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  1. Go amoran and become a father-saver! im shure hed want you more than any of us could. Edit: I just read your last post, and ehm, sorry your gonna be stuck with us for a little while longer :/ hope your daddy gets better!
  2. yep, you need to advance further in the shop, thats not the one sorry to dissapoint :'(
  3. truthfully it is annoying but... giving gifts wont make it better if we may never be able to get on! (this is due to server down... not matience!)
  4. I think that this is simply a matter of opinion and not very much of a bug :/
  5. Here's a poem I wrote about magic duel in general.(edited) I sit here upon the GoE Spending my time merrily Speaking to friends, telling of lands Teaching the wise Telling the young Listening to everyone Learning games Searching for names A place in Magic duel The teachings it beholds, The few who behold it, Can learn so ever more, Everyone has something to teach, And what I teach, Is still coming to me, We are all young and foolish, In ones' eyes, But at least we all try To find our names To show them To behold them The name we create May not always be true to ourselves, But do not fret, You do know what your true name is, Do not let others stir you, Into believing it is something else, For you, are your only master, you decide, Do not ever feel, Another is. Written with passion and love, i hope you enjoyed.
  6. lately i just had a fight with a npc and before i could see what happened... first it had to show this: Fatal error: Call to a member function report() on a non-object in /home/magicdue/public_html/core/combat/abilities/Defend.php on line 19
  7. The Great Pashweetie


    stop rawring at me... its awkward.
  8. that is a good way to make shure lazy fat people like me dont have to get off their duff, good job . [quote name='Kyphis the Bard' timestamp='1271547480' post='58104'] I can't confirm this myself, but I have heard that PMs auto-delete after a certain age. So the search space shouldn't be to large. I like this idea, I think it would be highly useful. I think it should be released via the Shop though. [/quote] this is true, i lost your alliance one and now im not shure how to contact you...
  9. Well i was just thinking that so many games have a huge general chat that can be heard from everywhere across md and others can speak. I think it would be nice and there would be a chat filter so that the friends list doesnt become underused, and it could be incorporated into the side chart where the mood panel and all the other stuff is. Tell me if you like this idea!
  10. Well, everyone who has ever programmed a game or has had a talk with a game maker knows that lagg is an ugly creature to tackle... and now magic duel has it! Lately i have not been attacked by it but, on several ocasions i have been unable to logg on the rest of the day because it is so bad. Please man war stations, and attack this lagg!
  11. you know who id ask but seriously, i wasnt trying to sell it. I was just wondering, The story behind the poll: I asked fyrd: how much would a angien egg go for? He said: i dont know... I put a poll online to see how much they'd fetch for... end of story . But thanks, i do realize that there were a few things left out.
  13. [quote name='Tarquinus' timestamp='1286580111' post='69949'] Since I can't reply in [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/8117-poll/page__view__findpost__p__69944"]this thread[/url]... Selling angien eggs is like selling the eggs found at Wind's Crossing. Asking for silver or credits for them is, in my opinion, absolutely absurd - and that is the politest way I can put it. An egg with age (a [u]lot[/u] of age) is another matter altogether. Since there are people running around claiming to want to "help newbies", I wanted to state my objection to this idea right from the start. Taking advantage of other people's ignorance or innocence is not being helpful. Furthermore, if certain things in MD are hard to find/buy, there's a reason. Some things must be earned. And you don't have to be a LHO to offer help without putting a price tag on it. [/quote] I do like to help players, and that was not to sell them what-so ever, i was just wondering how much they would fetch if they were sold, simply for wonder.
  14. It wouldnt always work, most of the time it would fail.
  15. This is pretty sick! I like it! new quest rewards... for once! Fyrd your quest has some troubles: 1. when i went to the hut it had the first quest's message 2. when i went to the shop all the weapons where locked.
  16. welll Heloooo to you too , if you ever need help in-game and can message me, ask me the question, im bound to respond. and... im waiting at mp4
  17. [quote name='Harion' timestamp='1286151869' post='69590'] wouldn't you get stuck in GG if you go there? [/quote] NO, there is now a way to get out of GG ive been there and back as a matter of fact 3 times and have never had to use anything of ordance.
  18. Aye thanks for filling out my poll, or if not... fill it please!(it isnt imperative to my health though, and dont feel forced) And im not trying to sell any, at least not yet, im just wondering how much they would be worth in the general market.
  19. The idea of stunning creatures has occured to me, very much like freezing creatures but instead it also hurts them a little and after 3 rounds the hits will be combined and apply to the monster, dealing a serious critical hit if the monster survives that long.
  20. Id like to expand the calander, but i have little to no information on how to program, id like to write it about something i will not share because if I did then i would probably get the idea stolen :/
  21. Ah i see what you guys mean, but the real problem are the people with several shop creatures who run by with fully recharged creatures and then run away the next second, they wipe out everything i have .
  22. This has happened to me alot too fyrd, I keep getting white screens especially during the lag time (8:00+ until next day)
  23. Well whats the use if the sparring grounds isnt used properly? Every day im ruined there because i either want to talk to a friend or was just stopping bye to tell everyone something... and what do you know... im attacked! it happens nearly every day and its very annoying, this is more of a rant because i know there isnt much to improve it. Share your frustrations, or go ahead and yell at me .
  24. I now see the faulties but this is only for players who havent finished the labrynth, an incentive for them to go to gg so that it will be more popular.
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