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    Esmaralda got a reaction from ignnus in What is Wiiya to you?   
    It is food for my ever constipated, leaking, smelly and exfoliating pimps. And they are starving and constantly singing their lament... 
    "Bring it back, bring it back, don't take it away from me, because you don't know.. what it means to me."
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    Esmaralda reacted to Muratus del Mur in A dream of necromancy   
    Creature creation via item combiners is indeed something i am aiming for.
    In addition, without making any promises..on the long run, CUSTOM creature creation might become a reality too
    All technical aspects and concepts allow such a featureeven right now..but shhh..many more other things to do before this node will be crossed
    Os. I am seeing md evolution in terms of intersecting oathways that build nodes, nodes become announced features. For those accusing me of lack of plans in md development, here is your explenation...not something many can grasp. Retrocausality ... Nodes in the future cause their pathways/roots in the past. In short words, md evolving as a live organism.
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    Esmaralda reacted to lashtal in A dream of necromancy   
    I'm pretty sure Necromancers from all the lands will remember this day as a milestone, the foundation of a new era.
    Today, a first couple of headless skeletons were raised from the bones of the fallen. 
    I can't help but wonder what the future may bring: with the use of item combiners, totems and cauldrons, the possibilities are endless...
    Headless Skeleton + Skull: Skeleton 
    Skeleton + Skin (maybe Fat too? discuss pro- and cons-): Zombie
    then what, Zombie + Bandages + ... Wax?: Mummy!
    Now, a Mummy could be "usable", once in a looong time, the effect being a powerful curse on all the players in the same scene  (and their families as well! ). Imagine it guarding a scene, a clickable, a treasure.
    I know I'm going wild, I'm daydreaming. Please feel free to share your thoughts and your dreams as well.
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    Esmaralda reacted to Fenrir Greycloth in Spam And It's Different Ways   
    Was my previous post off topic? Or was it deviant from the message of the original post? If so, I would like to know what was wrong with it.

    I honestly don't care about my post count. They mean nothing.

    We all post offtopic, but is it actually spam? No.

    Posting off topic is wrong, yes. But unless it is a constant attempt to disrupt the forum what is the point of punishing others for it?

    2. (lowercase) a disruptive, esp. commercial message posted on a computer network or sent as e-mail.


    My point here is that just because one goes off topic, it doesn't mean it is bad. When you have a conversation with someone do you stay on topic all the time? No. Well, this forum is just like the game chat. We talk about a subject, and sometimes it goes off topic.

    Now when someone comes in and starts trying to disrupt things by swearing constantly or by talking in caps, it is justifiable to tell them to shut up and silence them if they don't listen. Well, that is an appropriate reaction here as well. Punish those who are actually posting useless crap/ off topic posts. Not those who go off topic occasionally, because Akasha, you would get punished as well. You go off topic as much as everyone else. Except for certain people of course.

    Edit 2:

    I forgot to add that most posts made by anyone are off topic according to you. Most people post their reply to the original topic and then reply to others. And then those people reply to the other people's replies. That isn't wrong either
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    Esmaralda reacted to Burns in Spam And It's Different Ways   
    once again, i feel tempted to put my toes on the line XD

    postive aspects: YAY, people will finally start thinking before posting crap
    YAY, less stupid spam to read for me =)
    YAY, people will hopefully try to stay ontopic, sometimes at least...

    negative aspects:
    Mod preview? that's like... you know, i think even the romanian mafia and tomato cultists have heard of free speech and such...
    I think/hope that mods will leave posts with content and stuff, but that's certainly looking a bit like Big Brother...

