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  1. I was asked a bit ago, to post an idea I had... but as we know that I am not the quickest to reply to just about anything, (at least lately) So I am posting it now. The idea comes from this quote, by me, if you must know, in a conversation I had that 'bit ago.' "It appears that I owe you another apology. I checked several times under the "upload avatars" page, and it appeared that there had not been any change. Little did I realize that there had been, and I should have checked my vault to see that change. [color=#ff0000]Perhaps approved avatars should have a green box around them, compared to the unapproved ones that receive a red box? Just a small suggestion in case there are any others as unobservant as myself.[/color] (This will be all from me, your patience in this matter was most refreshing.)" As you can see, the suggestion is in red. We'll see if this goes anywhere, but let me know what you think. (PS: I regret that I have no pictures to help you grasp this.) [center][center]~Best wishes,[/center][/center] [center][center]TGW[/center][/center]
  2. Stop. Everyone, let's remember what the original post for this was about, before it gets out of hand. Awi, was right. Though I do not appreciate him bringing up dst's name, since I believed this to be a generic review of the harassment in MD... the latter part of his arguement is what we should focus on. Sure we could go back and forth, with each person taking a side and speaking their thoughts on the subject, but that will only end up like many of the other forums. An endless chain of debate, where feelings are hurt, or people are just mearly insulted and annoyed. But If we wish to accomplish something through this, we need to take action as Awi mentioned. I'm not exactly sure how, but that's what we need to do. (I was never too involved in orginizing movements, but I will help where I can.) Like Curiose, who did the right thing in my eyes, took action and left a message behind that was hard to ignore So anyway, I think it would be best if someone volunteers to take lead of whatever this movement will be, and then lock this forum. Any further information can me PM'd to that person, or in a new forum based on the new group.
  3. The sarcasam in this forum is as thick as mud… I approve of this new way of approaching the problem. Perhaps if speaking sense to others won’t work, speaking nonsense will. I’m glad you posted this Firs… you pompous buffoon!
  4. I noticed that there was a need expressed for a explanative document in both the critic’s review and your own, Kyphis. There are many simple things that are explained in the original tutorial, but there are ten times as many questions that new players can find to ask. The critic mentioned on how players were “slow to respond,” to anything he had to say, and were vague in their answers. I know this is because there are few of us, who are not constantly active, and that we want there to be a certain air of mystery about MD, but perhaps is should be clearly defined as to what questions we will answer, and which ones should be found out on their own. What am I getting at? Well, just as it was brought up in the discussion of Law Advisors and rules, I think there should be a collective document of general information, just for the knowledge of newer players. (Or older forgetful ones.) It could be a collection of simple details on gameplay and just how things normally go on in MD. Find out what players struggle with, and come up with answers or clues for them. Yes, I understand there are the LHO’s, and I believe this document should be [i]their [/i]collection; but just having a LHO available is not always enough. (Which as a side note, the critic mentioned on how we have our own “lingo” that only [i]we[/i] seem to understand. Perhaps part of the document could be definitions of acronyms and words specific to MD. Such as “Live Help Operator.”) It’s also understood that there is a FAQ in the MagicDuel game… it is a good start, but is obviously not enough. Seeing as that some quit with many questions unanswered. And for any of you who are thinking players can just go to the forums to find information… have you actually tried doing this? The critic specifically mentioned how the forums seemed to be filled with players chatting and speaking of the “drama” in MD. It is quite difficult to find information there without having to hunt for long periods of time, so it is not exactly a well of knowledge. So in ending, I’m not sure the details of how this document should be made, or where it should be placed… but I sincerely believe it should be worked upon and made a reality. Thank you for any consideration you give this; and many thanks for your time Kyphis. I know we all appreciate it.
  5. Here is my entry... and yes, for those of you wondering, I did draw the ghosts inside of gimp. They are not taken from "the outside." This is the (Broken Pattern Gazeebo interior) scene.
  6. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1313139250' post='90054'] Question: why rely on people when we can gather all rules and regulations on a big list (forum or in game, doesn't really matter)? And we can update the list as rules change or new rules are added or old rules are removed? I agree that there are some gray areas in the rules but maybe having that list will help us reduce the gray areas. [/quote] [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1313178737' post='90075'] What dst/BFH says is true, there are unwritten rules, even banable ones, so an updated list would be nice - perhaps ones the Law Advisor's have the ability to edit and keep up to date? The use of the individuals is then for understanding of the rules, rather than necessarily finding them out at all. [/quote] As with what dst and Grido said... It would seem to me, that a collective document of rules is practically a necessity. Such a list would achieve many things in the safekeeping of Law Advisors. First of all, there would be no Law Advisor that should mistake a rule, or misinterpret it… if they claim as such, it would be a mark against them, because it is written out for them in the document. Secondly, rules and information for players would be received more quickly. Seeing as that, if any Law Advisor would be unsure of the rule that should be applied, it would be there for them to look up and deal with quickly. Thirdly, as mentioned before, there may not always be a Law Advisor available… this would be a good fallback for anyone who would be curious as to the laws a regulations for their lands. And finally, this would allow Mur to view and check the rules that have been collected, and allow him to see the entries of the Law Advisors. This way, the rules could not be opinionated, they would have to be factual, and there would not be any misguidance by corrupt concepts. This idea definitely has my support, so long as it comes with the documents to back it. It would be a great relief; compared to having to hunt through the forums for information, when it could be found quickly through the Law Advisors, or the papers.
