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  1. I'm absolutely not fond of the idea of giving coins for payments. Inflation already is a thing in MD, please don't send us into hyperinflation. It is already possible to convert credits into gold using by rewards at the end of most shop tracks as well as rare drops in the common item table. Making it even easier to print money sounds like a very slippery slope to pay to win, unless the community notices this in time and decides to move away from the coin standard, abandoning them all together in favor of a more stable currency.
  2. Thank you Fang, you're a great friend. And don't worry, I'm not leaving MD, I know I would be lying if I said so. All I'm doing is leave this body behind, while preparing for the next one. I'm sure we'll meet again, even if I can't yet say when and how.
  3. 2 December 2019, Samon passed on. Samon has always been a reflection of myself, he was myself. However as time went on the part of me he reflects became weaker and weaker. Samon has been death within the realm of MD for several years and with good reason. I won't go into details as to how and why, but over the last week things happened that made me realize Samon is no more. This passage is not a sad occurrence, I'd even say it's a rather happy one. Even if I haven't been very active, MD has been a major part of my life. Therefore I feel like I can't move on without tying things up here. I might be on Samon a few more times during the coming weeks, but as nothing more than a shadow of the past. After that I'll probably leave MD for some time, but I do plan on returning at some point in a new shape. To all who knew me, fare well, and I hope we'll meet again in the next life. Now excuse me, I have to go to a meeting with Marind.
  4. The thorn messed me up. Should have realized considering it is literally a thorn and all the other characters only contain straight lines. I did try and brute force my way through the substitution cypher, but couldn't find a good combination for the "the", "thee" and "see" combination. I even thought of "tee" and "see" for a while, but "tee" wasn't quite right and "te" didn't really work either, so eventually decided it probably was some other form of encryption. Alas, it was an interesting puzzle. Compliments to Jubaris on figuring it out.
  5. I had fun puzzling this out, so would love to donate a Joker for the next person to solve it
  6. There are only a few level 2 avatars and they are (sadly) usually sold out. Shuffling should give a new selections of avatars though, so if you keep getting the same that might be a bug.
  7. Perhaps instead of having TC as the kind of battle royale it is right now it could be something one land declares upon another to force the other land to do something. E.g. Loreroot only allows Lorerootians to use axes, so to break the monopoly Golemus could declare a TC on Loreroot. If GG wins the axes will be accessible to all and they can't be locked away again for an X amount of time.
  8. I loved Heads Contest, but it did have two major flaws. One, there were not enough participants, and two if you 'won' second or third place you were kinda screwed. HC gave some pretty good rewards, but second/third place got only half the rewards first place got and with no way to try again this resulted in a sort of match fixing where some of the stronger players would decide not to participate in the same contests, leaving the lower ranks to be filled up by the unsuspecting noobs and alts. I would suggest allowing anyone to participate, but have rewards depend on previous achievements. If you win Silver for the first time you will get a major reward (i.e. 20 credits) If you win Gold for the first time you will get an even bigger reward (i.e. 40 credits) However if you already have Silver you will only get the difference (20 credits) If you win a rank you have already obtained you will get a minor reward (e.g. a small amount of stats, maybe a few silver, bragging rights, etc.) This way the incentive to participate is far greater for those who have not yet won, but there is no reason to avoid an uphill battle. If it turns out the same people keep winning regardless it would still be possible to place a ban for X rounds on the winners.
  9. The main problems with death seems to be the feeling of helplessness that comes along with it. While there are multiple ways to be resurrected, unless you own your own revive item you will be dependent on others to bring you back to life. Meanwhile there is nothing much one can do while dead. I know Azull is working on some things to make death more interesting/allow people to revive on their own, but from what I understood Gateway has priority. This problem is only aggravated by the way death works. You are bound to a remote corner on the map, so it is unlikely you will run into many random passer by's, people can't PM you unless they have you on your friends list or you send them a PM first, the mood panel is prohibitively expensive as you gain only one AP per day, your movement is extremely limited and even if you move you'll probably be send back within half an hour. Most of them minor nuisance on their own, but they add up to an almost complete isolation within the game, forcing the player to take things almost completely to the forums. For example a Death anchor at the GoE would already make it a lot easier for the dead to make contact with the living (and it makes sense, as the dead have been brought there to plea for their case since times immemorial). Furthermore I'd love to see the AP cost for the mood panel removed as too often something happens I'd love to comment on, but which doesn't really warrant a forum post, yet am unable to because of AP. As for killing, there should always be a way to prevent being killed. Sanctuaries should be absolutely safe, and even outside those there should be some way to stop the killer, even if it takes some effort. More than once I've heard the dead say something along the lines of "it doesn't atter, because I'll be killed again anyway."
  10. I could create a quick logging clicky if wanted. although the statue at the floating book is not normally editable. I could also help to keep it updated as I tend to hang out around the graveyard either way.
  11. A log in the house of tainted times, perhaps? Either way I do agree a log like that would be useful.
  12. Auch, being picky with research points did not pay off :(

