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    Be my Valentine

    How I envy you Like the morning dew So unique and pure So very obscure You are like water Nothing can matter You're the only one Who is truly one May you be gentle But like a candle Your tears are burning When they are pouring From Luc To the Shades
  2. [quote name='apophys' timestamp='1297196164' post='78652'] By your logic, you should be a member of every religion and cult imaginable. Praise Cthulhu! How you believe in everything without conflicting beliefs is beyond me. [/quote] Hmm... I don't know if that's an insult so... I think I'll defend my answer but first here's some info about me: 1) I'm only 19 and clearly I don't close myself in a box yet like my mother who closes some ideas out(sorry mom but it's true). 2) I may have confused you by my lack of knowledge of the "English" language so I picked the wrong words or something. So on to my defense: I really don't actually believe in everything. I don't believe that the world will end like in what the "Bible" has to say even if I'm a Christian but I do believe that some day our "world" or rather our norms would be changed like what happened when slavery was abolished(sorry if it's a bad example I apologize if anyone is hurt/affected). What I do believe is that what was right long ago is wrong today so it isn't really wrong to say that maybe what's right today is wrong tomorrow. "Nothing is true, everything is permitted" a quote from assassins creed which tells we will never exactly know what the correct answer is because there is no answer key in life(or is there?dun...dun...dun) but we give meaning to everything so that we may have our beliefs or science(I believe science is also a belief ). Let me give this example: Our language came from whom? Of course from us(or rather our ancestors). How did we know the elements like Oxygen? Of course from the teachings of our ancestors(or us). So how are we to say that we are purely right? I only see that we(our ancestors) labeled those as truths but who really knows what truly is true? P.S. These are only my opinions I never said they were fact. Like I said there's no answer key in life.
  3. In my opinion there is actually no wrong answer. If there is no "right" answer like you said Kafuuka then there is also no "wrong" answer. Who actually knows what the "right" answer is anyway? So back to the topic: I personally believe in both because if we only believe in one there will be no balance. It's like science and religion. If you believe in one then you will be blinded or rather you won't accept anything from the other. Which will only cause conflict. So my point is see every little point of view before believing. Don't blindly go for what you think is "right".
  4. Very nice. A beefed up werewolf with a vampire background. And the details is still awesome in my opinion.
  5. I don't know if this is the right section but here it goes. Just move it if it's in the wrong section. Is there anyone willing to make an avatar for me? I can't offer any coin/item because I have none. So this is a charity thing. Post here if you want to help me and I'll PM the details. May all of us be guided. ~Luc
  6. Well here's my opinion on "[u][i][b]LOVE[/b][/i][/u]"(Yes the Bolding, Italicing and Underlining of the word [b][u][i]LOVE[/i][/u][/b] is needed because it's that serious). In my honest opinion love is an emotion. You can never really pick who you love but you can pick who you want to be with. Those are two different things: 1)choosing the one you love and 2)choosing the one you want to be with. And in most cases the latter is the most common misconception of love.
  7. I never really knew you but I did pass by you a couple of times but nevertheless I still bid you farewell and wish you good luck. May you always be guided. ~Luc
  8. I agree with Shadowseeker. What about the aged(according to AD) players who missed a couple of days or just missed one just like me. I would reconsider if there's like a monthly achievement called "Most Active for the Month *enter month*" or there is a way you can increase your AD but my first suggestion is more likely to be implemented. Anyway please consider us(aged players who missed a day or two) before going through with that achievement. May all of us be guided. ~Luc
  9. I initially thought that there's a cap or limit to activity days(which doesn't makes sense I know) so never really bothered with it. But after half a day or so it turned back into 100%. I think it's due to server lag or something. P.S. I can't show any evidence I had the 100%+ AD because, like I said, I didn't pay any attention to it and I missed a couple of days of activity.
  10. Thanks Chewett. I thinks this topic can be closed. I think every problem here is resolved. May all of us be guided. ~Luc
  11. Uhm... I'm sorry Chewett but you lost me there. I forgot to mention I just copied the code and I don't know anything about codes. If you can explain more in detail or show me an example I will greatly appreciate it. If you can't I'll try what you just said. Trial and error are the first teachers anyway.
  12. Okay my "spoiler" tabs are a success but I still have a problem. I don't know how to show the "spaces" or rather I can't set the paragraphs apart. You can look at my Hate list. -> [url="http://magicduel.com/players/Luc_Recial"]HERE[/url] Any tips are appreciated thank you. EDIT: Sorry for the double post. I would hate making another topic about this while this is still open. May all of us be guided. ~Luc
  13. [quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1295385131' post='77613'] I apologize in advance if my thoughts are a bit short sighted, (I have no internet or means of transportation so phone is how i am keeping updated) but, the thought of a newspaper, etc, would be a nice way of reviving the MDP. That is the first thing that comes to mind. The revival would be a good way to integrate the advertisers and MDP so as to work together for community and advertising. I haven't thought this through completely, but i thought i might as well toss this out here. What do you all think? [/quote] I agree to this. I know it's been dead a long time ago before I was even playing it's just sad for me to miss such a feature. Off topic: Vicarious let me give you an example why it's like a "scam". What if I was selling candies and you said "This is a new product of MD, just buy from me to get it now" But actually customers can buy those candy at the "MD store" directly. This example above would've been great but you did this: You sold the candies that has benefits for the retailer and not the "MD store" and without properly telling your customers what will happen if they bought for you. If I wasn't clear I'm sorry. If I offended you I'm not sorry because you used referral links for the wrong reasons. May all of us be guided. ~Luc
  14. Might I ask just a simple question? Why is the website at the Facebook page a referral link? Just asking because I think it's not fair and not actually attracting to new players if they knew a referral link if they see one. Just want to point that out. May all of us be guided. ~Luc
  15. Thanks Pipsticks and Groundnuts. By the way is there a format for the request I have to email? And I am currently on the story and can't check if the spoiler button code I found is correct. And sorry Grido if I couldn't check your paper if that was the one I was looking for. Thanks again for all the reply. May all of us be guided. ~Luc
  16. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1295224723' post='77520'] If you look at my comments on self paper in game (trace of me at Tranquil Plains), is that the sort of thing you want? There isn't any button for it on the papers that I know of, it's hand-coded. It's not too short, dst had 3 letters to her name (before her LHO *'s), as for the change though, you'd have to email a request, generally name changes don't happen often [/quote] I check after I can roam again on MP5. I'm currently on MP5 story and can't move. Too sad about the name change but can't be helped I guess. But I'll try anyway. Where to send the request actually? Thanks for the reply by the way.
  17. Could anyone tell me how to make a "spoiler" like tab? You know the one's that you click first before you can see what's inside it? But if there isn't any would you please notify me. I asked this because I want to add some chapters in his "History". If you want to read how long one chapter is it's more or less like this. -> [url="http://magicduel.com/players/Luc_Recial"]History[/url] Off topic: Could Mur or anyone change my character name in MD to just plain "Luc" or is it too short? I just realized Luc still is the main and only preferable name I want for my "Role" if I finish my "History" on him. May all of us be guided. ~Luc
  18. Luke27

