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  1. I'll jump on every hour to see if you are on
  2. Reset the game and send everyone who hated me in the past an email letting them know the game has been reset. I feel like people would be excited to be on an even playing field again. Rivalries make a game exciting, I miss my enemies.
  3. Whats this mean Chew? Do you get to do things at your own pace freely now instead of having to wait on confirmation from Mur? Will things actually be moving faster around here? How are the kids? Your closest friend, Eon
  4. Who's playing Overwatch or plans to play it?

    1. Blackshade Rider

      Blackshade Rider

      ive thought about playing it


    2. Aethon


      Playing. It's amazing.

    3. Chewett


      Its meh, we played it all at work for a bit, some chars still need balancing,

      Its a mix of a lot of different things but nothing special enough to wow you

  5. Okay so we got Chew on board. A couple more people putting their backing behind Sun, a phone call to Mur and we can call this a success. Who's with us!?!
  6. Getting involved in this thread shows you do care about land politics, at least the Easts. You're sitting there peacefully in the Labyrinth because every other role you tried to achieve failed terribly. You wanted to be "special," you and Fang are remarkably similar that way. I sure haven't forgotten about that phase where you all of a sudden started asking people to start referring to you as "Death," despite not even having the power to kill, which I had at the time. I think it really gets under your skin that people seem to have had less of a problem with me trying to become ruler and give rulership of the land to another, than people had with your request for the role of "Death." You shouldn't mention pretending when you yourself attempted to pretend and then got ridiculed out of wanting a role. All rulers should be a bit different, Sunfire would be different than me, I'm sure. He's more personable and will reach out to people to form bonds. I don't like to push my citizens one way or the other, I let them do what they want. My vision of a land being great is by having citizens that achieve great things. Citizens achievements reflect on the land they are associated with. If any of my citizens requested help I would have helped them, because I'd rather see them make the land look good than full of failures. I achieved more than you ever could have long before joining the East, and I've achieved plenty since then. I've been absent the last few years but that's mostly because I honestly felt that I had essentially won the game. DST, No One and myself achieved whatever we set our minds to, basically every time. The first time I left the game for 6 months and came back, I stayed for awhile because the Necrovians had gained a lot of power and unity while I was away. We fought a ton but I got tired of only having one big group to battle all the time.
  7. He'd do a better job leading it at this point, I no longer have the time to commit.
  8. I got the first point towards the crown, two in fact. Those points mean nothing to me though, even Shadowseeker managed to get two.
  9. That was posted while I was away from the game. I think it's pretty clear they just made a tremendous error and forgot about me (which I'll let slide this time but don't make a habit out of it). Once they update the kings/queens list again I'm sure you'll be on it.
  10. Jester you toothless bum, where are you?

  11. After three or so wonderful years as Ruler of the East I am stepping down effective immediately. Sunfire will be taking my place, and I expect everyone to give him the respect that you had given me during these years. I will still be aligned with the East. Now I know you're a loyal bunch, and I can't stop you from calling me your Empress, but please don't do that in front of Sunfire. It would be very disrespectful. Your former ruler, Eon.
  12. Hello citizens, I ask that all those from the East become adepts of Nimrodel, another Eastern citizen, so that we may have the sole protector in the realm. Your light in this dark realm, Eon