  13. A few days ago I hit 666 land loyalty in one of the less common lands:
  14. The problem is that right now for many people there aren't enough opportunities to obtain principles to reach their MP max.
  15. As far as I know there is currently no way to gain new principles after reaching mp5. Altars should only give what you have already unlocked. Many (all?) MP3s seem to leave Gateway without any principles. Furthermore with most of story mode cut away there are only 2 principle choices when you advance MP, so unless you manage to pick up a principle somewhere else I'm not sure if it's possible to gain more than 4 principles.
  16. samon

    King of Golemus

    Long live the king!
  17. A fairly minor bug, but it appears all system announcements are still posted as "Stage 12".
  18. When opening the wishpoint tab in the right bar I get an error:
  19. samon

    AP bug

    Probably because you lost your homeland.
  20. I do believe there is some merit in cross MP fighting, many MP3 and MP4 complain about how hard it is to find training partners. It should however come with some restrictions. A very simple way to prevent abuse of new players is to prevent attacking lower MP players unless they attacked you first, after which they can be attacked for a while. A different option to somewhat equalise things is to apply the creature restrictions of the lowest MP during a fight, adding some extra challengefor higher MP players as they should have creatures to counter all MPs. I can tell you out of experience that this is not the case, it might deter some people, but moist don't seem to care much.
  21. Wouldn't the Wikia be ideal for this? There already is a great deal of information on there, and while it's slightly out of date (everything regarding the new start is missing for example) that's nothing a little community effort can't fix. It's searchable and relatively easy to keep up to date. Just add a "How to get started" page and update the FAQ, and link it from MD.
  22. Good luck and hope to see you again when things calm down
  23. Top: Announcements: ~daily AL: Finished, so now rarely Quests: Rarely, merge with Voting and Challenges Voting: Rarely see above Calendar: Never, already in PC, so remove Challenges: Outdated and should be merged with Quests Restrictions: Rarely, maybe only in bottom menu? Court: Hasn't been used in years, remove Intro: Please remove, contains really bad English so will only scare players away Known issues: Never, somewhat outdated, but might still be nice Forum: Often Art: Never Search: Never, seems broken Free Credits, regularly Right: All at least occasionally except AL (as it's no longer updated) I'd suggest merging the top lists; they're rarely used so don't need to take up half the menu WP reward page could probably also be moved to the WP page as it isn't something you do so often you need it one click away at any time. Bottom: Don't think I've ever used one, Most seem like they should be there, though. Documentation: The Q&A on the LHO page took me 5 years to find. For the more info buttons you'd need to ask a new player for their oppinion as I'm having a hard time judging what's usefull myself. Others: I'd love a link to the Wikia somewhere, probably next to the forum ^^
  24. So I noticed, you still shouldn't install it though (and if you did uninstall it immediately.) Google is known for not having the best quality control regarding what does or does not end up in their app store and there definitely is something wrong with what they're trying to do.
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