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    Eating cake (duh) that is why i'm part of 'The Cake Eaters'
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  1. Just wondering if my application has been overlooked or rejected because i've been waiting for two weeks with no response. [b]Mur: Rejected.. patience is mandatory[/b]
  2. don't forget that the time difference might mean a different day in some countries. Are we talking about server time here or what?
  3. Playername: methys Active Days: 101 Citizenship: None Reasons: I check the forums regularly, (however right now I'm on holidays and have limited access to the net but when I do I always log onto md and the forums) I also don't have any grudges in game and try to remain impartial (it would be against my chraracter to do otherwise as well) and I would love to take a more active part in the game, transporting rewards to players seems right my ally. I know I'm a relatively young player but i would really love to do this. Thank you for considering my request ~methys
  4. while i agree things could be more structured to help new players figure out what to do in md in the end i think there should be more freedom given to players to decide the course of things. This does make play a whole lot more complicated but it also has the potential to make the game more interesting because of the diversified opportunities that would become available.
  5. The winners of the contest were: 1st Place - Lightsage 2nd Place - Zelath Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who came!
  6. Next Picnic Time(s) is decided: 13th November 23:00pm (server time) - Tranquil Plains 14th November 12:00pm (server time) - Tranquil Plains All are welcome, this is a great chance to meet other players and make new friends. There will also be opportunities to earn some easy silver (albeit in small amounts). As an incentive I currently have 3 silver (apart from what is being used for the contest) that is up for grabs for anyone who really livens up the picnic. This may be split up and given to two or three players or, if someone makes the picnic exceptionally fun they will get all of it. This time there will also be a contest. It involves participating in a series of three games which will earn you points. The person with the highest number of points will get 3 silver and the person with the second highest will get two silver. As there are two picnic times there will also be two contests however only the person with the highest score overall (regardless if they participated in the first or second contest)will be awarded the prize. The games are: Guess the Title (5 points) - A title of one of the CE members will be given. You must name the player that owns the title and pm me with your answer. 1 point is given for each correct answer. Appease Muffin (5points) - Muffin, the Cake Master's pet baby mutant cake has for some reason become disagreeable and angry. You will be given two chances to 'appease Muffin'. Points will be awarded for degree of success and creativity. Each attempt will be scored out of 2 with 0 given for unsuccessful attempts, 1 for marginal success and 2 for completely appeasing Muffin. The fifth point will be awarded according to the creativity of your method. (as judged by me, Methys) Cake Design Competition (Five points)- Come up with an idea for a new cake with a description of its appearance, description and effects (if it has any). Check the MD cakebook for an idea of what you need to do. Points are awarded for creativity, detail and appeal (ie a cake of rocks is not very appealing. Again it will be judged by me). Submissions should be sent through pm. Rules of Participation: 1. No alts allowed 2. No groupwork 3. Pm's must be sent before the 23:59pm, 14th November The contest prize will only be given out if there are at least five participants. Also if there is a tie for first place a tie breaker will be held and the loser will get the second place prize. (if there are more two people tied then the tiebreaker will still be used and first and second place will get the prizes)
  7. Happy birthday!!! *starts baking Rasiel a special birthday cake*
  8. Rowan/ Cat hehe, its not too far off...
  9. methys


    i'm curious, what would mine be?
  10. methys

    Md Cake Book

    Nightshade Berry Cake Dedicated to Magustrick and Agis Asticles Description: A cake shaped in the form of a skull and crossbones. The inside is marbled with a purple jam made from nightshade berries as well as other secret ingredients. Eat at your own risk. Taste: 3/5 Effect: Hallucinations, shivers, euphoria, nausea, enhanced senses and death *Note: This cake also comes with the option of icing produced from the Cake Master's pet cake Muffin. Flavour varies from day to day. Necroberry Cake Dedicated to Magustrick Description: This cake uses the fruit of the elusive necroberry plant, a plant that feeds of the blood of fallen adventurers. Decorated with whole necroberries, the cake is a simple round shape coated in necroberry icing giving it a pale red appearance. It has a distinctly bloody aftertaste. Taste: 2/5 (5/5 for residents of Necrovion)
  11. Next Picnic Time has been decided: 28 August, 3:00 at Marind's Roundabout
  12. One question, even assuming someone else wanted to marry Grido, isn't Grido the one who decides who he marries? So, from what I can gather he will ignore the other offers, get the 50 coins and (hopefully) marry DST. So what's the point in offering Grido other options? (although i wouldn't mind seeing a Grido-Chewy pair myself). and btw, if there is a wedding (regardless of who marries who)i wanna make a cake.
  13. methys

