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  1. Well I thought so. Well I was going to ask [color="#ff0000"]Mur[/color] permission to investigate on it. Because it may be off limits or something. Well thanks for the posts. By the way don't close this yet someone might know something about it.
  2. Is there any chance that [color="#ff0000"]Mur[/color] would answer this question? Or would he post a picture of the thing that the statue is holding? I just can't stop thinking about it.
  3. [attachment=2934:Unknown.jpg] Does anyone know what the statue is holding? I can't see it clearly so can someone tell me what it is?
  4. I actually use the first(fiery) one as a bg for my Aeria games account.
  5. So let's see... Random order can be chaotic/destructive while ordered randomness is controlled in a way that you can handle it because you "expected" it but then life begins to fill the void. Not sure if my opinion actually makes sense though. Even I had a hard time thinking it up myself.
  6. Luc Recial AD: 208 I know I'm still quite young but I'm patient and very curious about this quest.
  7. Dang it..... Got fooled and I have an "Mood Panel" entry to prove it... I feel so... Fooled...
  8. So it's been 4 days since [color="#ff0000"]Mur[/color] posted and I was waiting for the drawing because I never got the chance to see it. Anyway after looking closely at fractals that Brulant made I think that I figured something out about the fourth gate or " the void". I think the fourth gate is where chaos resides and where order also resides. It's like this: Chaos keeps popping up new sub-shapes making new ones as it sees fit.Then Order closes off sub-shapes to keep it neat(balanced). So it's just an endless cycle which one(chaos) opens sub-shapes and the other(order) closes them. But to be honest I don't know what's all this is all about. I regret to say that I'm not yet at [color="#ff0000"]Mur[/color]'s level [s][size="1"]of craziness[/size][/s].
  9. I like the idea but no. Why? Because spells can be abused and what if 2 people want different weather? One snowing the other raining? Which one would be applied? I'd suggest it would be controlled by kings/RPC/[color="#ff0000"]Mur[/color] because it would turn to chaos if more than 1 person want to change the weather.
  10. @Curiose: Well I think it can be neutral as well like a traffic light turning green to orange to red to orange to red and so on. Like this: GREEN <---> ORANGE <---> RED It's a never ending cycle in my opinion. Well on to what [color="#ff0000"]Mur[/color] said: So a fractal ehh... And now I definitely know that I'm off the right track... But I need to say this before I forget or go crazy... I think that the fourth gate is our want or need for something, a void, but when we are satisfied it closes. I actually can't explain it and I don't even know if I'm on the right track anymore. So I'll stop here for now and collect my thoughts.
  11. Well look at what's happening now. [color="#ff0000"]Mur[/color] makes everything chaotic and fun not like we can do the same.
  12. Hmm... So it comes down to balance ehh... Or either completely remove the fourth gate... I personally wouldn't want to completely remove it though... Why? Because it's a part of us. It's that's simple and maybe without it we maybe less of a human. I actually got confused and I think my idea is way off... Why? Because I only base things by experience and feelings... So to summarize my ramblings above: The fourth gate is both good and bad but not at the same time. So I conclude that the fourth gate in us is "emotion" it's the only thing that separates us from any other being. Why? I don't know I just feel it is. EDIT: Oh yeah and emotion can ignite the "inner sun' within us. Just look at the music video of Katty Perry - Firework the best example I have at the moment.
  13. If I understand you correctly [color="#ff0000"]Mur[/color] we, humans, are individual systems that have "inner suns"... In my opinion that's correct in a way that we humans always have a void in us. We humans will never be satisfied, maybe for a time but not "infinitely" or forever. So like your example says pain, suffering, etc. is a way to amplify our creativity and this is true. I say this is true because when ever I feel alone, sad, etc. I write poems to ease the pain and that turns into a lovely poem even if it's "made" from pain. But what I do not know is if the point of void is either good or bad? I'll elaborate more when you answered my question [color="#ff0000"]Mur.[/color]
  14. @Pipstickz: To be honest we will always need an organized and small group because if it's too big then it will be disorganized and then miscommunication, misunderstandings, and so on will come follow. My point is there must be always a small part in our society that needs to be kept in check but I agree with you on information. I suggest that there must be a weekly, monthly or even yearly update about information on MD but to be honest life ain't like that either it actually takes years for new to come by. For example "Dragons" if I remember correctly they just found out remains recently and proved that there were creatures like those(I believe this to be true because I saw it in Discovery Channel ). So to summarize: Information is great if distributed correctly and deadly if distributed half-cooked. And besides just have faith in [color="#ff0000"]Mur [/color]he knows what he's doing, maybe.