  7. A question; will contestants be able to participate in both the drawing and the poetry part of the contest? If so, will they only be able to win one prize, or can they be awarded multiple? (In the rare chance that both of their works would be considered for such.)
  8. I'm not sure that Mp5 is something everyone wants to rush into... though this may seem like a good idea at face value, I have my doubts. Mp5 is greatly different that Mp4 and I would hate to see players run into this new stage before they are ready. I encourage the Mp4s to think about where you are now, and if you are actually ready to advance. I have been on about the same amount of time you have been Pashweetie, and I know I for one, am not ready yet. That is why I have to say, I'm sorry, but I will not be participating in this.
  9. Since this is related to the free credit sites I would like to suggest a new link for Crimson Games. The current one does not take you to where you can vote. Would not the follow link be better suited for our purposes? [url="http://www.crimsongames200.com/index.php?a=in&u=magicduel"]Crimson-Games200[/url]
  10. This forum is for those who want to submit stories and/or those who have been confused in any way about how Story Night works. I have realized that many problems with orginization and advertisement have fallen upon Curiose to solve. This is something I do not want to happen too often. Just to let everyone know, it is more fun if you are there in person than waiting for the log of the event to be posted. Below is a list of questions many of you have had, I hope this clears some things up. (Please keep this forum fairly clean/empty. This is not a chat room.) [u][center]Q: How often does Story Night occur?[/center][/u] [center]A: Usually around, every three weeks.[/center] [u][center]Q: If I have a question or story to submit, who do I get help from?[/center][/u] [center]A: PM either, The Great Wanderer, Kyhpis the Bard, or Curiose[/center] [u][center]Q: Should I send my story by the Game PM or the Forum PM?[/center][/u] [center]A: We would rather have your stories sent via the Forum, but if you must you may send by Game[/center] [u][center]Q: How should I submit my story?[/center][/u] [center]A: Send a PM with the story in it. (Please keep it appropiate) Along with the PM you should mention what time(s) you are planning to present it.[/center] [u][center]Q: Do I have to present a story to be there?[/center][/u] [center]A: NO! Please come not matter what, the bigger the audience the better.[/center] [u][center]Q: Is story night really awesome?[/center][/u] [center]A: Of course, so be there! [/center]
  11. I am currently vary busy with Story Night and other such events, however if you are having trouble finding an editor... you may look to me in the near future. If nobody else raises their hand through the vast sea of players... then feel free to message me and I will see what I can do to give you an example of some of my works. (Good luck with this idea. I know projects such as these can be a bit overwhelming at times, but I hope you are able to accomplish what you want to.)
  12. It is a sad fate when a group of people are not bound together by understanding. It is in the end, your decision of course. However, I think anyone so far, has failed to mentioned that MD is about more than just fighting, winning and losing. This game is truely unique in design and gameplay... when we begin to lose sight of that, then bad things [i]will[/i] happen. I feel that at the same time we cannot stress too much over a decision such as this, we also sould put some protest about it. On one side, the choice seems to have been a bit rash in the light that there was only one reason for leaving. (Not that there isn't any more...) but all the same, a decsion made in anger is one that could change. On the other side it is important that we say something. This as in, one player can represent a whole. If many players are being alienated by constant abuse than maybe this is something that should be adressed. This is my opinion. ~TGW
  13. The lights in town flickered out, women screamed and children cried. I sit alone in the cold... "MD is dead!" Is the cry from the streets, and now I know the world will sit forever in darkness. So, actually now that Story Night is postponed I have just been writing poems and stories... Story 1: "The shadow swallowed daylight itself, casting the world into chaos..." Story 9: "The child screamed for mercy as the rabid dog neared..." Story 22: "The wounded deer bit the hunter out of sheer anger..." Story 76: "There once was a man, the end." So as you can see they are getting steadily worse. Please save us!!! (PS: I have recieved several complaints from the city hall about random pieces of paper being tacked up around town. Something to do with some madman who has no where to publish his writings.)
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