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  1. even if was broken... it was a gift and i treasure it like that... it's disapointing to see it being replaced..
  2. probably relative to this change: " [color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 2144 - [2011-12-26 18:58:29 - Stage 11][/color] Fixed an issue with using CTC's when a player had creatures immortalized in a bestiary. " Now on creature transfer i got attached error. Still the creature was properly transfered. Edit by Chewett: sql message removed on request by R
  3. [size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]Soulweaver 2Gc 5 sc[/font][/size]
  4. The MD Xmas Festivity! [attachment=3563:ZenContest.jpg]
  5. 1 sc Elemental5 ID [color=#999999][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2]757029[/size][/font][/color]
  6. Sasha's Bra legend born on this Xmas Carols, grown on Xmas Letters and Ends NOW! Even because my wife did find out that i've been writting about a bra for 3 days.. i'm soooo dooomed :-) I would also like to say that was NOT my intention at any mean no disrespect or offend any the characters or persons i've put into the stories. My sincere apologies if i did. darkraptor
  7. Not in the last weeks. Maybe it can be closed.
  8. 3 Silver for Elemental1 [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]ID 56888[/font][/color]
  9. If my wife dreams that i've been writting about a bra for 2 days... i'm soooo dead! Lol
  10. correction: POOR ZenTao's Dress!!! :-P
  11. Never thought "secret people" would mean a vote pool :-)
  12. Well i must say, from my point of view, That kind of "alliance move" is not a honorable one. In fact, and by whats being said, my perspective of Eon character was totally wrong, since i considered Eon a Fierce But Honorable fighter... Still, every day that passes the alliance badge is paying out on land loyalty.
  13. Many things have been said about resources and resource depletion and now recent alliance moves seem to have made a giant step into the depletion of the East... Its a sad day to me and even if i'm not a citizen of the East i care about its depletion, until now viscosity was probably the best thing to avoid it. Its hard to realize that starting today it seems viscosity will no more be a obstacle to one of the well known depleters. There is still some hope... behavior is possible to change.. soon we will see...
  14. Auction Ended. VorniC was the top bider. Please close
  15. Just got access to script, i would like to study and learn from your code Fyrd. Thank you
  16. playername: darkraptor I can't cook, but i can eat; I can't clean but i can trash the place... i will be a slave at your service
  17. I'm selling a 25M heat Water Daimon (30 days age) reserve value : 14 sc This auction will close on 3 days.
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