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  1. eh heh.... i dont wana see nooo shrooms in sleep tho!
  2. I agree... ive spent a long time in mp4, i dont want to rush but i dont want to wait either... i suppose this has somewhat dissolved into a more of a disscussion like every thread i begin... And ive been a mp4 for near 200 days
  3. [quote name='Udgard' timestamp='1289539402' post='71922'] Check what needs? If you're talking about upgrades, then we can't possibly put all of them in one page, going to each creature's page is unavoidable. If you just want to check if they can be upgraded yet or not, we already have the big + sign on the creature pic when they are ready. [/quote] I like rendrils idea, yes, i find that every time i need to see their requirements (such as won battles) to see which one needs work and which one doesn't, my computer cant handle it when i jump back and forth between 20 or so crits at the same time and it often sends me into a long lag, its annoying but not imperative.
  4. I have decided that i need to get to mp5... it has been far too long, but to leave mp5 i need people who are willing to help, on this forum everyone post what time you are on (if you wish to spar with me you gotta be on from 18:00-3:00 ish...) and i want to create somewhat of a good community in mp4 where we can all help each other level up to mp5. Post here if you want sparring partners too, but remember that anyone who posts here is your family and only attack them if they say that they want it, and that you should help them if players are attacking them.
  5. I purpose a simpler way to check crits needs, without spending 30 minutes a day clicking on the creature page then going back out, because for some of us this is very hard for our computer especially with the random laggs happening. I know that this isn't a "Huge" game-play change, and that this wouldn't be much of a change, but it could save tons of time for other things. Tell me what you think but don't be discouraging please .
  7. Imperial aramor Age:65 Tokens: None Bid:2sc grido Imperial aramor Age:38 Tokens: None Bid:2sc grido Imperial aramor Age:8 Tokens: None Bid:2sc grido End date: Day 311 year 5
  8. some of us arent THAT old... i got peach fuzz but thats all i got.
  9. Good idea, but i want to be involved too! and im not in an alliance yet... but isnt this like an everyday thing? if it isnt for you it definetly is for me, im not shure why people would attack more often if it was a non-sanctuary day... because thats everyday... right?
  10. dont buy anything from the commander who has destroyed our once beautiful tribunal lands!
  11. i wish to be a fighter jazira... once i read this, i decided this. I am a fighter, a commander, can defeat any ritual of our enemy
  12. Not to mention, same ve vs same ve? That's hardly applicable, I can only think of one..maybe 2 people who could give me back my full ve in normal circumstances. Even then it comes down to creatures. Why would anyone want to sign up to matches like this, if they could arrange it themselves getting partners to spar with? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So what stops people just attacking? whats their incentive not to break it all up? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I heard about this there was a previous post about it. Pashweetie in the future do not bring up a brand new post for the same idea instead bump the previous post. However I don't think this worked due to our previous events with the GGG and how fixed rules in an area causes people to be protected. Then with people being protected people don't leave those areas. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ And with people being "protected" you get people who exploit it, and abuse it (from both the violating and participating side) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In response to all these messages, this is simply for fun, people will do what they will, and my nutrers... if any apply, will help calm down these fights with the same things as normal, we cannot stop what people will do in this game under any circumstances, so therefore i'd apreciate it if we all beleived that this wont ultimately turn into a place to get easy kills... I think we can try, and LASTLY this is only for signing up, not for debate!
  13. Lately I have been thinking of bringing back Fair Fight Zone, some of you may have heard of it, but i am going to need alot of people to help spread the word and also about 5 people who will be watching over it and telling the certain rules FFZ history: Me and fyrd one day decided to spark it off, but this ultimately failed, and soon we gave up on it. This was orginized for fair fights, the same VE vs the same VE so that everyone has a fair chance of winning and was made at the sages keep and is left there today on the sign. Id like to enlist the help of 5-10 advertizers/fighters (no experience required) And 5 nurturers (experience required) If you are enlisting to become a nurturer, please tell me this in your post: Age:(total) (active) Previous events orginized: Your inspiriation: If you are a fighter/advertizer i want you to go around and tell everyone about ffz, and when you've done this, enjoy your work back at the sages keep. If you are applying to be a nurturer, then ill pm you that you have made it or not, and if so ill tell you what you need to do.
  14. Thanks this was a wonderful quest! i almost thought i wouldnt make it! lol
  15. Happy B-day! sorry i didnt see this yesterday :/
  16. [quote name='bfh lighthing' timestamp='1287878988' post='70828'] Lag is not that common in MagicDuel. It has happened only a few times, and when it happens it get posted in Forum. If it's not posted and you are experiencing it, check or try this: 1. Clear your cookies, cache, history. [Spoiler] In most browsers you just need to press "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "Delete" and then following the process. 1. [url="http://www.groovypost.com/howto/security/clear-firefox-browsing-history-and-private-data/"]FIREFOX[/url] 2.[url="http://www.google.com/support/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=95582"] Google Chrome[/url] 3. [url="http://kb.iu.edu/data/alcx.html"]Internet Explorer 7 & 8[/url] 4. [url="http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser%27s-Cache"]Most Browsers[/url] [/Spoiler] 2. Is your internet working ok? (If yes check its speed, sometimes your internet speed is not enough) [spoiler]You can test your internet speed using this tool [url="http://www.speedtest.net/"]Speed Test[/url] [/spoiler] 3. Check your Flash Player (A non updated flash player, sometimes causes many problems) [spoiler] [url="http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/"]Flash Player[/url] [/spoiler] Hope this help BFH [/quote] Thanks bfh but it may have to do with how many things ive downloaded, it jacked up my registry, and now my computer is waaay slower than it used to be, its at least 5 years old, but still works well enough, i havent recently updated my flashplayer though, and now i get that i have to... i will
  17. the laggg is utterly horrible most of the time its so bad i either freeze or cant even access the website.
  18. How does the judging work...? Will you guys record the stories as they are told? (I know this would have been useful for me, because i deleted the document after i told the story and then i couldnt submit it!)
  19. Name:The great pashweetie Age:172 total 62 active Past events orginized: tried to help fyrd orginize fair fight zone. Reason why i want to help:A good story word is worth 1:200 of normal words i would love to help, im finding i have less and less to do these days. But only if you approve curi
  20. yes!!! i am totally with you Firsanthalas! spoilers are spoilers and spoiling is evil!!!!
  21. Id just like to say hallo to everyone, especially my enemies!
  22. *poses(pose pose shot)* im a supermodel, not as good at it as you though
  23. Its cuteee *pokes it* err not so much anymore... *goes to use the backyard* ever considered a pest specialist? XD.
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