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  1. Research
  2. For that list of quest types perhaps add research related quests. Among other things possible specific requirements for that could be; Having unlocked specific clues. Having unlocked a certain total number of clues / clues per category. Having submitted a new clue and having it implemented. (advanced)
  3. Thanks guys
  4. From about 18.00 st
  5. Happy Birthday
  6. The reason is here As to why I summoned both of you, aethon and mallos to ToA. You reap what you sow.
  7. Caught my elderly neighbor's dog after it chewed through it's leash and ran off.
  8. Mouth sewing kit id:12198
  9. I agree with the general idea. I'm not sure about fully automating it though. I think some sort of human evaluation should still be there. (as well)
  10. I was waiting to see if this would happen again before commenting. But, based on information so far, I agree with dst. @ darkraptor. If you want to discuss a possible solution (though not a nice one) find me in game.
  11. See also.     Four years we were guests in Necrovion. We were given much freedom by the Shades and we built a strong and enduring society. But all things come to an end.   Events in Necrovion have shown us that perhaps the time has come to move on. Other lands have their reflection in this land. In the land as well as in the people at the core of it's society. Thus we become landless yet, in a way, part of all lands. We'll travel the roads of this realm and make our camp where it suits us. We become nomads. But we won't forget where we came from or what Darkness taught us.   Syrian and I relinquish all rights to the crown. I don't know what the future holds for Necrovion. That will be in the hands of others, what- or whomever they may be. I do know this will be a new chapter in MD and that will be interesting.     Azull,  former King of Necrovion
  12. Of the thirty something citizens Necrovion has only ten are showing an active interest in recent events. Whatever will happen we move forward with those ten. The rest will no longer be considered as part of our society.