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  1. Crown

    Rulership I took on my own Pip. He merely gave me a crown after. Perhaps there's a lesson there for you? And since you keep claiming points for things not really related to your stated goal, let me point out the following. You were not there when the "Deep East" was opened. I know because I was. And so was Sunfire.
  2. Geo location facility

    As per this https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/4341 I request the geo-location facility to be reinstated. I've always found it rather useful. And it can be helpful for GWI-helpers.
  3. Why wasnt this meme ever used for council????

    Idk... maybe it wasn't ignored?
  4. Alphabet vs syllabary

    I like how you come up with these interesting questions Ungod I can't really compare alphabet with syllabary because the languages I use all use the latin/roman alphabet. However in regard to computational power needed "afterwards". We don't really read individual letters but rather letter combinations. Words, or sometimes even entire word strings. Based on that it seems that overall it takes less effort to use and alphabet.
  5. MD anniversary plushie shop

    13 Wiiya, 13 plushies
  6. Belated happy B day old man.
  7. Molima bug

    If this is the case then the fart gas text should be changed, because it talks about grassan. As you can see in the screenshot.
  8. Molima bug

    I used the default name when it leveled up. Meaning I didn't change anything. I didn't even look at it, so I can't say if it was different from what it is now. I expect it to "eat" bones, which it appears to do. And produce death spores. Which it has been doing until it leveled up.
  9. Molima bug

    That's what they all say ID: 852041
  10. Molima bug

    My molima produced Grassan's Toxic Fart Gas. That doesn't seem right.
  11. Crown

    Pot, kettle, black.
  12. Happy Birthday MIq

    Happy B-day
  13. Travelling egg

    The egg used to reside at Winds Sanctuary. It was quite happy there aside from some people persisting it should be turned into an omelet. These people enlisted the help of the Shades to try and achieve their evil goal. They, the Shades of Necro, sucked the souls out of hundreds of Aramors thus leaving them empty. Using a strange floating stone they twisted these souls into an energy beam, which they shot at winds. But their aim was slightly off which caused the egg to bounce away and luckily it landed on this tiny island in the middle of a lake. The reason it didn't break as well its floating is of course residual soul energy used in the shot. Some of which it must have absorbed. From this its easy to deduce that Angien are one part aramor, one part shade and one part parsley which the pre-bellians prematurely added to it in anticipation of their omelet.