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    Luke27 reacted to Muratus del Mur in How can actual spells have "limited cast", its outrageous   
    Normal information can be copied indefinetly without being lost (xerox style). Complex thoughts, such as those for "spells" you can't multiplicate simply because you don't have either the "reading" device nor the "ink" to write a copy. Imagine to make a xerox copy of a 100$ bill...some things look similar, some things will never be similar. What happens in this case is that each copy of that sort of thought is still connected to the one that created it initially. That, in terms of MD dynamics, would mean that players mastering a permanent spell should be able to give away limited casts of it and each cast should drain them of heat as long as it exists. This will scatter the spell across multiple players but not duplicate its original power/source. This is not to far from how things are now ..but not with spells in md..with items. Items that create items, such as pickles and candy, have a limited amount that can be created, based on how many are already "uneaten". This concept was applied to candy and pickles so i could create the system for potential later use, like for now.

    I don't know how much i will be able to bring the spells concept closer to reality, i will try hard , now and for years to come, thats for sure. Sadly some things are very very hard to achieve. For example the connection between inner and outer magic, how to create spells. In the outer world this would be "managed" and limited by ones abilities to understand the surroundings, in md there are tehnical limitations and the surroundings are quite different from the outer-world. I found a solution for that, it will be acceptable in terms of "game play" and will be close enough to reality BUT..but ...my quest will remain that one day I will find a way to perfect it. One day I want players in MD to be able to "learn" a spell and do it, and not "unlock" a spell and click it. It is possible, and all the things i change now point in that direction. However you notice how md population drops as MD goes further away from "gameplay standards". I could have created a branched magic system with points to distribute and such..but nooo, i had to do it my way..this drives people away. I..dont..care..

    The priority in md development as long as i will be the one deciding it, will be to respect its concepts and to fine tune a central idea, same one for years.

    I have connectivity issues with the server so i cant upload anything at the moment. There are several changes that are done but will be uploaded probably tomorow, unless a miracle happens and i manage to do it tonight..oh wait, no miracles, oh well..later then.
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    Luke27 reacted to Muratus del Mur in Themed banners   
    I want to advertise MD in a "themed" style. Here is the new series of banners , let me know how you like them
    The reasons behind why they are so i don't want to explain here and now..i know they are not really commercial and such but i hope they keep md spirit.
    The advertising will be paid per click, so the purpose of the banners is not to get most clicks but to get most interested/ing players to click them, eliminating certain others.



    (ps. yeah there are more with necrovion, pretend you didn't notice that)
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    Luke27 got a reaction from Sharazhad in Hi, my name is God, 45y old male from Ro   
    I actually believe that when you are labeled as an "insane" person you are an outcast of society. That's been the case every time.
    But what if "insanity" frees us from ourselves and makes us more aware of what is "around us" rather than what is "in front of us"(Sorry if I'm confusing but I don't have the right words for it).
    Then would you want to be "insane" or "normal"? For all we know we are the insane ones and Sabaoth over there is the most sane person in the world. Why?
    Because he has purpose and what do we have? I personally have problems that keep me from going the distance. So what does that make me?
    Well I don't care really or rather no one could really answer that question but me.

    So anyway it just made me realize that you can already be dead inside when you're at the top of your game and also you can be very alive when you're low as you can be.
    Nothing can make you feel more alive than yourselves and nothing else.
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    Luke27 got a reaction from Kyphis the Bard in Hi, my name is God, 45y old male from Ro   
    I actually believe that when you are labeled as an "insane" person you are an outcast of society. That's been the case every time.
    But what if "insanity" frees us from ourselves and makes us more aware of what is "around us" rather than what is "in front of us"(Sorry if I'm confusing but I don't have the right words for it).
    Then would you want to be "insane" or "normal"? For all we know we are the insane ones and Sabaoth over there is the most sane person in the world. Why?
    Because he has purpose and what do we have? I personally have problems that keep me from going the distance. So what does that make me?
    Well I don't care really or rather no one could really answer that question but me.

    So anyway it just made me realize that you can already be dead inside when you're at the top of your game and also you can be very alive when you're low as you can be.
    Nothing can make you feel more alive than yourselves and nothing else.
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    Luke27 reacted to Muratus del Mur in Hi, my name is God, 45y old male from Ro   
    finally I have proof! God exists, he is Romanian, a bit bald, a little fat, about 1,60m tall and he was spotted about an hour ago in a train somewhere west while he was fighting satan himself. 

    If you didnt notice the funny part of this yet, repeat after me .."ha", "ha ha".

    Now what is this all about? I am traveling randomly across the country, the train is a beautiful place to rest your mind. Traveling without a purpose or destination is my ideal state of mind . I usualy end up in strange places or meet weird people when i do that.

