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  1. Happy Birthday MIq

    Happy B-day
  2. Travelling egg

    The egg used to reside at Winds Sanctuary. It was quite happy there aside from some people persisting it should be turned into an omelet. These people enlisted the help of the Shades to try and achieve their evil goal. They, the Shades of Necro, sucked the souls out of hundreds of Aramors thus leaving them empty. Using a strange floating stone they twisted these souls into an energy beam, which they shot at winds. But their aim was slightly off which caused the egg to bounce away and luckily it landed on this tiny island in the middle of a lake. The reason it didn't break as well its floating is of course residual soul energy used in the shot. Some of which it must have absorbed. From this its easy to deduce that Angien are one part aramor, one part shade and one part parsley which the pre-bellians prematurely added to it in anticipation of their omelet.
  3. Fangs Newbie Discord channel

    GWI helpers point newbies to the forum and also discord. Though that last one not consistently. In my opinion encouraging them to ask questions about how to play on discord does nothing to retain them. Asking in-game does however. Because that type of interaction spawns more interaction. i.e. people will talk more, rp more etc.
  4. Sign is wrong

    Not explaining everything via signs and such encourages human interaction. I.e. talking to other people on the island. Which is essential to progress.
  5. Opinions about people redacting posts

    No redacting (removing entire posts)
  6. Snow is falling

    I call it "Fang goes to Necro."
  7. "If an apology is followed by an excuse or reason, it means they are going to make the same mistake again they just apologized for" Amit Kalantri
  8. Requesting gateway pebble

    The person you asked me to help is not responding to chat or pm Fang. When they don't talk there is very little I can do. And just so you know, I went looking right after your pm. I'll stop here since even here you can't keep things civil.
  9. Requesting gateway pebble

    It's ok fang, you can say it's me that blocked you. Let me explain a few things to you. First. I am not a Gateway Guardian. I merely happened to be there and decide to help out for a while. Second. I blocked you because you make demands in a rude and hostile way. Third. It would be helpful if you tell your adepts to also ASK QUESTIONS IN MD CHAT instead of only discord or whatever other medium, when they get stuck.
  10. Some new players can't access their inventory after consuming alcohol. (yes yes it was very very old grassan ferment :P) Players affected Gappy, Yaenami. They both use chrome. Player Ushiroji also uses chrome but has no problems (neither do I ) screenshot from player Gappy https://prnt.sc/hkyebk No more info, sorry.
  11. Creatures for empty aramors

    This is one of those "what could possibly go wrong" things isn't it. (which ofc doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't try ) As a side note. There was an attempt once to "transfer" a shade into an empty aramor. But I believe there were some obstacles that couldn't be overcome.
  12. Tricky... To many unknown variables to consider to give a clear cut answer on that one. As a general rule I feel lands, i.e. it's people, should have as much autonomy as possible while still being under the Chew/Mur umbrella. Provided it has people and some sort of leadership ofc.
  13. Log in via google, facebook, twitter...

    I don't like it either, so prefer the "old" way. But as you say, it's very common, so might be important to consider. ...........................................................................................................................testing
  14. In any society, no matter what type or size, everybody is affected by everything in one way or another. So how would you decide that? (Not by voting, I'm sure ) Democracy can only really work in small communities and only when every voter's vote truly counts. Anything else, including choosing representatives, is basically a mechanism to reduce the influence voters have on the outcome... Of course there have to be some restrictions on who can vote. But it's a slippery slope. A certain level of maturity/age seems sensible. Any other requirements or restrictions should be approached with great care...