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  1. Golemus golemcarium is normally unihabited and many players who play it could never reach it and be perfectly fine. I want to give purpose to this place with a contest for the first 3 players will get a reward the first to reach me in ke'latha. Prizes purposed: 1st place: 3 wish points 2nd place: 2 wish points 3rd place: 1 wish points Or.. 1-3rd place will get a wishpoint. or... 3S for first 2s for second 1s for 3rd or... 1s for the first three places
  2. I would seriously would like to join, fyrd is my friend also, and I very much like this clan!
  3. Hello, id like to join the Archivists , although im not shure if this is where you sign up...
  4. Have you ever attacked another player only to your dismay that they have several shop creatures? Although they had to pay for these creatures, they easily destroy you and are hard to defeat any other way. We should make it a little less easy for everyone to own one of these fancy shop creatures
  5. I would Like to join the gaurdians of the root
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