  15. First go the MDA lands and pick up your papers: 1) Personal papers and 2) Hate page/list. Second fill those up with back story, history, your story or whatever just not spoilers and anything that is forbidden. Third and maybe not lastly find good friends that you can rp with or just chat with so that you can practice your RPing skills.
  16. To make thins clear: I originally had [b]one[/b] and now I have [b]two[/b]. So you will get it no matter what.
  17. So MD also has an apocalyptic stage and it's not even 2012 yet... Anyway, I just want to point out that Mur is "god" in this world of his and we are only pawns so to speak. What rights do we have if he wanted to (drastically)change some parts of the game. Maybe he sees some issues we don't and he just doesn't want us to know any of it, well not yet anyway. And as for my previous post. I still want to level my creatures to the max at MP5. I don't care if it's frozen or not I just want all of the creatures that are available in MP5 be maxed out.
  18. The only thing I don't like is that the MP6 are the only ones that can max every creature. Why you ask? Because to be honest I intend to be MP5 forever(not sure though but most likely). But I do have a suggestion though why not let MP6 have a new creature that can only be used by MP6? That way I wouldn't have a creature that's "half-baked"(not fully maxed). I'm a perfectionist and I get irritated when I don't max everything.
  19. I maybe wrong but I think I remember that Mur ban the made-up information because it made us astray from what Mur wanted us to go to. Let's say we are on a multiple-path or 3 path(to be specific) quest that Mur made for us then someone made a rumor that lead to another path, then that would make 4 paths. Then some of us may or may not go to the fourth path but those some that went to the fourth path would be going in a wrong direction. To summarize: We are going on a quest that was made by Mur and we need proper info from him not from some made-up history that could very much(very little) destroy the thing that Mur created.
  20. [quote name='Tarquinus' timestamp='1298869098' post='79704'] Sure about that, are you? [/quote] Like I said I haven't found any proof whatsoever and I don't have the proper knowledge of MD yet so I can't give an exact answer. I consider myself as a newb still because of that. And by the way to clarify/revise the last part of my previous post so that it will answer "Ever wondered why there is a Sun?": In MY terms: The sun is there because: It's a being that represents guidance. It's a being that should be looked up to. It's a being that gives itself selflessly for others benefits.
  21. I actually wondered why we have reason and meaning in our lives... On Topic: In scientific terms: It makes the world go round, literally. In MD terms: I actually haven't found out yet but I guess it has something to do with balance. But maybe not because there's no moon in MD or even a night. So I think the sun is a source of guidance. In MY terms: The sun is what I want to be. A light to others. A being that's always looked upon. A star that gives it's all for the sake of everyone and everything around it. EDIT: I think I sounded poetic in the last part and got off topic but that's what in me anyway. You got a problem with being poetic?
  22. I'd join this side. EDIT: I'd like to be a tester.
  23. I vote "NO". Why? Because TC was made for a reason. It was also meant to be a way to explore all of the lands. I don't care how you enter a land it's your decision. MD is like life you cut corners or you don't or both in my case. So to be clear. TC is meant(in my opinion) to be that way because if it wasn't TC should have been removed a long time ago. Besides "Exploring" is one of the tips in the early MP3 stage. If I remember correctly no one ever said how to do explore so you can explore in any way you can. P.S. I have a question though. Do you believe that TC itself is the problem or the people who told others that TC can be used to enter other lands EDIT: There's a difference between the two you know. So think carefully.
  24. I like the ranger one. By the way is he looking down or is he headless? Just want to clear it up.
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