/?f=68d57a6e13f70af33c09e0df2dc3dc40
  11. And there is also evidence for a 0x0 center. It may be drier or more plain than other answers but there is evidence for it
  12. Basically the grid system of the majority of the lands excluding the east because it's not on a grid.       Because you asked the participants to find a number and explain it with "about there" not being close enough. Also, you number had a DECIMAL which seems to suggest some amount of precision in measuring and that it did matter to you.
  13. I'm thinking both are "right". Middle row is 4 from each end. Math says -0.5.   It seems more about if we hit the number he wanted since it was his quest and being not a whole number makes it all the less fitting with how things normally are which fit more with his intro.   I stuck to 0x0 in my entry but that's just me
  14.   Since it's all official now can we see what we were trying to hit?
  15. Melting point of granite is about 1215–1260 °C, wrought iron about 1483-1593°C 0.22 celsius heat units would be about equal to 100 calories   So say if 0.22 celsius heat units basically equaled 0.22°C in temperature change (because I just glossed over this and have no idea if it actually is true), room temperature would be about 21°C so melting granite would require about 5631cal and wrought iron about 7145cal. On average we burn 100cal by walking leisurely for 18 minutes, which is 1080 seconds. Would mean walking 6082363 seconds for granite and 7717090 seconds for wrought iron.   Heat in MD depreciates at 1heat/second so 6,082,363 heat to hit the melting point of a granite prison gate and 7,717,090 heat for a wrought iron prison gate. And to hold it there for a while so more depending on how long it takes for it all to melt.   8-10 million heat seems like a decent ballpark
  16. Adventuring Award - TheRichMerchant Champion Fighter - Tal Fossil of the year - Menhir Most Addicted - Rophs Pre-eminent Role Player – Assira the Black Prime Quest –Tipu (Meme quest)
  17. I'm usually awake and poking around a fair amount of the day (outside of class and sleep).  Mostly bop around, see if people are doing anything, sometimes go walkabout and do quests when they pop up.
  18. AmberRune

    Rickroll Quest

    Kyphis - 1 Ivorak - 1
  19. I'm not sure if it's fixed on the Regenerational Ritual of Youth but the same error is appearing when using the Lesser Regeneration Ritual   http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15688-lesser-regeneration-ritual/   edit: I can't spell
  20. So like the Christmas Tombola from last year but more specific to the person?   I'd be down for that
  21. Weather Storm Weather Heavyclouds Invisibility   Many thanks, the images looked cool
  22. I came up with some weird ideas I thought would be interesting for the GG collection of information in the Drach Lair. This is by no means accurate since I don't know what is already in the GG library (but it would still be kinda cool)   [spoiler] Out in the front, a guardian watches over the hallways. It provides a deterrent and a distraction from the multitude of knowledge down the tunnels.   Of course there’s the known section of library space with books on how to raise your drachorns, how to make a colony of natives do your bidding, and symptoms and remedies for problems associated with drinking too much sea water. There is what looks like a copy of Akasha’s book of principles. But that’s the safer, more displayed area.   Down another hallway we pass more books or possibly copies of the other books but this time with sprinklings of “How to find Lorerootian Spies”, “Where have all the sandcastles gone”, and Festival of War logs. The banner on the back wall says “History and Land.” The walls between bookshelves show maps with different colored yarn or pins pointing at different locations. Notepads in the bookshelves occasionally have matching yarn on their covers as well as names of people, places, or events. This shelf over here by the map with lots of red is dedicated to folders labeled “The Dynasty.” Over here is a map covered in many colors of yarn. This one connects different parts of Loreroot. These pieces of yarn over here have been tied together and connect different parts of Marind Bell to Necrovion. Its bookshelf is labeled “Land Weaponry.” A bit further in, there is a map and bookshelf entirely dedicated to the Festival of War and Remembrance with pins and notebooks showing numbers. The corner nearest to the banner is just labeled “Guilds and alliances” and holds binders and journals on shelves dedicated to each alliance with their logos pasted on the top.   Down another tunnel, there are muffled sounds echoing. If you were to walk in further you could find the pens and cages of creatures for study. Tables abound with dissection equipment and pickling jars. There looks to be a section of wall dedicated to jars of pickled organs for comparison between creature parts. A couple tables further down hold what look like knators cut into thumb width slices and encased in glass. Some of the organs are flagged across multiple slices. Next to all of these displays are small bookshelves with folders and notebooks holding the thoughts and findings of whoever spent time studying that particular display. Up on the ceiling in the center of this collection is a banner stating “Creature Research.”   Another tunnel and the contents seem even stranger. There is no sign up at the top but along the path seem to be offshoot tunnels for specific people. Some of these offshoots have interesting locking mechanisms and pictures on their doors. They probably indicate who owns the offshoot and whatever notes are actively hidden inside them. One offshoot is dark with light flooding down onto items on pedestals. Among these pedestals are one that seems to have the helm of an aramor, what looks like the corner of a large stone cube, what appears to be an exact replica of Lifeline’s plushie, a cup of water, and a pedestal that is merely the place for a floating fragment of something solid to hover over. Books and pamphlets strewn about the floor in a circle with titles like “Item reading for the non-magical,” “Item reading for magical,” “Psychology in dolls,” and “They have ears and watch your every move.”   There are still a few tunnels left to look down but if the trend of strange continues, it might be easier to sleep without looking down them. [/spoiler]
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