    Md Cake Book

    Brain food Dedicated to.. well you'll see. Description: A cake designed to make you feel smarter with every bite. It is made in the shape of a miniature water dragon with outstretched wings of marzipan. The dragon is frozen in the process of shooting a jet of water into the sky, made using a delicate wafer of spun sugar. The inside is made of a light cake batter that melts in your mouth, interspersed with small sweetened chunks of the special ingredient... DARIGAN'S BRAIN! Taste: 3/5 Effect: Increases intelligence *Note: Due to the rarity of the special ingredient this cake has been discontinued and will no longer be made. In its place an alternate cake named 'Sweet Enlightenment' has been created with the same make up of the above cake except including a knowledge potion instead of the brain. The new cake has a taste rating of 4/5.
  14. Sounds good. But don't the contestants need to be well known and stuff for the most entertainment?
  15. methys

    Md Cake Book

    Hi everyone! I have embarked on a quest to create a cookbook entirely made up of MD inspired cakes. The actual recipes/ ingredients won't be included because they're Cake Master secrets but I'll be posting a bunch of cake descriptions. Tell me what you think. I'm open to suggestions for cakes, as in ingredients, effects, concepts and things. Here are the first few cakes: The Mur Description: The taste of this cake remains a mystery, even to those who have encountered it. Named in honor of the mysterious Mur. Taste: ?/5 Effect: ??? Loreroot berry cake Description: A cake made using the elusive loreroot berry. All ingredients were gathered with the permission of the plants and creatures that provide them. The taste is light and elusive, always leaving you wanting more. Taste: 5+/5 Effect: N/A Pincelberry Cake Dedicated to Dracolath as an apology for attacking him when he wasn't ready Description: A delicious cake flavored with the rare pincelberry that grows only in Golemus. The perfect way to say sorry. Taste: 5/5 Effect: N/A Burbleberry Cake Dedicated to Magustrick for annoying me Description: Gorgeous looking with an enticing aroma the cake seems like heaven on earth. One bite leaves you... not wanting more. The burbleberry comes from the lands of Necrovion, its taste formed by feeding off the darkness of shades and the fallen dead. Taste: -2/5 Effect: Poisons magustrick Pixie's Delight Dedicated to Iridian Moonblossom Concept: Big things come in small packages. Description: A tiny cake shaped in the form of a forest fairy. The wings are made of spun sugar marbled with different berry juices. The cake seems ordinary at first glance but when you take a bite... POW! Flavors explode in your mouth as you taste the delicious berry jam hidden within the core. Taste: 5/5 Effect: N/A Sunblock Cake Dedicated to Ratsplat Description: An innocent looking cake that has a very unusual effect. The cake combines the Supreme Cake Master's special spell holding cake mix with some SPF +30 sunscreen. Perfect for keeping the sun off vampires, albino's, accursed creatures of darkness and Ratsplat. Taste: -1/5 Effect: Makes the eater invulnerable to the sun's rays for half an hour Rat’s Victory Dedicated to Ratsplat for challenging me with such an interesting concept and… inventive ingredients. -Variation of the Blood Cake Concept - The path to victory is built on the corpses of our enemies Description: A two layered cake separated by Crem a la rat, a sweetened puree of rat remains, sitting atop a crunchy base made of powdered rat bone. This is all topped off with rat blood icing giving the cake its distinctly crimson appearance. The cake itself is a mixture of sweet and savory in taste, to match its gory ingredients. Liberally laced with rat blood jam and juicy rat chunks it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘victory is sweet’. Taste: -5/5 Effect: Can cause eater to throw up or contract food poisoning ~Methys (Cake descriptions may change slightly in future when I have time to expand them)
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