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  1. Why so many complainers? In real life if you don't wait around to be given something or you don't even show up you are not automatically given the item. I was there at GoE and had to wait my turn like all the others and had to ask confused santa for a gift. It was not bestowed upon me just for my presence. Children who want a present from Santa write a letter or go see him in person to let Santa know they want a present and have been good and deserve to have one given to them. Thank you again Confused Santa for my Murmas present, I thought everything about the event went fine.
  2. no I didn't upload any pics and it had been a few months I guess since I used any credits in MD Shop before the items I selected on that day and ID is 185397
  3. Extra Creature Slot x 2 Shield of Knight x 2 Sword of Knight x 2 I've made lots of purchases in the MD Shop in the past and this is the 1st time I notice any problem
  4. I looked in my vault to see my avatars but did not change it. I also looked at the current avatars in the shop but did not click to shuffle to view any others.
  5. I started out with $32 of credits made a total of 6 purchases and end total is $24
  6. So is there a list to identify what the MP requirements are for the various creatures?
  7. notxasj

    Gold Avatars

    I actually have the guy hanging upside down as my avatar right now. I purchased it a couple days ago. So that is probably why it won't let others purchase. So the error is that it is showing in the shop still. When I look at the avatars available it is also showing there are two the one I have and the unicorn.
  8. So Monday What time and where?
  9. I'm certainly not a champion but if it is with no tokens I might be able to win a fight Name: Sajura Oninay Land: N/A MP: 5
  10. Trying to pretend that you're ignorant is not an excuse. He has been in the game for over a year and should easily know that using alts in that manner would be alt abuse. I've only been here for 6 months and am able to know that you don't use alts to benefit the main account. I don't think it matters how beneficial someone else thinks the items that he spent his WP's on are. That isn't the issue. It should be obvious to anyone that he obtained items on his main account that he was not able to do without the use of his alts. If you have enough intelligence to come up with the idea of solving a puzzle to earn a WP on multiple alts and to have each alt use the WP to create an item you want your main account to have, then you would have enough intelligence to know that what you are planning to do is wrong.
  11. When you realize Bob is in your front yard
  12. [quote name='Burns' date='22 June 2010 - 04:23 AM' timestamp='1277202199' post='62472'] People alway say that MP5 is hell because you lose so much. I'll bet you anything that you WILL lose so much, and even more, but that won't harm you. Before you are 1000 off balance, it's even good for you to lose, it'll make it easier to target weak people without getting honor issues. Plus, most people are considerate enough to not kill you after you reach skill-damage, and the few who aren't can be avoided. And, c'mon, 1000 losses... That's a whole lot, you don't get that in a week or two. [/quote] You obviously underestimate how much the community enjoys picking on those who are weaker. I decided to see how much I would be attacked if I stopped hiding out at sanctuaries and in less than 24 hours of idling at Marble Dale Park I accumulated 138 losses and 3 wins. So c'mon 1000 losses... at this rate is not a lot and yes you will get it in a week or two. Unless you avoid crowded areas always logout instead of idle or sit at a sanctuary and make sure not to pause at any spot for more than a couple seconds if you are traveling from one location to the next. Then I guess you would be correct that 1000 is a whole lot and you won't get it in a week or two. So when will it start being a good thing for me to have all these losses??? Because after today's experiment it only reinforces the idea that I should be hiding because if I stay out in the open I will be 1000 off balance in less than a week.
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