    Though i admit, he had it coming for a pretty long time LOL

    Are there certain warning levels and rules one should know about now? Or are they secret? Or are things being decided out of peoples mood? :/
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    Esmaralda reacted to phantasm in Caretakers and The Dead   
    In regards to Mur's announcement we Caretakers have began a new stage in our life.  Instead of trying to just bury or cremate the dead, now we are also charged with helping those who wish it back to life.  We have already had a few people step forward with flowers to try and bring back their kin.  We are working diligently on this project and will do our best to get those back to life.  Of course there are a few details to work out in order to comply with what Murs/chewys ideas are for these changes in dynamics. 
    Before we had Molquert to bring those back to life who could pass the challenges faced in order to be revived.  In the same we we also don't want to make it to where you just throw some flowers and poof they are revived.  Therefore it will be more like a repeatable quest that will involve people helping to revive a dead person.  More details will be posted as soon as we have an official write up on the quest.  Until then please have patience and enjoy your new death.  Please forum pm or in game message me with the name of the person you wish to revive.  We are making a list and revivals will be done as unbiased as possible, based on who has the requirements met and order of requests.  Any questions please feel free to contact me, we CTs want to ensure that people don't feel left out or abandoned. 
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    Esmaralda reacted to DARK DEMON in Death System   
    I also disagree with a system where every bit of attention is put into revival. That goes against what's really needed: to give death a purpose.
    About mini-quests or quests for revival... well, the dead can't move, so clicky-quests crossed out there and then. You have Molquert who offers tasks/riddles for revival too, but apparently people find that special treatment since it doesn't involve defeating his guards.
    I'm not sure what sort of automatic quest could be integrated into the system that a dead person could do/complete. For all intents and purposes, I can design a monstrously difficult Labyrinth of the Dead or something similar. But again, the dead can't move...
    Death is a game-quitting experience as it is currently, you have no freedom except chat in the scene you're in. Making it permanent is very wrong imo
    The blurred effect seems interesting and although its easy, it's extremely time consuming. I mean, who would do it? lol
    How many scenes there are in MD, and the task to edit all of them...
    Edit: not to mention that a terribly difficult revival task, or a permanent death system, would make both kill and revive items extremely overpowered. Kill items may potentially become ban items...
    Edit 2: By dead-only content, I was more referring to possibly things like obelisks that are only visible to the dead, or clickies that "mess around" with the living world, eg: clicky-obfuscator, etc.
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    Esmaralda reacted to Menhir in Death System   
    I thought about this seriously 2 years ago and in the end had an idea which would be something totally different. Thinking through it for some time made me realize it would need a huge efford to discuss and coding to be realized. So I didn`t went public with it. Now might be the best time to at least share it. The following represent the frame of the idea.
    Once you´re attacked by an assassin or deadly sick or poisened you would be moved by the "game" into an inbetween state of "not living and not dead yet". My idea was to mirror the realm of MD with certain locations to be more accessible  than others. On the visual side the art should be altered in some way, blurry or similar as if you look through a thin curtain. Chat with the living should be limited but still possible and again in some locations easier than in others and in certain scenes not possible. This 1st state should be limited by time (some days or weeks) and you should be able to prevent the actual state of death by solving a chain of quests and challenges (e.g. could be fighting with an set of predefined creatures combined with a story or quest). If one is not able to complete the challenges with a certain percentage of success the move to stage 2 (death) should be started. In this 24 hours (real playtime!) scenes should be changing to an unclear vision with even less possible actions ingame. Once arrived in stage 2 (death) communication with the living should be limited to a minimum (maybe only to certain characters who are able to talk with those on the other side). But the scenes should be clear again. A different setting of actions should be possible here but all concentrated to work on a "rebirth". Interaction with other "dead" people should be really powerful and shorten the time one needs to go back to the "reality" of the realm. To define the challenges in the stage of death could be a very pleasant community creation process. Most important from my point of view are the following ideas:
    - the stage of death should be filled with interesting possiblities but at the same time always filled the fear of the side effects of being dead
    being dead could mean:
    - draining of skills (loosing them slowing with percentage per hour real playtime)
    - loosing the importance of a role (until vanishing completely)
    - loosing items, resources (but only after a long time)
    - and perma death after a very long time    
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    Esmaralda reacted to Grido in Death System   
    Could always play it out like poltergeists. New ghosts can't do much, older ghosts can interact with things and mess with non-ghosts.
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    Esmaralda reacted to lashtal in Death System   
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    Esmaralda reacted to DARK DEMON in Death System   
    I think the Death System needs a bit of polishing.
    Currently it is boring, purposeless and the opposite of an interesting mode people would like to see it as. No, it should not be fun, but it should have a clear purpose and greater meaning than being used as a punishment/amusement in regards to the killer. For most people, death in MD has no more meaning than a bit of extra time needed to be spent for the revival, which I think is sad because it has the potential to be much more than that.
    Anyone else thinks the same way? Please post your thoughts!
    Personally I've received a few suggestions:
    ~ possible movement via heat veins
    ~ different graveyards for each land
    ~ dead-only content
    ~ ?
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    Esmaralda reacted to Tom Pouce in Land loyalty decay   
    skill decay as game desing can be potentially be bad

    If one has a game with significant decay for skill or other things of value, only those actively working to keep or increase skill will have some of value skills.