    Once I met a lady that she insisted she was saint and that she was speaking with the vergin mary on a daily basis, how awesome is that. I think she had her phone number too. Oh and I forgot to mention she was a nun.. dressed in a green nun outfit. I wonder where she got a green outfit. But the truth is, i have to admit, she  was one of the most "glowing" person I ever saw, too bad her brain was so messed up. (If you don't understand what i mean by glowing, no problem )

    Today, I met God himself, more or less ..he was quite uncertain about his name, sometimes refered to himself as Savaot (look for Sabaoth on google, very interesting), but sometimes as some name with merf/mafab something i couldn't understand. The guy, that was quite human and badly mentally deranged, in case you didn't realised yet, was speaking with his imaginary enemy, quite agressively. I always wished to have a chance to see what is inside the mind of such a person, so, i made an experiment. I treated him as decent as possible without moking him or making bad jokes. Even if now i present it as a funny experience, it is a very sad thing. It goes even more sad  when you go deeper down the path and see the torment in his mind. It is nothing to laugh about the person, nothing to judge, his intentions were good, he just wanted to save the universe he created from an evil dragon/demon ("balaur" in romanian is like a multi headed dragon). I promised him to keep the demons name secret and I intend to do so even if its just about an imaginary figure in a madmans head it is still my word. The few hours we stood in the same train compartment I had the unique opportunity to listen to his story in full, disvuss with him as if he was a sane, fully function man, ignoring for the moment the strangeness of his tale and the obvious mental insanity.

    I told him directly that his behaviour isn't quite standard, to avoid worse words, but i am seriously interested to listen to what he has to say. I was shocked of his reply. He told me to wait a few minutes so he can calm down, so in a few minutes he continued...

    I will use his exact wording (transled as best as i could), because some things are quite interesting. 

    He claims the world we live in was just one in a million billions worlds he (sabaot) created to destroy this ~balaur" he fights. Each world drags the 'balaur' down from his true form and forces him to be represented in the material world so he can destroy him. The final trap is to cath him between two flat universes. FLAT universes.... i considered it interesting so I asked him how else can the universe be if not flat (played stupid). He answered it is made of "four", we see "three". Since I am currently writing about 2-4-8 fold universe model you might think I altered what this guy said to fit my theories, not at all. The flat universe, he said, is made of ~2~ but can exist only 2 and 2, paired. When I heared numbers and such , my brain immediately started all its engines and i was prepared to go wild talking about the subject...but I almost forgot he was just mad and really couldn't detail much of what he said.  I asked him if he is figthing this enemy for a long time, and he told me it was "now", as if it was yesterday ..but mentioned year 1989. In that year the revolution against communism in Romania started in that area (Timisoara) so probably some tragic event marked him back then...but I am not his shrink, so I didn't asked about details of what might have happend in his personal life. He was convinced anyway that he saved human kind back then, preventing this demon to unite with his forms in the other universes. 

    So..in case you lost track of who did what..here is a summary: This guy, aka God on a train, diluted this ~pure evil non-being" as he called it, over a million billion worlds to make it less powerfull so it can be destroyed. He tried ~static sunrais~ (cool concept for a fantasy movie, admit it) but it was uneffective, so now he plans to use two flat universes to trap him.

    I must make a remark here, the way seals to trap demons were made, the two circles used to close a seal, has _VERY_ much to do with something that could be described as "two flat universes~, each circle being a symbol for a flat universe in 4 points. But back to his insanity, it gets more interesting.

    The problem when talking to him is that I never understood why he was calling himself savaot , but moments later his other personality was cursing savaot , same name, for taking credit for the world the (the man) built. It was confusingand he was not very helpfull in explaining this blatant logic conflict... but nevermind, lets go on as it is  
    I guess..only ~god~ can be as powerful as ~god~ so both him and his arch enemy woud have to be one and the same for his mind to work through his insanity barrier.

    I asked him, wht would be so wrong to leave human kind to be destroyed by that demon. I always wanted to ask that to someone that wants to "save the world" ...WHAT FOR? 
    He freaked out, ofc, but also gave me a very cool description of why the world should be saved. Honestly, it is the best reason i heared so far. He claims that this demon is incomplete, he would integrate in his own being all the humans he could, but they would be mixed together. One mans foot will go through an other man's eye and one thousand thirty three people , an infinite amount of times, will be merged together in this horrible way, with body parts missplaced all forming one giant monstrosity. This would harm his beautifull and infinite order and would make it impossible for him, savaot (THIS TIME THE GOOD CREATOR GOD, NOT THE BAD DEMON) to complete his work. Interesting...the reason to save man kind is to prevent chaos. I was thinking we bring chaos ..heh.

