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  1. It is food for my ever constipated, leaking, smelly and exfoliating pimps. And they are starving and constantly singing their lament... "Bring it back, bring it back, don't take it away from me, because you don't know.. what it means to me."
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    My babies

    My twins born on September 23rd, 2013
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    Boxes or List

    I don't like the box view either. It's makes it really difficult to find what you're looking for. With lists, I could at a glance see which sub-forums had new posts, or go to what I wanted to read. With these boxes it's a lot of scrolling. All that content to the right of it is not helping either (popular contributors, status updates etc). I wish there was a way I could turn that off (even if it's something that I can personalize myself, not necessarily a global change). It's wasting 1/3 of my monitor screen as far as I'm concerned.
  4. I can't say I like this look. It seems like it's taking waay to much space and I have to scroll a lot to see things. I hope it's an April 1st joke
  5. Thank you for making this quest. It was fun and I enjoyed it a lot =)
  6. Maybe there could be a max cap to fogginess in a scene, so it still looks good. Or maybe find another way to show this. I played a game once where they were trying to show that your mask froze, so what they did was to freeze the outside of the screen, so the center is visible, but the 20% of the edges look to have frost on them. So it still gave visibility, but had the effect that I thought my mask had frost on it. Maybe something similar can be done where you can still see the scene but the borders of the screen look all fogged up. Just an idea.
  7. I wrote these a while back, but since I just discovered this thread (by walking around the Archives), I figured I'd drop them here.   The Maze [i]by Esmaralda[/i] [spoiler] Awalking down a path I went, One clear afternoon, And on the left a sign I saw, T'was sitting on a dune. And read that sign I did with care, It pointed to a maze, So heart in teeth down I proceeded, The world now to amaze. I took a left, then took a right Then turned around in spot, It dawned to me that very moment, The entrance I forgot. My eyes then searched a way about, As worry grabbed a hold, No exits; only walls of grass, Around me they enfold. And hunger was not far behind, And food nowhere to see. My belly grumbled quite unkind, My mind hoped for some tea. Yet when my lowest I did feel The end I saw in sight, A lady came and took my hand, To guide me from my plight. She lead me gently down a path Between two walls of green, And there in distance I did see The exit unforeseen. A lesson this adventure taught, The world is full of people, And if they friends of yours they are, They'll help you in a pickle. [/spoiler] Four Archers [i]by Esmaralda[/i] [spoiler] One clear morning, down a path Four archers went along, And in a clearing, there they saw A tree that looked quite strong. And so they thought all to themselves, That tree must guard some treasure; The four of us with our here bows, We'll get it for our pleasure. The tree of yore did notice them And felt their evil plot, So in protection of himself, It hardened on the spot. Two strong, one weak and one recruit, The arches drew their bows, Their aim was true, upon the tree, They landed all their blows. As arrows stuck into the tree, They showed their owner's skill, Yet as the tree stood motionless, Its bark grew stronger still. The archers loaded and released, They shot twenty times over; And all their arrows hit their mark; They shaped a crimson clover. Yet in the end, the tree stood still, And would not fall it seems, As archers fired their last shot, They felt their shattered dreams. The tree not toppled, treasure hidden, They still felt like they won; For though they didn't get new pretties Their aim and skill built on. A moral do we take from here, A lesson true and true. Your strength will count for naught if ever, The tools you bring are pooh. [/spoiler] [I wrote this one for a ceremony back when CoE still existed in Loreroot] Prayer to the Moon [i]by Esmaralda[/i] [spoiler] Moon of silver, moon that shines, Whom the weak you doest enshrine, Moon that sees our thoughts inside, Goddess of the rising tide, Thee, my goddess I profess, As my hands raise in distress. Bring the night back, let it glean, Bathe these lands in silver sheen, Let the shadows fall once more, In these lands like once before. Hear this priestess, hear her pray, Crackles in her voice betray, Yearning for the goddess reign, Day the sun will start to wane. See the longing in her heart, For the comfort you impart, Turn your eyes to servants plight, Wrap this land in black and white. [/spoiler] [This one Fyrd Argentus wrote for me. He was awesome! He wrote it to look like trees as well. I was blown away. I think it's worth sharing =] Esmaralda [i]by Fyrd Argentus[/i] [spoiler] old as Forest, Young as Rain is she Norse, celt, Swede, or Dane? Question Not in Vain tHe nAMe EsMArAlda to dead Body Of great Ymir did old Odin Once give Life breath, Vé and Vili Gifted nEw flAMe, EsMArAlda the First were Made in Midgard there was Ask and Mother Embla, deScended From them All, sHe cAMe EsMArAlda eschEWing Golden Tower sleeps noWhere but Leafy Bower, Friend of Pretty Flower nOt flame EsMArAlda shares Fruit with Bear in Glen put to Sleep by Song of Wren Knator Shares her Den All taMe EsMArAlda runs Light on Rock and Heather of the Wood and In the Weather Dressed in Leaf and Heather soMe daMe EsMArAlda seeds in Breezes Ever Sowing wet by Cool springs Ever Flowing Green life Ever Growing Her Aim EsMArAlda [/spoiler]
  8. Awesome! Do good things =) And if nothing else, enjoy your time as queen.
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    From the album: My babies

  10. Esmaralda

    twins at 7 months

    From the album: My babies

  11. Esmaralda Chaoticboost stone
  12. Thank you Fyrd! Your quests are to date still my favorite of all the quests I've participated in over the past 2 years. Thank you for making them. =)
  13. Let's not be hasty in "proving" guilt. This is not a witchhunt. So far it's Dst's word vs. Poe's word. I see no proof yet. There are no screenshots and there are no witnesses. That means that that Poe is not proven guilty at this time. How do I know that dst indeed was punished 30 seconds after the riddle was given? Or that she was afk? Dst is usually very good about taking screenshots of things that bother her. Is there a screenshot we could see? Or perhaps Chewett, you might know if there are any logs the game keeps? Can you tell when the dream was started and when the punishment was given? Are the logs of the chat text?
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