    Then some player will like it ,, but some players will feel on a threadmill that go nowhere, and either quit or decide that skill are worthless for the work necessary to maintain.
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    Esmaralda reacted to No one in Land loyalty decay   
    Not a really good idea ...
    quoting myself:
    1) Land loyalty decay ... could work if you wouldn't care about anything else / any other land. Consider that something happen and you get kicked out of your alliance and thus of your land. Then you'd start losing it. Would that still be ok ?
    Then, consider all those left without an alliance (or land lately), should their history get removed ? Like it didn't happen ?
    Or consider that some rewards would be : land loyalty. So, this gift would be useless within days/weeks.
    Maybe some do deserve being punished and to lose their land loyalty, but we're not talking about specific ppl but for everybody.
    So, no. I don't agree with the decay.
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    Esmaralda reacted to DARK DEMON in Fate of Necrovion   
    MD logic: you can win a war/ conquer a land by just removing the name of an organization without fighting/hurting a single enemy soldier lol
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    Esmaralda reacted to dst in Fate of Necrovion   
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    Esmaralda reacted to lashtal in Fate of Necrovion   
    My 2%: the fate of a land and the fate of its alliances are 2 separate things.
    When I joined Necrovion I was taught the land belongs to the Shades, while humans are merely guests.
    The fact Tainted Warriors has been disbanded is pure "mechanics" (the deep reason being dst's "I can do it, I dislike Necros, let's do it").
    Necrovion and the Shades is much more than that (given you, Mur, still consider valid considerations such as dark balance etc.).
    Close/erase Necrovion, and MD's balance gets messed (could be interesting, but then you might have to re-think / re-shape everything).
    Open Necrovion to all, restricted locations included, and you cast a big light where there should be only darkness.
    Hard to decide what to do... I would start by re-considering the powers a few vandals have.
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    Esmaralda reacted to Azull in Fate of Necrovion   
    This is based on the idea that an alliance defines the land. Which is not the case. Dst conquered an alliance, nothing more. 
    And here we see what your post is really about.
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    Esmaralda reacted to Aeoshattr in Fate of Necrovion   
    If a land is defined by its alliances, what's the point of citizenship then? 
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    Esmaralda reacted to Syrian in Fate of Necrovion   
    Azull is the king, and im the queen. but i dont understand why a land cant hold without an alliance either, we've had none in the past just fine, a land is about a bond, a connection between its people, you dont need a badge to uphold that.
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    Esmaralda reacted to Blackwoodforest in Fate of Necrovion   
    First thing, as mentioned above: Why does the land need to have an alliance and why can´t it still exists in this way without one? Where is the king of Necro? Why should the land be punished or changes for something technical.
    How about the "established housings"? Will you "close" the path of loneliness then? What will happend to Bob if the alliance disappear on day?
    That´s just a forced social pushing from my point of view. As Burns already mentioned too, some things are bound to this game.
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    Esmaralda reacted to Burns in Fate of Necrovion   
    Either way, please also consider that many people have invested a WP to gain access to the Graveyard (Tormented Souls location). Mind you, i don't think that should be an argument to open the land, i'm just throwing that out so you folks don't ignore it when making a decision. Either of the 'social solutions' might/will make people ask for refunds, and it'll likely be messy and time-consuming unless you prepare for it.
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    Esmaralda reacted to Azull in Fate of Necrovion   
    Why does a land have to have an alliance?
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    Esmaralda reacted to Maebius in Master of the Bushies - Sign Up   
    Ahh, why not! :D


    My favorite fruit is Apples. They come in so many different varieties, from sweet and squishy, to tart and crisp, and all combinations in between. They can be juiced, and baked, and are firm enough to pack well in a pocket for hiking into the wilderness, and store very well on a bowl without refrigeration for a good while. All in al la very convenient and tasty treat.
    Plus, they have lots of symbolism, with the seeds pattern and mythological significance across cultures. The world, not just in a grain of sand, but in a fruit, that I eat! neat!
    (close second is elderberry, for similar reasons, every year I harvest tons of them and make jelly, and cordials, and medicinal syrups, and the branches are hollow, and...)
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    Esmaralda reacted to lashtal in [Spell Doc Quest] - Chasing darkness (spell-doc quest): update   
    Having run this quest for one year now, I felt like sharing some stats.
    So far, 44 contacted me to start it.
    21 disappeared immediately after, 9 completed it, the others are somewhere on the way.
    Now, thanks to Chewett, I'm able to award a WP for those who perform extremely well and manage to amaze me. 
    (This also applies retroactively, I already found a couple deserving it)
    So, ladies and gentlemen! Forget about rabbits and come chasing darkness!  :ph34r:
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    Esmaralda got a reaction from Kyphis the Bard in Poetry Corner   
    I wrote these a while back, but since I just discovered this thread (by walking around the Archives), I figured I'd drop them here.
    The Maze
    [i]by Esmaralda[/i]
    Awalking down a path I went,
    One clear afternoon,
    And on the left a sign I saw,
    T'was sitting on a dune.