    The way he mentioned the number 1033, i wrote in letters because he repeated it several times each time a little different. It might be 1000 and then 33, or 1033..idk..i know 33 was clear. This is without doubdt connected to the notion of ~Legions~ used to described the size/power of a demon, but he presented it in such an original way. 

    I agreed to him. having humans all glued up in one big monstruosity is reason enough for me to save them. Its not death that you save them from , so makes sense...for now.

    Interesting, i tried to see if he understands what i mean..and told him that humans are already glued up together in cities, we live in groups, we get "merged" with the identity of people around us..and so on. He said that is nothing compared to this..because in a city there are just a few people, but this "balaur" will glue "1000 33" an infinite number of times both in past and in future". Now when he dded this little remark..both in past and in future...the infinite number started to make more sense.

    Now the interesting part is over and the sad part of this mans reality comes up. He told me he is immortal. i told him i believe he might be immortal, but his body is not and he should make well to remember that. I get out of the train while he took it very personal and started to scream nothing can destroy him, that he is infinit and immortal, and he was luky the window of the train was locked or he could have taken his only chance to prove he is not that immortal afterall.

    I hope he will have rest one day, in his mind most of all. He was obviously exhausted, claimed he didnt slept for days. He actually took a nap of about 15min in the middle of the discussion then he continued right where he stopped...quite creepy.

    Thats about it.
    Not so funny afterall, makes me think a lot
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    Luke27 reacted to Curiose in Role Playing   
    Why did you make another thread instead of just putting this on Windy's?

    Bit redundant.
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    Luke27 reacted to emerald arcanix in Pepper experiment   
    Pepper experiment

    Long ago I had patience problems. While this is not that bad in most situations it can raise some very unpleasant ones sometimes, plus I need a high threshold of patience in what I do. Repeating the old litany “god give me patience” didn’t seem to work. Then in one evening during a chat with Chewett I had an idea.(I bet you don’t remember chew, was more then an year ago:P)
    Plant life hides a lot of secrets and can teach us many a good lesson. One of this is how to have more patience. So I told myself why should I not ask a seed. Well, it worked.

    The experiment is simple but takes time to finish it and that’s the main goal.
    All you need are a few pepper seeds. I chose pepper because its one of the most simple plants to grow from seed to seed, and this is what needs to be done, plant the seed and grow it from seed to seed. You MUST get seeds from second generation from the first seed you planted. This will make you take care of the small plant till it makes the peppers so you can gather the second generation seeds from one of them.
    The experiment works, worked for me and others, but I still find it boring from time to time so I decided to improve it, make it a lot more fun while keeping the main lessons and adding others.

    From the moment you gain the seed start “conversing” with it, make a journal of sorts for the seed and future plant. In there write what the seed is telling you, just what the seed is telling you not what you tell to the seed. A good exercise to develop your imagination even if you write down a lesson the seed might tell you or a casual chat between "future friends".
    Also take a picture of the seed and put it under the lesson/discussion you wrote down. Repeat this for every important stage of you pepper’s life, so the moment you plant it, when the seed is in the ground, the moment it sprouts, when It grows a bit higher, the first flowers, the first fruits and then the new seeds. You can add any other moment you consider its important for you or the plant. Write down the lesson/discussion for this moments and also take a picture and put it under the text.

    In the end you will have a very nice journal and album with the seeds life and evolution.
    This can help you in a lot of more ways then just developing you imagination and patience threshold. But the full extent of the lessons it will hold only you, the one doing this can now.

    What you need is a flower pot, a few seeds(2-3) and some earth. Its cheap and easy to get. Also don’t forget the take the plant out when you see signs of flowers so the pollination can take place or you can do this manually(strange but it works )

    All other instructions if you may need you have to find them on your own, so ask anyone, google it or whatever.

    After the experiment is finished feel free to publish your journal/album of the seed here so we can admire it, it will be nice.

    This is NOT A QUEST and there are no other rewards other then what you may learn on your own.
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    Luke27 reacted to dst in The true story about dst and Z   
    So...it is time to make this public.

    Me and Z are not the enemies you all think we are. You don't believe me? Check the below proofs! (I told you that I ALWAYS have proofs)!!

    dst and Z meet (Z is, of course, ignoring dst):


    Z is still being a bad boy and tries to hurt dst:


    dst tries to choke Z:


    Z tries to bite dst:


    Finally friends!


    And as a bonus...RAVENSTRIDER!!!

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    Luke27 reacted to backlash ro in Claim against Backlash Ro   
    First of all,I didn t use any swearing words:) Tell me the swearing words.What bitch?Thats a female dog you know it s not offensive,the street meaning of that word is different but i guessed that you are wel enough edjucated to know that.

