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  1. AP bug

    Probably because you lost your homeland.
  2. Cross Mind Power Theory

    I do believe there is some merit in cross MP fighting, many MP3 and MP4 complain about how hard it is to find training partners. It should however come with some restrictions. A very simple way to prevent abuse of new players is to prevent attacking lower MP players unless they attacked you first, after which they can be attacked for a while. A different option to somewhat equalise things is to apply the creature restrictions of the lowest MP during a fight, adding some extra challengefor higher MP players as they should have creatures to counter all MPs. I can tell you out of experience that this is not the case, it might deter some people, but moist don't seem to care much.
  3. Wouldn't the Wikia be ideal for this? There already is a great deal of information on there, and while it's slightly out of date (everything regarding the new start is missing for example) that's nothing a little community effort can't fix. It's searchable and relatively easy to keep up to date. Just add a "How to get started" page and update the FAQ, and link it from MD.
  4. On a hiatus

    Good luck and hope to see you again when things calm down
  5. Reworking the interface

    Top: Announcements: ~daily AL: Finished, so now rarely Quests: Rarely, merge with Voting and Challenges Voting: Rarely see above Calendar: Never, already in PC, so remove Challenges: Outdated and should be merged with Quests Restrictions: Rarely, maybe only in bottom menu? Court: Hasn't been used in years, remove Intro: Please remove, contains really bad English so will only scare players away Known issues: Never, somewhat outdated, but might still be nice Forum: Often Art: Never Search: Never, seems broken Free Credits, regularly Right: All at least occasionally except AL (as it's no longer updated) I'd suggest merging the top lists; they're rarely used so don't need to take up half the menu WP reward page could probably also be moved to the WP page as it isn't something you do so often you need it one click away at any time. Bottom: Don't think I've ever used one, Most seem like they should be there, though. Documentation: The Q&A on the LHO page took me 5 years to find. For the more info buttons you'd need to ask a new player for their oppinion as I'm having a hard time judging what's usefull myself. Others: I'd love a link to the Wikia somewhere, probably next to the forum ^^
  6. Cookie consent malware

    So I noticed, you still shouldn't install it though (and if you did uninstall it immediately.) Google is known for not having the best quality control regarding what does or does not end up in their app store and there definitely is something wrong with what they're trying to do.
  7. Cookie consent malware

    A followup and a major bump: On my phone (android, dolphin browser) the code gives a pop-up telling me my browser is infected and I need to download a cleaner of sorts, which I haven't tried, but, with a near 100% certainty, must be a virus. EDIT: They show the message on normal Chrome as well, though only once, so you might have to clear coockies/use private browsing to see it.
  8. Cookie consent malware

    I noticed a new cookie warning at the MD homepage and while in itself that is not a bad thing, the specific script used for this is said to contain malisious code. https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/cookie-consent.org?utm_source=addon&utm_content=rw-viewsc https://www.ohow.co/what-is-eu-cookie-law-enforcement-xyz-info-google-analytics/ I can't find any real details about the actual malicious part of the code, but copying JavaScript from a self proclaimed 'official' site with a fake adress (whois) might not be the best idea regardless.
  9. A clearer gameplay

    While I really love the idea of having more tutorials I would very much suggest placing them on the Wikia instead of in a PDF. PDF's are bound to get outdated and with the speed MD is changing right now that happens faster than one person can fix them (this one already is slightly outdated) whereas the Wikia allows for anyone to help keeping it up to date. Furthermore with the Wikia API it is possible to bring the content into MD in a more immersive way. I'd be willing to look into making a clicky that shows Wikia information, which could be moved to anywhere else if wanted.
  10. The "Lost Island" possible names.

    The spiral mountain/The spiral Tera Mechanica
  11. Character age appearances

    Hm... I wonder why I'm 15 years older than Sunfire while we're only only 18 AD apart. Well, I assume it's because of my hiatus when I was still a few AD old, but it does feel odd. That being said Samon did go through a sort of midlife crisis a while back... Maybe that's why he started killing people in Necrovion Other than that instead of age appearance I'd rather call it something along the lines of experience. I don't think it is something that should be forced upon a character for rp, but it could be interesting for other purposes.
  12. Aethon incident

    What I'm saying is that as long as Aethon says it was a misunderstanding, you can't really punish him. If you deem his inability to read between the lines to make it impossible for you to work together. You can however dismiss him from the task and confiscate what he obtained using the tools, as that part was perfectly clear. Ivorak's post would be a third abuse, which depending on the exact situation might change things quite drastically, but I will refrain from commenting on that any further on that until Aethon has had the chance to explain the situation. Also I would like to suggest moving this to heated discussions
  13. Aethon incident

    The horseman Aethon sold was his own, so he is free to do with it what he wants. The exploration of the tunnel is also something related to his task, as he needs to know where he can obtain what resource. (And while I'm not quite sure what tunnel this is about, but if it is the one in NC than I can confirm he has been there before.) Most people seem to understand the rules as they were intended, but there are also a considerable amount that say they might heve done the same. That being said, while the rules were multi-interpretable, they do clearly state that you will decide what he might keep once the task is done. Aethon recruiting the crits is something he did at his own risk, as he (should) have known that you could tell him that, despite his cooperation, you do not believe the crits to be a suitable compensation. Even when selling his own horseman he must have understood that there was no guarantee that he would be able to keep the one he had recruited and that he might lose it. Therefore if you believe Aethon unsuitable for the task you had given you can confiscate the creatures, as they are not yet his. Other than that I believe he deserves the benefit of the doubt, as the rules are multi-interpretable.
  14. Ooh, so close. Congrats, dst! Thanks Nimrodel for organizing and all the other participants for the wonderful evening. I had a lot of fun
  15. Creature Capsule

    Right now wiiya can be harvested using wiiya bubbles given out by Rophs during seedwalks. The only uses I can remember right now are making Grasans produce resources, but there might be more I can't think of.