    Actual Sanity?

    Thank you for the read Awi. I pretty much agree on the message. Basically we all have to do is [b]care[/b] and don't be blinded by anything else. Seems pretty easy enough but in reality it isn't we see other things much more important than [b]caring[/b] for others. So cut things short we are all crazy. May all of us be guided. ~Luc
  19. What is good? - Everything. What is your best physical attribute? - My face or rather my looks. I have confidence. Is it too much? I don't know. What is your best non-physical attribute? - My "caring" towards everything. What do you value most? - Love What is 2 + 2? - It's an incomplete math problem. Just put an "=" at the end and it will be complete. What do you know? - To be honest I know what I do know and nothing else. EDIT: Just fixed a typo. So excited to be the first poster I forgot my grammar. How embarrassing. x3 and I almost forgot. May all of us be guided. ~Luc
  20. I thought so. Well at least it's confirmed that it's normal. Thanks BFH. This may be closed then moved.
  21. Sometimes when I use/vote for the free credits I can click the already clicked site. Maybe it's just my slow connection or it can be the server I really don't know but this my problem about the free credits. Sorry can't provide an image I'll try later when I can vote again and I'll try to replicate it. If this is normal and I'm just over reacting well I'm sorry but it is still a problem for the free credits page. May all of us be guided. ~Luc
  22. So I think I'll post something here because this is supposedly will help us(MP4/3). If I understand correctly: 1) This is to prevent the overpowered characters that stay at lower levels. - To be honest when I was MP3 about, 2 months ago, I never really indulged in the fighting system and stat system. So I never really cared about all the fighting because I can't seem to win because I got no information on the fighting system whatsoever and not because of the overpowered characters and I don't know what I have to do to increase my stat so I just ignored it. - At MP4 I understood more about the fighting system but not much on the stat system. So I got every creature I can not caring if it was useful or not I just want to collect them all. After maxing some of the creatures I have that's when I actually tested my build and unfortunately all my builds are still not good enough. - Note that I never asked for help but I did some quest that helped me understand more about the game and no one said that I should get a specific creature... well I guess the only creature that was referred to me was the elemental and nothing else. 2) To repopulate the MP5(not sure just my intuition). - I would actually go to MP5 eventually, to be honest maybe next week or so. I'm not scared of MP5 because I know I could survive with what I [b]know[/b] and not with what someone told me to do. - To be honest I can't see why would you want to repopulate or increase the numbers of MP5. I thought that MD is not all about the fighting. So why would you "force" us(MP4/5) to go there if we don't want to? If you guys want us(MP4/5) to go there don't let us be astray. Just guide us [b]not[/b] spoil us. I know some of you do that best but what about the rest? They just attack and not care? I don't want to seem insensitive but we are just starting and you are all veterans. Would it hurt if you helped us a little? This is just all based from what I read and from what I think. If I offend some of you well I'm sorry I just want to help. There's nothing wrong with that is there? May all of us be guided. ~Luc
  23. Hearing Paganini's work is quite relaxing and thrilling at the same time. When I hear music, especially classical ones, I "see" the scenery. I feel like I am in the scene but I can't control what will happen next but I still feel a freeing sensation when listening to it. Music, in my opinion, is a good outlet of emotion. If you want to relax then hear a song, if you want to vent out your frustrations sing it away and if you're alone and want to cry then just turn on the radio and feel that you're not alone. Music is part of our lives like anything in this world. P.S. I just noticed that this can be like rambling to some of you. Sorry about that. I can't seem to get the right words.
  24. Figures. Well no harm in asking. This topic can be closed now. And have a HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. x3 May you all be guided. ~Luc
  25. Well I guess I can make a map but for personal use I guess. Another question: - Is there any other good places in the maze besides the entrance and the exit? - Is there a hidden something in there? - Is it worth it to make a map of the whole maze?
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