    And if i can get 5-7 people to say that you keep insulting them,and i don t know what than you will get banned? Because it s not hard to do that you know.

    You Jaild me without having a chance to prove you guys are wrong.

    And you keep saying i had i don t know what other account,prove it my litle friend.It s just that easy,just because you presume somehting dosen t mean it s right.

    And about that scam...It didn t exist,or maybe someone else did it ,i don t know...i never had those creatures check me out if you don t belive me,now s the perfect time since i m in jail.Only it was easy to put the blame on somebody.

    Plus you never gave a valid answer,to why are you doing this.You told me this "I m the God of the paper cabbin,and this is in my power" .Thank you for your enlightment:))

    And again search it up in a real dictionary,(oxford) not google,the meaning of the word bitch.

    thank you

    (How long wil this sentence last for life?)
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    Luke27 reacted to Mighty Pirate in BFH SECRETS QUEST   
    BFH, why did you make this a closed group quest?

    Now it appears a bit strange that you choose the participants on your own based on undisclosed criteria and all get a (quite big) reward. I would expect that others could have provided valuable input as well.

    (No allegation, but I don't understand why you did this 'quest'.)

    Mighty Pirate
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    Luke27 reacted to Grido in Claim against Backlash Ro   
    Due to the nature of the offence, it was more under my remit, rather than the courts. The newbie scam that Shadow mentions, would however fall under its remit.

    The following images contains material that may be offensive to some people or minors, please view under said advisement.
    hold Ctrl when clicking to open in new tab/window
    [log= evidence2]