    And read that sign I did with care,
    It pointed to a maze,
    So heart in teeth down I proceeded,
    The world now to amaze.

    I took a left, then took a right
    Then turned around in spot,
    It dawned to me that very moment,
    The entrance I forgot.

    My eyes then searched a way about,
    As worry grabbed a hold,
    No exits; only walls of grass,
    Around me they enfold.

    And hunger was not far behind,
    And food nowhere to see.
    My belly grumbled quite unkind,
    My mind hoped for some tea.

    Yet when my lowest I did feel
    The end I saw in sight,
    A lady came and took my hand,
    To guide me from my plight.

    She lead me gently down a path
    Between two walls of green,
    And there in distance I did see
    The exit unforeseen.

    A lesson this adventure taught,
    The world is full of people,
    And if they friends of yours they are,
    They'll help you in a pickle.

    Four Archers
    [i]by Esmaralda[/i]
    One clear morning, down a path
    Four archers went along,
    And in a clearing, there they saw
    A tree that looked quite strong.

    And so they thought all to themselves,
    That tree must guard some treasure;
    The four of us with our here bows,
    We'll get it for our pleasure.

    The tree of yore did notice them
    And felt their evil plot,
    So in protection of himself,
    It hardened on the spot.

    Two strong, one weak and one recruit,
    The arches drew their bows,
    Their aim was true, upon the tree,
    They landed all their blows.

    As arrows stuck into the tree,
    They showed their owner's skill,
    Yet as the tree stood motionless,
    Its bark grew stronger still.

    The archers loaded and released,
    They shot twenty times over;
    And all their arrows hit their mark;
    They shaped a crimson clover.

    Yet in the end, the tree stood still,
    And would not fall it seems,
    As archers fired their last shot,
    They felt their shattered dreams.

    The tree not toppled, treasure hidden,
    They still felt like they won;
    For though they didn't get new pretties
    Their aim and skill built on.

    A moral do we take from here,
    A lesson true and true.
    Your strength will count for naught if ever,
    The tools you bring are pooh.

    [I wrote this one for a ceremony back when CoE still existed in Loreroot]
    Prayer to the Moon
    [i]by Esmaralda[/i]
    Moon of silver, moon that shines,
    Whom the weak you doest enshrine,
    Moon that sees our thoughts inside,
    Goddess of the rising tide,

    Thee, my goddess I profess,
    As my hands raise in distress.
    Bring the night back, let it glean,
    Bathe these lands in silver sheen,
    Let the shadows fall once more,
    In these lands like once before.

    Hear this priestess, hear her pray,
    Crackles in her voice betray,
    Yearning for the goddess reign,
    Day the sun will start to wane.

    See the longing in her heart,
    For the comfort you impart,
    Turn your eyes to servants plight,
    Wrap this land in black and white.

    [This one Fyrd Argentus wrote for me. He was awesome! He wrote it to look like trees as well. I was blown away. I think it's worth sharing =]
    [i]by Fyrd Argentus[/i]

    old as Forest, Young as Rain
    is she Norse, celt, Swede, or Dane?
    Question Not in Vain

    to dead Body Of great Ymir
    did old Odin Once give Life breath,
    Vé and Vili Gifted

    the First were Made in Midgard
    there was Ask and Mother Embla,
    deScended From them All,

    eschEWing Golden Tower
    sleeps noWhere but Leafy Bower,
    Friend of Pretty Flower

    shares Fruit with Bear in Glen
    put to Sleep by Song of Wren
    Knator Shares her Den

    runs Light on Rock and Heather
    of the Wood and In the Weather
    Dressed in Leaf and Heather

    seeds in Breezes Ever Sowing
    wet by Cool springs Ever Flowing
    Green life Ever Growing
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