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  1. hello

    im mello

    i like yellow

    im gonna go catch a nap young fellow

  2. If any of you know me, please let me know you know, comment on my page, and let youre knowing show!!

  3. For all who now read this,

    from now until the end of time.

    Here I give to you my challenge,

    post youre comments only in rhymes.

  4. thank you all for the info i shall seek out the legend seekers with all haset
  5. sorry no i have not been inside i have only been playing for 55 days also i did not mean to offend, i just had an idea that i thught would be relly cool. aparently i should read more of the lore( there is a lot to read) what about my idea of "masterpices" being made into a book in the library? would that work?
  6. firstly i appologize for the bad spelling and grammer but i am curently abroad and i forgot the power cord for my laptop. this idea was i lighting bolt so it sounds kind of rushed I am thinking about starting a new topic on the forums called "wirters corner it is basicly a "guild" on the foums where you can post songs, poems, storys and ballads and get other peoples opinion on it. I also am probably not the first to say this, but i would like to be the one that makes the change; I vollenter to be the in game leader of a guild of writers, my plan is not yet done, but here are the ideas. you cann join even if you are alredy a member of another guild you gain bounuses (wish points, creatures, other stuff,)by submiting youre works on the forums,and having a group of youre fellow writers/poets discuss them. AND, if the work is veiwed as a "masterpiece", it would be submited to a in game libarary(Posibly ether mda library or mabey even the house of liquid dust. this would turn the house of liqud dust intothe origonal paper cabin, but now all the ink has run out of the pages, mixing with the dust and dirt, and being held together by the memorys, and souls of writers long gone. making the the house, and the writers guild could restore it to its former glory, and make it a monument(on the inside, or in the astral planeso that the entire starting area dosent have to be changed) to the great works of literature contanied within) i do not have the resources to put this into motion, nor do i have the senority to be heard up high. i would also need people to do the computer programing part. However, i think that if all the writers of Magic Duel pulled together, we could make a home for ourselves where we can be respctfull and help eachother improve our talent, or just to have fun. a place where you can, as Dr Suess once said,"Be who you are and say what you feel, beacase those that mind, don't matter, and those that matter, don't mind." so i have two more words, Any Volenteers?
  7. I would be hournerd to assist a fellow canadaian in recovering his memorys. will a few corses in physcology help?
  8. Pazur shall be acting as my proxy also i give you permission to post it on the forums, however please do not use it for highschool poetry assingments,as i intend to one day publish a book of my poetry!
  9. thanks that has answerd almost all of my questions for now. What if we do not have a scanner? Is a hand drwan copy of a potograph of oureselves allowed? I may have more later. thanks.
  10. Hi this is Lord Beta Wolfeyes here, i was just wondering, if i found some images online and i wanted to use them for avatars, AND i got the creators permission, Would i be breaking any md rules?
  11. [Lord Beta Wolfeyes]-[The Truth Behind The Eyes] Theme:[The Many Sides Of Life] Lines:[30] Words:[152]
  12. Spam! Spamity Spam! sorry i jst coudent resist adding a monty phton moment to this post that semmes to be tikiing about if a guy who wants to give away his stuff is encuraging SPAM
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