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  1. This sucks. Oh well, might as well get used to the default one.
  2. I just bought the bronze avatar. Am I suppose to be able to use avatars now? Because I still can't get any from the vault, even "level 0" ones.
  3. Perhaps a collection, but a collection that takes up lots of room. Aren't we limited in the number of items we can carry? Unless we have a house or vault somewhere that I am unaware of... And who would want noob items?
  4. Hi! I have searched the Q/A forum about items and I have found non that talked about selling or getting rid of items. So how do we get rid of them? Why can't we just put them in a garbage can at the bottom of the screen or something like that and be done with them? Very nice unique game. Thanks for not cloning another's idea and CREATE something NEW... something that most companies are unable to do since a long time ago... that is CREATE something new.
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