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  1. Happy Birthday my Friend, Wishing you all the best have a blessed birthday:)

    1. Ungod


      Happy birthday

    2. Fang Archbane

      Fang Archbane

      Happy birthday mah dude~

    3. Bashaw Steel

      Bashaw Steel

      Eagle Eye! Good to see you again:)
      and haaaaappy b day to gonzalo too!:D

  2. Merry Christmas to my fellow MD lover;) blessed xmas.

  3. Congratz Miq and Best Wishes

  4. Blessed Day Always:)

  5. No data received! Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.

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    2. Rophs


      Is this common on phones or in your browser on a PC?
    3. nadrolski


      Me on desktop PC.
    4. Eagle Eye
  6. Please Visit Aramory and Paper Cabin. Thank you

  7. thanks to all for helping me back to mp6. worshiper and adepts are welcome again thank you so much

  8. I'll be there soon, Thanks for all your prayers Fellow MDeyers

    1. John Constantine

      John Constantine

      May the Eagles watch over you from above!
    2. Eagle Eye

      Eagle Eye

      Thankbyou John Constantine. Its my pleasure to say thank you
  9. I need your help to be my adept and worshiper are welcome

  10. I'm still missing you:))

  11. Needed adept and worshiper are welcome

  12. I am running 2 MD Birthday Quest. Have FUN

  13. Happy Birthday Magicduel

  14. power overrwheelming

  15. worshiper and adepts are welcome. thanks to al

  16. CloudFlare is Back and goes to Error

  17. I can't login

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    2. samon


      Yep, don't think it's cloudflare this time, though
    3. Tipu


      Thats the consequence of Killing me ...Now share my Pain GUHAHAHA...
    4. Chewett
  18. Happy Birthday dear zeTsu grass, i miss you

  19. Happy New Year and a prosperous Year to All

    1. nadrolski


      Happy New Year, boss EE
  20. Merry Christmas MD people, council and Mur

  21. Happy Birthday MOEPHUS:)

  22. Christmas is near ding dong ding dong

  23. The aroma of is Christmas is near

    1. nadrolski


      Boss, i smell 13th month BONUS! :D
    2. Eagle Eye

      Eagle Eye

      ummhhh, sounds good Boss
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