    [color="#ff0000"][07/05/11 16:31:57] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]ATACK ME BIITCHES!!![/color]
    [07/05/11 17:30:09] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]can you give me an egg like that please?
    [07/05/11 17:31:36] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]could you get me an angiene egg?;
    [07/05/11 17:31:43] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]i would really like one:D
    [07/05/11 17:31:52] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]but i can t get it on my own
    [07/05/11 22:15:54] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]Give me some than please:D
    [07/05/11 22:15:58] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]i l do it;
    [07/05/11 22:17:06] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]yep
    [color="#ff0000"][07/05/11 23:22:27] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]mcvitie...i think you should rest a litle
    [07/05/11 23:22:40] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]maybe you should go work at mcdonalds and leave the spells to other players [/color]
    [07/05/11 23:27:09] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]=)))))))))))))))))))
    [07/05/11 23:28:48] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]?
    [07/05/11 23:29:21] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]=)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    [07/05/11 23:29:33] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]=))))))ahahahahahahahhaha
    [07/05/11 23:29:56] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]give me a creature
    [07/05/11 23:30:57] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]yep:P
    [07/05/11 23:30:58] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]thanks
    [07/05/11 23:31:20] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]oky doky
    [07/05/11 23:31:45] [b]1_-1x2_1:[/b]Go!
    [07/05/11 23:32:15] [b]1_-1x2_1:[/b]oky
    [07/05/11 23:32:31] [b]1_-1x3_1:[/b]so...whats up Doc?
    [07/05/11 23:32:56] [b]1_-1x3_1:[/b]oo...wait you re the one who hates me
    [07/05/11 23:37:59] [b]1_-1x3_1:[/b]ha?
    [[color="#ff0000"]07/05/11 23:50:03] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]sasha Eat my shorts i m back bitch:D [/color]
    [07/05/11 23:51:13] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]neh
    [07/05/11 23:51:17] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]i don t do that
    [07/05/11 23:51:19] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]i ve retired
    [07/05/11 23:52:47] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]What did I say bad?
    [07/05/11 23:52:58] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]bitch?
    [07/05/11 23:53:09] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]thats not a bad word in the dictionary my friend:D
    [07/05/11 23:53:19] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]eat means a girl dog:D
    [07/05/11 23:53:27] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]my inteligent friend
    [07/05/11 23:59:59] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]
    [08/05/11 00:00:22] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]nice...silence me when i had an awesome comback
    [08/05/11 00:00:47] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]i didn t steal no creatures
    [08/05/11 00:00:53] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]who the hell keeps saying that?
    [08/05/11 00:01:04] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]yep
    [color="#ff0000"][08/05/11 00:01:31] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b] ([/color][color="#ff0000"][i]@SASHA I've seen people like you, but I had to pay admission![/i]) [/color]
    [08/05/11 00:01:34] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]don t know
    [08/05/11 00:01:44] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]i woke up ,with measges from that wise guy
    [08/05/11 00:01:53] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]that i stole he s creatures and don t know what
    [08/05/11 00:02:08] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]i wasn t even logged in those days
    [08/05/11 00:02:19] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]don t know,don t care
    [08/05/11 00:02:20] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]
    [08/05/11 00:02:36] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]
    [08/05/11 00:02:46] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]thank you for your faith
    [08/05/11 00:03:13] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]no we re Alone: In bad company.
    [color="#ff0000"][08/05/11 00:03:33] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]Plus sasha baby Any similarity between you and a human is purely coincidental! [/color]
    [08/05/11 00:03:38] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]
    [color="#ff0000"][08/05/11 00:03:52] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]thats why i used the word bitch:P [/color]
    [08/05/11 00:04:00] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]yep
    [08/05/11 00:04:01] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]ok
    [08/05/11 00:04:03] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]thank you
    [08/05/11 00:04:21] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]how did you raise your to max?
    [08/05/11 00:04:39] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]oky doky
    [08/05/11 00:05:32] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]ooo
    [08/05/11 00:05:35] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]thanks:D
    [08/05/11 00:05:40] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]how can i get so many losses?
    [08/05/11 00:06:48] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]no...generally i get more wins than losses
    [08/05/11 00:06:56] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]don t know why:))
    [08/05/11 00:07:22] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]people who atack me don t expect me to have some creatures with special abilities :-??
    [08/05/11 00:09:14] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]ok thank you:)
    [08/05/11 00:10:01] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]how many times can i atac kit?
    [08/05/11 00:10:48] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]ok
    [08/05/11 00:11:00] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]hey lone wolf how did you manage to get 6 mil creat xp?
    [08/05/11 00:11:47] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]and where dd you get silver coins?
    [08/05/11 00:14:09] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]and any other places?
    [08/05/11 00:16:24] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]and how much do they cost?
    [08/05/11 00:16:51] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]aha
    [08/05/11 00:16:53] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]ok
    [color="#ff0000"][08/05/11 00:18:30] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]<silence spell cast> sasha lilias [/color]
    [08/05/11 00:18:32] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]
    [08/05/11 00:18:39] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]nobody cares
    [08/05/11 00:18:48] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]
    [08/05/11 00:19:57] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]?
    [08/05/11 00:19:58] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]?
    [08/05/11 00:19:59] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]?
    [08/05/11 00:20:32] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]what?
    [08/05/11 00:20:41] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]doing what?
    [08/05/11 00:20:55] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]what did i do?
    [08/05/11 00:21:28] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]ha?
    [08/05/11 00:21:33] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]i don t get it
    [08/05/11 00:21:38] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]what did i do?
    [08/05/11 00:21:52] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]that i told her to shut up?
    [08/05/11 00:22:02] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]can t i say that or what?
    [08/05/11 00:22:24] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]i can t say those words in public now?
    [08/05/11 00:22:28] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]are they immoral or what?
    [08/05/11 00:25:35] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]tell me please:P
    [08/05/11 00:25:37] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]in a pm at least
    [08/05/11 00:25:43] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]:)thank you
    [08/05/11 00:30:35] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]
    [08/05/11 00:30:47] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]
    [08/05/11 00:31:17] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]no
    [08/05/11 00:31:20] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]no dance
    [08/05/11 00:31:26] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]SHOUTS: Disco disco party party!!!!!!
    [08/05/11 00:31:47] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b] [[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrphLUWZv3Q"]Video link[/url]]
    [08/05/11 00:31:50] [b]1_0x2_1:[/b]this is better:D

    The contents of the log contain swearing, yes, the alternate word for female dog is a swear word, as much as you might deny it.
    Multiple people have expressed complaints about you, I know 4 that came directly to me, there's an additional 4 here, I'm pretty sure there are others who would as well, given the option. This is also against the rules.

    As previously mentioned, I believe the contents of this case to fall under my area, rather than the courts, particularly since this is pretty clear cut in my opinion.

    In addition to all above, he has committed similar offences before with a previous account. After some convincing, I managed to get an alt check on him from Mur (this was around 6-8 weeks ago, it's what I call fore-planning), and identified the other accounts he has had in the past, this is how I know that it has happened before. The previous account is in the 80k id region, and was banned by Jonn for the same reasoning "for insulting several ppl in chat and in the player logs" displaying that even with time, he hasn't learnt how to adjust his behaviour to fit in with the game. Elements on the previous account's profile page further connect the two players to be one and the same.

    My explaining my actions here is courtesy, whilst I may on occasion, I don't have to fully explain the bans that I make. If anyone disputes any of my actions, or disagrees with them, they are welcome to discuss it with me, or complain to either the council or Mur, if they agree with you the decision may be overturned, but considering my knowledge of the rules et al you may find it difficult to overturn the decisions I make. In the case where you truly think I have erred in judgement I would recommend a trial to overturn the decision on the forum....but gather a little support first.

