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  1. Have faith that you have done good and you shall be spared.
  2. Pine trees are indigenous to cold mountainous areas... which would mean they could be in GG... but still MD is more of a sunny and warm place rather than a cold and high place
  3. You know when you've been playing too much MD when... 1. You sware that you hear that chat beep when your away from the computer 2. Your afraid someone like nadrolski is going to kill you while your gone, so you have anxiety the entire day 3. You begin to dream of having a drachorn 4. You start to talk like your character in real life
  4. I will miss you sincere friend... i will always remember you and you shall always be in my heart, and in my stories ... i know you will succeed in everything you do.
  5. im confused... how did i win but get nothing? i just read this and i dont want anything for the record.
  6. Wow... i cant tell you how odd this is, ive been creating characters and making them legendary... now is my time to show off!! in "funorb" and "runescape" i own a character called Firen water, in runescape and funorb i have highscores, 4 top tens in funorb. Also, but less impressing, i have a miniclip player "pwned12233" that is considered one of the top players in funorb with quite a collection of awards and highscores, dominating 98% of player scores. I can totally help you out Mur, and im totally for it ! Just finished and now i have all my screenshots, at your demand mur! [img]http://pashweetie.web.nowhere-else.org/web/Showing%20off%20runescape-%20for%20mur.jpg[/img] [img]http://pashweetie.web.nowhere-else.org/web/Showing%20off%20funorb-%20for%20mur%20copy.jpg[/img] [img]http://pashweetie.web.nowhere-else.org/web/Showing%20off%20miniclip%20copy.jpg[/img] TGP.
  7. Hello id like to welcome you into the realm as well, i can tell your heart is full of love, and i look forward to seeing you in the realm as well as an equal. If you ever need anything that bfh doesnt wana do... I can do it .
  8. OH GODDDDD I WANT THAT ICE CREEEEAMMM~!!! got yogurt land the other day but now im sick ... its a snowday today too!!!! T.T... life hates me for the moment.
  9. Happy birthday I hope your life be sweet from henceforth.
  10. first off, dont listen to curiose, she gets mad WAAAYY to easily, I suggest speaking with eon and trying to figure out something that you both can gain from . As a peacekeeper it is my job to settle fights, i hope that works . TGP
  11. Hahaha wife's can be helpful in that way, When drawing an avatar remember to keep at it, thats the most important thing, i loved how your avatar turned out !
  12. 1 i want to be a better person 2 i want to get on more often 3 i want to get more wps and participate in more quests 4 i want you all to have a great new years!
  13. I smelled santas beard in an elevator because i can! haha XD
  14. Well lately there have been many reports (current count 7, also seems that only mp5's get the bug...) of not having the requirements to get their presents... and although i have not experienced this, i wanted to post the topic for the few unlucky souls that did not get their presents from mur! Does anyone have an idea for them to get their presents? Eyewitness: apophys: When I clicked the tree, a red gift popped up. apophys: when I click the gift, I get: apophys: Error: SyntaxError Err description: undefined Err number: undefined Err message: missing ; before statement Ajax response: You do not meet the requirements for receiving a gift this year. This message was recieved on first attempt to grab a red present under the tree. Although apophys may have been caught "alting for presents" or something else... thus has happened to several other people and experience tells me that this may not be purposfully... apophys claims he did not make any alt accounts for more benefit of the christmas season... will you guys help us two(update 5 peps) out?
  15. So i should email you or something? *is confused*
  16. [quote name='Kamisha' timestamp='1290043090' post='72374'] Not the right place though being able to post more than originally intended is something that is meant to be there. Though you can get punished for using this trick so its a good thing that you posted it though in order to stop other people from using this please star out the method used and instead pm mur directly. [/quote] Alright how do i star it out for him? And no, im no bug hunter... just did something that mightve been bad, its gone now. And... i cant pm him because i dont have the special authority...
  17. Id like to make a trophie, will get to it, its going to be the most annoying first though , i hope that its good enough, itl be a digital one Id also like to nominate *BFHLIGHTHING* for the LHO of the year, because of his kind service to me as a LHO and a friend [color=purple]Posts merged - Grido[/color]
  18. Today i was exploring facebook when i found i tested it and it worked. The bad news was when i tried to post it into a status update it and i went over 150 characters, this is an issue and i think that you should fix it before it becomes a spam technique. Regards TGP [color=purple]Added spoilers - Grido[/color]
  19. 2 silver for the other tormented soul Edit: fixed some grammar issues... withdrawl bid on imp
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