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  1. AMLJ

    Make Game 'right'

    [quote name='CrazyMike' date='30 May 2010 - 03:26 PM' timestamp='1275220600' post='60620'] Spelling? With all the good things going on you are talking about spelling? You want good spelling, you should play scrabble. The misspellings shows character. Shows the creator is more interested in the bigger picture than to worry about players pointing out his spelling mistakes. It’s a great game, enjoy it…. Don’t let the mistakes get to ya! *wink* [/quote] Don't you get it guys, I love this game. I just want it to be better than this. Anyway, spelling mistakes are not so bad, but if they are corrected it'd be great. Bye!
  2. AMLJ

    Make Game 'right'

    [quote name='Chewett' date='29 May 2010 - 10:44 PM' timestamp='1275160463' post='60595'] Spelling is a VERY minor issue, the owner of the game is romanian and his english is VERY good. I would ask you how good your romanian is? Also if you looked in the forum you would see a post i made Have you any idea about forums? You think that we should make our own forum? This is the offical forum. Please clarify what you mean because what i currently see you saying is stupid. The current system works perfectly well. Thats because up until now it WAS one person making it, Only recently has Mur allowed another to help, So the I is perfeclty correct. Again, do you have ANY idea about MD? Why would we need another server? the idea is everyone plays together, This ISNT runescape. I would recommend playing MD a little more before you start giving people advice, MD IS NOT a regular game, its not designed to have 10 million players. Look at runescape, they have however many players but most of them are Assholes. [/quote] Well, the game can't stay this small I guess. Don't you like more players? Doesn't Mur want it you think? To get more money at least?
  3. AMLJ

    Make Game 'right'

    Hey, in the first page, in that picture. 'Register' is spelled 'Regester'. In the won fights and lost fights page, 'too' is written 'to'. You should really fix these things, and for making the game a bit more popular, you gotta do some other things to. Get a forum for yourselves, instead of this, a web address like forums.magicduel.com exists, but it is redirected to this place. You should change that. Also in game development status page, the word 'I' is used, I think you'd better act as a team and not as a single person. And get some more servers, name this server 1 and get some other ones too. *These are my suggestions and I want to know what others will think about them. And I think this way because all popular games I've seen are like this. This is how we'll have more than 10 million people in a game, and here we only got a couple hundred. The game is nice, but things like this make it a bit unpopular*
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