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  1. I agree with chewey.if thepeople of marind bell vote for you to be the monarch then we shouldnt let a case like this stop you.Sonce if the majority of people want you to be the monarch then the majority of citizens will also want you to be a citizen of a marind bell and would vote ffor you anyway if you try to become a citizen again.

    on a totally different note, even if you cant make it to monarch, still apply for citizenship in marind bell so we can have you back in the land. n.n

  2. Why would IRL age be an indicator to how well a player can manage other people?As long as a candidate is not a little kid I fail to see how you can say that she is more mature then fangy or chewey on nothing but the basis of age.Im not saying that shes not mature nor am I making any comparisions between the maturity of the candidates, but thats a poor way to try to get her maturity across Vertu.

    As far as experience goes, I do not understand why experience in RL means she'll be a better leader.I value players with experience in the game more than people with experience in RL, and i would trust someone with this kind of experience to lead me rather thansomeone whose experience seems to stem with the fact that she was born before me.if you argue that her experience in RL will translate to equal experienced behavior in-game when shes a monarch, shouldnt that experience already have translated into the game without this entire monarch business?If youre going to stand up for her, please use her achievments in game and for the game so they cant be dismissed so easily.
    like that managing windy's bar thing and SoE thibg.Thats good.Do more of those type of reasons why she should be the monarch.
    last point, irs really not that much of a biggie actually, how sure are you magistra wont mind you throwing about her age like that?Since she has informed me that only two people in the entire realm know her irl age?

  3. Justice my dear friend, Justice.

    My love will not be cheapened with this...this "game" or "quest" youre trying to make this tradgedy into.I just want someone, anyone to find out who did this to Mr. Menteh, who may or may not be Menhir's secret identity, and bring that villain to feel the same pain he made us feel.

  4. I.. was there..

    Those fires that raged..those, pieces of glass spread on the floor..theyre still etched in my mind.Who did this?Why did they do it?These questions still rage in my mind.

    'I work at the kitchen, and it is my job to bring meals to the warden.This evening when I came back to clean up his supper I found him lying unconscious.Its messy there and broken glass everywhere.The place was on fire.There was number 4 too.we carried him to safety.Then I took care of Mr. Menteh while number04 went back to put out the fire.'

    I dont seek rewards for finding the perpetrator of this heinous crime, I seek justice.My slave brethrens, my masters, Mr. Menteh is a man I love and adore.He's a man we all have loved and adored.Then why?Who?How dare they?..

    Come with me my fellow friends, seek out the person who did this.Do this not for me or for these rewards that cheapen our love.Do it for the sake of the man who lies in the hospital bed.Do it for the man who fights for his life with his last breaths.Do it for the pain this act has stirred in your heart.Do this not for the happy memories Mr. Menteh left us with as he fights on.Do it to to avenge those memories that may never be..

    My brothers, this is my plea..

    #the handwriting is too shaky from this point to read properly.The scent of tears still hangs loosely from the piece of paper handed to nimrodel by her loving slave#


  5. is it just me or are those bots too much focused on bringing back(spamming) topics that are old and interesting to read right about the time stage 12 began?is that how bots work?Shouldnt spambots be more...diversly spamming?

    later edit(by like half a minute):Just as I made the post i went back to see it had spammed every diverse topic there was in the time I posted.lol.my bad.:p

  6. And what if the amount bidded can not be diveded into 10 parts to give 10%to the TK(Like 5 sc).what will happen then?guess ill put it at 13% later, for the lulz.:D


    2) 4 weeks.I have no qualms with staying enslaved longer if my master is awesome

    3)I cant possibly be the best slave,thats gotta be DuSTy the christmas tree


    5) can my master give me free Kake?Dobby likes free kake.:3

    Reason for editing: was waiting for someone awesome to put emselves up as slave to make point 3).:D

  7. I am "custard apple", which is an actual item apparently.The things you learn..

    Well thats one thing extra I learned from this quest.Im glad i devoted JUST enough time to my entry, though I havd no idea how I couldve devoted any less time..

    I liked the topic of the quest, and the managment mightve had its downs but I enjoyed looking at the icons of logos I have seen for years and think about them in a new light.In that sense, atleast, this quest was fun for me.

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