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  1. so none of you have anything??? Well, anyway, there is just one more thing, is this good or bad I mean i can leave my protector without paying anything like you guys a, and all it takes is me to log off and on a couple of time
  2. argos

    Wts Assorted

    I know but still I though I'd give it a shot...
  3. And this has been happening even before that...
  4. no the first time i put it sagewoman then princ then Grido with the same effect everytime...
  5. Every time I enter the name of a protector, I get him/her I give him/ her some heat... after 3 days, he/she is deleted as my protector, aka it deletes by itself, i dnt delete him/her, Why? Is this a bug or sth???
  6. Well, bidding is over, how do i get it?
  7. your both right, cz i had a few friends who once said they'd give me one, so if they would see this, i would get it for free, and if that's not the case, I'd take it for the lowest price possible... anyway i already got one thx anyway for all who gave me offers Mods, plz close this post.
  8. argos

    Wts Assorted

    1sc for joker and 1 for an elemental...
  9. Ummmm... i want a TS 0 age 0 tokens i don't mind, but here's the thing I'd rather not pay for it, so this will last i dnt know how much, just post the TS with age and tokens (if any) and the price, i will alert you if i reject a price, if i do not, it means that it is being considered with all the others and thank you EDIT: give ur offers via forum here and not PM
  10. hi you remind me of me, except i only left for a year oh and be careful of the mods, I'm sure they'll consider this whole topic spamming... oh and in case they happen to read this, PLZ PLZ PLZ dnt negative rep me
  11. out of curiosity, can let's say C be linked to B (aka B is the main one here) and also B be linked to A (A is the main one) that way, A will also be linked to C... in that case everyone can be linked to only one person...
  12. argos

    Joke Night

    for those who do not like the idea or think it could be better, would you mind telling me why and giving suggestions???
  13. argos

    Joke Night

    At the Pub Born with Boredrom (if i wrote the name wrong, mods plz correct it and srry ) we will all join each other ( when, I'm not sure, but I'll be sure to make it a saturday or friday ) and well, as the name says, have a night filled with jokes and laughter of course so that we have order, there will be a few rules ( like when starting a joke the person has to say my turn and then no one can say anything untill the joke is over) and being it a pub, well we can all get drunk (and I'll c if i can hire some girls to dance ) but anyway, i'm not sure this might be a good idea, my "goal" is just to allow players to have fun, and well, make one place (which isn't exactly a popular place) a little more popular like it should be praying that you won't negative rep me, i say, plz just reply and tell me what you think (I didn't want to put this under the contest page, cz i dnt want it to turn from friendly to competitive, but perhaps we could change it into some kind of contest)
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