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  1. Remaining number of uses is no longer shown on inventory items that have a set number of uses. Both in right bar and detailed view.
  2. Azull

    An odd fear

    "forget how to" I doubt it. (not counting Alzheimer's and other dementia or aphasia inducing things obviously) Reaching a point where you can't be bothered to. Yes definitely. Happens to me disturbingly often. (German won't help you there either I'm afraid ) But then someone poses a good question or shares an interesting thought and there we go again.
  3. I've only fixed a few labby locations so far. Been busy. But you can check and give me a list of locations that still need to be done.
  4. Librarytunnel locations should be fixed.
  5. Azull


    In New England there are 5 season. The normal 4 and mud season. Between winter and spring. :)
  6. I agree with Ungod. The system itself is fine. But new achievements to unlock higher level clues are needed. (currently only lvl 1and 2) That said, higher lvl clues could be unlocked via similar achievements or maybe something else. Ideas?
  7. That is fairly close to what the estimated end of the cooldown for you would have been, since your last use. Maybe something with dead citizenship or having used it to die. (aside from the cooldown obv) But as far as I know neither Mur nor anyone else tinkered with it. And it has worked properly in the past yes? So, provisionally, I'd say it's working as it should. So..patience. Or perhaps an opportunity for Nava to put a little weight to some statements she has been making. That bottle is not the only way to revive right, it's merely the easiest
  8. So when approximately did you revive? This month? Last month? further back?
  9. Alright. @ fang. When was the last time you tried to revive with it? Don't need an exact date. But as close as a week.
  10. This is the pic you sent Chew the first time you mentioned the bottle might be broken.
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