    Backlash, feel free to attempt a defence here.
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    Luke27 reacted to Sasha Lilias in Claim against Backlash Ro   
    Within a few months I have had multiple encounters with mentioned player. Each time he has insulted me more than once. Now is the time for me to make a "demand" for action to be taken. This player cannot continue to be allowed to walk around thinking he may say and do as he wishes with no consequences.
    Backlash has insulted me with sexually offending material, sworn at me on multiple occasions and has generally harassed me.
    I have been told by LHO that they have been collecting information on this player over time and I believe [b]now[/b] is the time to use that. If not I would ask those that have either been abused, or seen examples of his foul behaviour, to come forward and give evidence against him, or at least say honestly what you think.

    Currently I have three different pieces of evidence, two public log entries (one made by him in my PL and one that I copied from chat and pasted into his PL) and witnesses from the park on day 126- Year 6-. All this evidence should easily be able to be given if required.

    Here are my proposed punishments:
    [*]Jail/Ban for at least 4 weeks.
    [list][*]Remove his chat access for a set amount of time (unsure how long)

    [center]This sort of behaviour [b]cannot[/b] be condoned! New players start daily, and do they really want to see this sort of thing? I certainly wouldn't, I especially wouldn't want my [b]child[/b]* to see some of the things he writes.[/center]

    I hope you will all see the points that I am trying to make and don't see me as the wrongdoer.

    ~Sasha Lilias~
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    Luke27 got a reaction from Pipstickz in I don't know what this is...   
    Okay I [b]NEVER[/b] said that the Book of Principles is actually (will be/placed)there. It's just my theory and nothing more. So don't assume that it is there or will be there.

    I hope I didn't cause any confusion.

    I'm currently researching the 4 lands first and I suggest you do the same because as someone said it's quite hard to research on The Tribunal if you don't understand the 4 lands.
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    Luke27 reacted to awiiya in I'm thinking of a word...   
    I recently to be came the proud owner of an Anniversary Aramor. I don't have creatures or fight. I also don't have items, silver, or gold, and so there's really no way for someone to bribe it off me.

    So instead, I'm going to hold an absolutely ridiculous and arbitrary competition.

    Here is the premise:

    [b]I have a word in my head. If you say it and I hear it, you get the Aramor.[/b]

    That's it.

    A couple of extra rules:
    1. It cannot be in a sentence with the following: is, are, am, was, were.
    2. It has to be part of a sentence.
    3. It has to make sense. If you are send me long messages or nonsense I won't give you the Aramor, and I won't even tell you if you get the word.

    If it takes more than a year then I'll consider giving out a clue or two. But I'm not leaving anytime soon, and I won't forget. Will you?

    Note: Personal messages ARE acceptable, but you must have something to say in them. Such as a description of what you are doing... or something.

    Good luck. And yes, I know this might take a while. I can wait. Again, can you?


    Assorted Questions I've been asked:

    Q: Is this word a noun, adjective or verb?

    Q: How do I even know that this word is in English?
    A: I do not know any language besides English well enough to do a competition in it. The word is English.

    Q: Forgive my impertinence, but what guarantee do I have that you will not change the word?
    A: You don't! But I would like to think myself trustworthy, and am not interested in playing favorites when it comes to quests. If you say the word I am thinking of, and there is only one word and I have not and will not change it, I will give you the Aramor. You don't even know have to be actively trying to find the word to win. In fact, it might almost be better that you don't.

    Q: Would you consider a valid entry if I send a poem via PM?
    A: Absolutely I consider that valid.
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    Luke27 got a reaction from Fyrd Argentus in I don't know what this is...   

    Does anyone know what the statue is holding?
    I can't see it clearly so can someone tell me what it is?
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    Luke27 reacted to Pomegranate in Pom's Art ♥ Box   
    [quote name='Sharazhad' timestamp='1301974332' post='81869']
    [color="#2e8b57"][i]WOW these are incredible!!!! I would love to use some of your drawings, I'll get in touch with you a bit later about what Im looking for.
    <---- Insanely jealous of your talent. [/i][/color]

    [color="#483D8B"]All I really ask is that you provide credit towards me and would like to see the end result of what your creativity gave birth to! [/color]
    [color="#483D8B"]Not sure if that's what you are asking about though. Currently, I'[/color][color="#483D8B"]m very busy and am only accepting paid commissions. [/color]

    [color="#483D8B"]You don't have to be jealous though, practice makes perfect!! I always encourage anyone that if they really like something, to try and go after it.
    [quote name='CrazyMike' timestamp='1301969462' post='81860']
    Artist in the house......

