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  1. All the lands have water except for no mans land which only has a puddle at the path of loneliness and the fountain must have water in it as it is a location which simply zero can teleport to, which if my understanding is correct is limited to locations with water. As for the Tribunal it has a water pump.

    As for how they transfer it probably from buckets which can only hold and not gather, which can be made from other resources.

    As for the actual topic it's self, if there is going to be only 1 mining guild based in Golemus, then I suppose for the sake of balance based on the limited resources that a water handling guild should be in either Marind Bell or Necrovion (if one was to be made), but that really would depend on the overall distribution of "gathering guilds". I am certain people would be frustrated being sold something mined in their land by another land, especially if they had nothing in return to sell/trade.

    Just my opinion.

  2. As I see it there are 3 ( I could be wrong) active player who can actively make it rain through spells, so it were to be freelanced it could lead to certain people getting "rich" very quickly, and simply preferred.

    What I would suggest is have it forced per guild to have at least on water gatherer as a role, somewhat like an apprenticeship. Rather than have a specific guild just for people collecting water, although it could work.

    But use of water, is not just applicable to farming and alchemy, even in various other professions it would be required like blacksmithing.

    So the bottom line is, I think freelancers for water gather would be bad mainly due to ease of a corrupt monopoly over it.

    They should be for each guild at least one as per needed. (as they are made)


    Make the guild for waterbearers specifically, but have it placed in a land with little to no future professions.

    Just my opinion.

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