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  1. My idea is: get a famous youtuber to play this game. Some youtubers get millions of views daily, if we were able to get this out to someone like pewdiepie(although this is not his type of game) we could get a massive increase in traffic.   The best way would be to bribe them with something though and make it look unique from all the other sponsorships they may or may not have.
  2. The great pashweetie Active days 228/1195 days ID:191895;   I never liked politics but here I go.   - I'm very understanding, I like to think of the small problems as well as the big ones. - I never run out of things to say to people. Giving full answers is my specialty. - I love to spend time and effort on things, if you want quick and speedy, I'm not the one for you. - I have a very wide cultural understanding as well as a very deep respect for other cultures. - I lately have had a lot of free time. - I am very unbiased in any matters, I take no sides, any issues that would come to me would the absolutely fair in my vote. I sware on anything. - I am willing to help in anyway   If chosen I honestly think you guys are crazy because I'm really not that qualified in many aspects of MD. BUUUT, if you do choose me I would be honored.   To be honest, I would have no greater honor. This would be my dream role.
  3. A little bit off topic, but if its me speaking what do you expect? Anyways I do think this is a bit of a problem but a bit of an unsolvable one. People do go overboard on taking land resources, for example loreroots herbs are fresh out due to certain people that I wont name since thats not the point. The point is I feel like at least lands as a whole should have some power over these people, because its OUR land and not theirs to take from, especially if we do not allow it.
  4. This game is amazing mur. Nothing has ever kept me this occupied. The goals are not set out in front of you and you have to search for them. I do like how you interact with the community, its more than most game creators could ever dream of doing in their lifetimes. I do like the people who you've given powers and I like that you were ready to break the "RPG" circle. I can't tell you how much this has improved my freetime. I think its a good thing for you to keep improving but at the same time I'm honestly envious that you are so successful in your game creation, advertization and the growing community that you have made. You have planted seeds alright. (get that reference? P.S. its from your game)
  5. Well I would like to get better at fighting. Also the biggest thing is developing a very deep character personality that I can be proud of and that fits with me. I hope to do lots of puzzles and uncover some of the oddities of MD
  6. The great pashweetie (ID:191895; Days:213) 
  7. Count me in I think this is one of the few quest challenges that I believe I can at least compete in.
  8. I feel like you treat people who you like with a lot more responsibility and you don't try to get to know others once you believe you have your set group of friends. You are one person therefore I can't expect this ingame, however I don't think its okay that you give special benefits to players who have earned your attention whereas tons of us try to but have very low chance of ever becoming a "King" starting up a new branch getting all sorts of fancy items etc.   Mur I think you enjoy power and those who have power in this game only seem to collect more, where the newer individuals fail to grasp any sort of footholds on the powerchain.   I particularily like the hidden aspects of the game but it makes it a little like gods vs mortals, the mortals are running around trying to figure things out while the gods are either smiting or helping them. This game turns into a bit of a popularity contest and I'm not sure if thats what you intended. However this said I dont have any more issues with mur.
  9. dont buy a gf, wait for one to come to you.
  10. heheheheheh, looks like you had to clean out some mud.
  11. Im sorry but, can we really judge what is spam and what isn't spam at the blink of an eye? I think "forum spam" can be easily misenterpretated, for example i try to say something but then people say its spam, when really i thought it had some meaning behind it... can we really just say "this is spam and that is important!" because this is a matter of opinion, and unless the person is filling the page with real simple things like "lol" "XD" "rofl" i dont think we should just erase it permamently because its completely taking out the "opinion" part of MD.
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