    Love the drawings.

    Curious, can you draw male characters?

    Not that i'm complaining coz your gals are HOTTTT!


    [color="#483D8B"]I'm glad you like my drawings! The top three drawings are male characters. The 2nd top one shows more of the guy's body then the others though.[/color]

    [color="#483D8B"]But OK, here's some more male drawings that I've done. Plus other misc stuff.[/color]







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    Luke27 reacted to Blackthorn in Available art work   
    If there are any players looking for art work to be done...they can contact me here or in game. I would prefer a post here of the description of the Item or Avy you would like me to draw for you... as always I prefer to discuss payment..if any..only after the Item has been drawn and meets your approval...You can always decline if it does not. I will do only LIMITTED revisions...

    If you are new to MD and/or you have little to offer in way of payment, prices will vary ...and some I will do for free...so don't be afraid to ask.


    A note to anyone reading this thread:

    I work on many avatars at a time, and some, just finish themselves...others take longer, not neccessarily because they are more difficult...but because the muse hasn't struck just yet....I have learned that if I push too hard...the drawing doesn't come out very well. I hope you all will try to understand. I'm a Toaist and I believe that art like life flows from the source and follows it's own path. Nothing is more beautiful to me than an uncarved block. That is why I love the challanges you provide to me...and as always...I prefer you describe the avy to me...rather than showing me a picture....Pictures tend to retard the artistic process by forcing form upon an unrealised idea...I literally have to forget what I saw before I can begin to draw again...If you are not certain of exactly what you want me to draw...then be general..and let me know to do it how ever I want...thats ok too....and don't worry about feeling obligated to buy it once I finish....If you don't want it...np...I will just place it hear in this thread for sale or sell it to the shop. Honesty is the best form of praise any artist can hope for because it praises the artist not their art...while it is very nice to hear that people like what I draw, when someone tells me something that they don't like about a drawing, like Couriose and Chewy did before, I know that they care enough to help me to grow and become better...
    Price is also not very important to me...I know that previously some of my avys were selling for quite a bit of Gold...but what I really want is to provide avys that will enhance your enjoyment of the game. If you can afford to pay...great! If not, that's ok too. so don't let price be the reason you don't ask me to draw for you. Thanks for reading this...BT


    For Ravenstrider...Oh, and it was free, because he made me laugh.
    this second one is going to the shop...unless anyone wants it?
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    Luke27 reacted to TTLexceeded in Petition for Enforcement of the Sparring Ground   
    Hmmm this thread must seem like christmas to EON. Hell he is right, and hell he is going to keep on attacking you. Oh and best wishes to your attempts of hurting him. But if you already plan on retaliating why would you start a topic asking for protection?
    Hmmm i think you are indeed cry babys with empty threats...
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    Luke27 reacted to Grido in You know you've been on MD too much when...   
    when you drive past;
    and wonder if there's a paper cabin somewhere nearby

    Genuine signpost.
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    Luke27 reacted to (Zl-eye-f)-nea in Creativity   
    I don't actually know much on the sludge scenario, but on the over-all question about mechanics and RP here's my POV:

    There are carefully constructed connections and clues in-built into what in this thread are being called the 'mechanics' of the game. If you start to take these and use them in made-up stories that have no basis other than what is in your head then as Chewett says, you start to define what they are. If you start to do that, then you start to take away from those carefully constructed connections and clues, you lead people up the garden path. When a mathematician makes a wrong assumption in a calculation, the logic of their entire research from there on out is flawed.

    Here is an example: The quest run by Renavoid recently caused a rukus because some people doing it thought it to have something to do with something fundamental to learn from, and yet one of its own fundamentals (that Renavoid was in the house of liquid dust) can instantly be dismissed as he was not inside and we already know that if you can get into a place in MD...you can ACTUALLY get into it. (If you can't, how about an rp quest to try to get in? There are lots of options...)

    I'll add that you can't win either way here with the newer players - tell them not to do something and they get outraged that their creativity is quashed. Allow them to have their fun or even join in with it and then explain why it isn't part of the system of connections then or later on and they demand to know why they were allowed to waste their time and were not stopped.

    'Fluff' RP is, imo, RP that has no logical reasoning behind it's actions. When 'fluff' adds 'mechanics' we start to see 'fluff mechanics'. Now that doesn't even sound good.

    In terms of this: "Maebius builds a fence around Bob to protect him" would be dismissed as fluffy RP in the best case" - That is perfectly reasonable RP imo, except consider how long it takes to build a fence and what it requires to build one. Building a fence isn't as simple as just saying, ta da! a fence! We have tools and items and materials and time and words. There's one difference between 'fluff' and 'proper'right there.

