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  1. Tricky... To many unknown variables to consider to give a clear cut answer on that one. As a general rule I feel lands, i.e. it's people, should have as much autonomy as possible while still being under the Chew/Mur umbrella. Provided it has people and some sort of leadership ofc.
  2. Log in via google, facebook, twitter...

    I don't like it either, so prefer the "old" way. But as you say, it's very common, so might be important to consider.
  3. In any society, no matter what type or size, everybody is affected by everything in one way or another. So how would you decide that? (Not by voting, I'm sure ) Democracy can only really work in small communities and only when every voter's vote truly counts. Anything else, including choosing representatives, is basically a mechanism to reduce the influence voters have on the outcome... Of course there have to be some restrictions on who can vote. But it's a slippery slope. A certain level of maturity/age seems sensible. Any other requirements or restrictions should be approached with great care...
  4. Remove or even leave as is and work on other things. Future use: No ideas yet. In my experience even in it's original purpose it wasn't "used" much. (i.e. People/ citizens that took an interest were informed via other channels.)
  5. Quest rework - Quest types

  6. For that list of quest types perhaps add research related quests. Among other things possible specific requirements for that could be; Having unlocked specific clues. Having unlocked a certain total number of clues / clues per category. Having submitted a new clue and having it implemented. (advanced)
  7. Happy bday azull

    Thanks guys
  8. MD Birthday Medal ceremony

    From about 18.00 st
  9. HBD Kiley

    Happy Birthday
  10. Bring in on Non-Rulers?

    The reason is here http://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3903 As to why I summoned both of you, aethon and mallos to ToA. You reap what you sow.
  11. Good deed of the day

    Caught my elderly neighbor's dog after it chewed through it's leash and ran off.
  12. Spell casting enabled during chatban.

    Mouth sewing kit id:12198
  13. Guardian of Tools

    I agree with the general idea. I'm not sure about fully automating it though. I think some sort of human evaluation should still be there. (as well)
  14. I was waiting to see if this would happen again before commenting. But, based on information so far, I agree with dst. @ darkraptor. If you want to discuss a possible solution (though not a nice one) find me in game.