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  1. OMG!!!! i'm so so silly !!! soooorrrryyy !!! But, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Princ !!!!! I hope you had a good one !!!! All that you wish, i hope you'll accomplish
  2. In Game & Forum name: Allyce Also citizen of MB ^^
  3. finaly someone from Europe ) I'm from Romania (if anyone wants to make a comment, then he's my guest)
  4. So this problem will be solved soon or..it's possible that will stay like this a long time? i saw a few "angry" posts, and i really don't want to keep them "alive"....so this is just a question thanks !
  5. Haaaaaaaaaapy BirthDayyyyyyyy toooooooooooooo yoooooooou !!!!! Be: happy, wise, peaceful, and all you want And stay with us as long as you can ^^
  6. No way... this is sad....and i wonder for how long will stay that way? and what can I do if i have some credits and i haven't tranfered it yet?
  7. Allyce


    thank you very much Chew :>
  8. Allyce


    wow Princ i didn't know that you listen Massive Attack,,,they're great but, if this is a topic about music....where(if it's a place) can i find the music from Magic Duel? i love those songs... :X
  9. Happy Birthday Dst, have a godd one ! may that all your wishe come true (la multi ani !)
  10. Ash/Snake (it's almost real) great information ^^
  11. Hey guys, first of all i didn't know where to write this so i made a new topic..so here's my little problem I want to win a camera and i need some points, about 1330 points, till 30th of September...so i count on you to click this link and help me. here's the link, click it ! http://www.gbx.ro/member_page.php?id=3678 just a click and you already helped me with a point...no money or anything from you, just a click thanks to those who clicked ! ^^
  12. Allyce

    Gold Avatars

    hmmm....the unicorn is so amazing :> and i bought it i hope is not any problem
  13. Ha ha...i made it...finally i say Happy Birthday at time to one of our players so... Happy Birthday Seph !!
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