    There are loads and loads and loads of ways to affect the game itself, but twisting things that you don't fully understand in order to accomodate your story is not it. Research them, debate, experiment, see what you can actually make happen using all the information and tools and history you can find. Look at how people have done it before for help, or ask the people who have done it before how it happened. Or alternatively, make something totally your own. If you want instant gratification then take the fluff way and enjoy yourself - without sticking your hands in the soup. Sometimes that fluff RP can actually become something real in it's own right anyway...if anyone bothered to pay attention they would know that. If you want to affect the game then start asking questions and digging deeper with what you do. Do you really need people to give you a list of questions to start on? Surely you already have the questions, start using them.

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    Luke27 reacted to TTLexceeded in Insane Trading Deals   
    You are all so cheap you can appreciate my insanity and take my deal thus making me earn something for proposing a totally insane deal... I shall create the Ultimate Beggar alt and i shall beg for money from all of you muahahahahah
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    Luke27 got a reaction from dst in MP-Level as upgrade requirement   
    So I think I'll post something here because this is supposedly will help us(MP4/3).

    If I understand correctly:
    1) This is to prevent the overpowered characters that stay at lower levels.

    - To be honest when I was MP3 about, 2 months ago, I never really indulged in the fighting system and stat system. So I never really cared about all the fighting because I can't seem to win because I got no information on the fighting system whatsoever and not because of the overpowered characters and I don't know what I have to do to increase my stat so I just ignored it.

    - At MP4 I understood more about the fighting system but not much on the stat system. So I got every creature I can not caring if it was useful or not I just want to collect them all. After maxing some of the creatures I have that's when I actually tested my build and unfortunately all my builds are still not good enough.

    - Note that I never asked for help but I did some quest that helped me understand more about the game and no one said that I should get a specific creature... well I guess the only creature that was referred to me was the elemental and nothing else.

    2) To repopulate the MP5(not sure just my intuition).
    - I would actually go to MP5 eventually, to be honest maybe next week or so. I'm not scared of MP5 because I know I could survive with what I [b]know[/b] and not with what someone told me to do.

    - To be honest I can't see why would you want to repopulate or increase the numbers of MP5. I thought that MD is not all about the fighting. So why would you "force" us(MP4/5) to go there if we don't want to? If you guys want us(MP4/5) to go there don't let us be astray. Just guide us [b]not[/b] spoil us. I know some of you do that best but what about the rest? They just attack and not care? I don't want to seem insensitive but we are just starting and you are all veterans. Would it hurt if you helped us a little?

    This is just all based from what I read and from what I think. If I offend some of you well I'm sorry I just want to help. There's nothing wrong with that is there?

    May all of us be guided.

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    Luke27 got a reaction from Watcher in Concerning Lore and Stories n' stuff.   
    I maybe wrong but I think I remember that Mur ban the made-up information because it made us astray from what Mur wanted us to go to.

    Let's say we are on a multiple-path or 3 path(to be specific) quest that Mur made for us then someone made a rumor that lead to another path, then that would make 4 paths. Then some of us may or may not go to the fourth path but those some that went to the fourth path would be going in a wrong direction.

    To summarize:
    We are going on a quest that was made by Mur and we need proper info from him not from some made-up history that could very much(very little) destroy the thing that Mur created.
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    Luke27 got a reaction from Kyphis the Bard in Concerning Lore and Stories n' stuff.   
    I maybe wrong but I think I remember that Mur ban the made-up information because it made us astray from what Mur wanted us to go to.

    Let's say we are on a multiple-path or 3 path(to be specific) quest that Mur made for us then someone made a rumor that lead to another path, then that would make 4 paths. Then some of us may or may not go to the fourth path but those some that went to the fourth path would be going in a wrong direction.

    To summarize:
    We are going on a quest that was made by Mur and we need proper info from him not from some made-up history that could very much(very little) destroy the thing that Mur created.
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    Luke27 got a reaction from Pipstickz in Torch Competions must stop.   
    I vote "NO".


    Because TC was made for a reason. It was also meant to be a way to explore all of the lands. I don't care how you enter a land it's your decision. MD is like life you cut corners or you don't or both in my case.

    So to be clear.
    TC is meant(in my opinion) to be that way because if it wasn't TC should have been removed a long time ago.
    Besides "Exploring" is one of the tips in the early MP3 stage. If I remember correctly no one ever said how to do explore so you can explore in any way you can.

    I have a question though.
    Do you believe that TC itself is the problem or the people who told others that TC can be used to enter other lands

    There's a difference between the two you know. So think carefully.
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