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  1. Is it okay to make a "map" of the maze in MDA? Or is it considered as a spoiler? I just want to do it and I'll just post in my personal papers. P.S. I'm making a map not a walk through. There's a difference between the two.
  2. As there is no rule about changing the symbol's shape here it goes. [attachment=2424:IMG0066A.jpg] NOTE: It can be seen as many forms. I'll let you decide which object you see in mine. And Mur thanks to you I like symbols now no joke. x3
  3. [attachment=2352:IMG0065A.jpg] EDIT: I used a ruler this time just to be precise with the lines. And I'm very sorry my work is very blurry. The dot is at the intersection of the line and the outer half-circle just like a pivot.
  4. I'd say this is to cancel the meaning. Sorry I always go for the pencil. x3
  5. I am one of the non-paying players so here's my point of view. I personally don't care at the moment(I'm a MP4) if the paying players get more out of MD than the non-paying player because like you(Mur) said paying players [b]SHOULD[/b] be rewarded and I get that I would also do the same if I had the same situation but the problem is not [b]ALL[/b] non-playing players see it that way. Some may think that it's unfair and just rage quit but in my opinion the ones that will do so is the immature players who just wants to get what they want(No offense). And on to my choice: I choose option one but could you not make it public? Because I hate it when I see what I can't buy. You're just being cruel.lol just kidding. But seriously please consider hiding it or make only visible to paying players. Just a request you can ignore it if you wish.
  6. The waves were crashing, pounding against the cliffs-- angry as if demanding the walls to fall into its body, hungry and consuming. Above, staring at those waves, was a figure peering superiorly down upon those waves, perhaps thinking to itself "How much more will it take to be forgiven?" Then it slowly moved away from the cliff and went to a deserted village back to it's rundown home. He opened the door to its house and made its way to make a fire to warm the inside of the house. While looking for wood to burn it noticed something was outside of its house. Pure malice was coming out of the stranger. It was seeking for retribution and glory in killing the one who is inside the house. "I know you're in there traitor. So just come out and let us talk." said the stranger. The so called "Traitor" went out on the strangers plea. "So what do you want stranger? Is there anything I can do for you?" the "Traitor" said while calmly walking out of the house. "I want your head. You disgraced us with what you've done and know I am here to do what is right." said the stranger furiously without any sign of remorse. The "Traitor" laughed with what it heard and said, "Do you think you are the first to come here? Do you think you are the first to challenge me? Well you are mistaken. I have defeated countless "Fallen" like yourself. You are no different from them and most certainly you have fallen deeper than myself." The "Fallen" angered and agitated struck the "Traitor" with full force but the "Traitor" evaded the blow and whispered something at his enemy, "Goodbye my kin." the "Traitor" said sadly and then the "Fallen" dropped dead at its feet. After the battle the "Traitor" made a grave for the one it killed and prayed for it. And the next day came. The so called "Traitor" went to the cliff again and thought "Will I ever be forgiven?" And the never-ending cycle continued. NOTE: This story is about "Fallen Angels" or "Devils/Demons" the primary character, the "Traitor", is Lucifer and the "Fallen" are well "Fallen Angels" who want to get back to heaven at any cost. Just wanted to clear that up. And by the way this is fiction duh. x3
  7. Only my opinion. I think the most punished here is the newbies(like me). The only way for me to get back lost VE is through Free credits. You can say there's other ways of regenerating VE, well to tell you honestly most newbies don't know it. Newbies can't get exact info on things because some information may contain spoilers. So my point is please don't get the newbies involved in this things. If it can not be helped maybe some of the players would just quit. P.S. The free credits removed... Don't really care at the moment...
  8. I finished it. Thanks for all the help guys. Good luck and have fun to all.
  9. Okay then sir. So uhm... Any hints you can give? I ain't picky on help. Help is help nothing can change that.
  10. I wonder about the device on the ground in "Beserker's Way" the round thing. I got some hints like: "you need a pen and 6 is a need to know". So my question is is this a quest/puzzle of some sort and can I get any other clues/hints? P.S. I'm a noob so I'm not sure if asking this much is alright.
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